I Finally Agree With Donald Trump

After constant railing against all things Trump. I’m inspired to change tactics. It’s been proven time after time that Trump listens to the last person that talks to him and that he likes it when people say nice things about him. I can’t necessarily be last but I can talk nice and finally found something I can agree with him on.

It’s being reported that Trump has been disgusted with Jeff Sessions ever since he recused himself from the FBI investigation against Donald and many of his administration. He believes that there would be no Special Counsel or constantly expanding investigations had Sessions simply played his role and stifled all that stuff which was what he was appointed for in the first place.

Attorney General

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So yes Donald… you’re right. Had it not been for the ungrateful Jeff Sessions. You’d be spending your time banning Muslims, destroying health care and granting huge tax cuts to yourself, your family and rich friends. I agree with what in your genius you must have already thought of. You should fire Jeff Sessions who bailed on you instead of standing firm on the one thing he was hired to do. Protect your flabby behind.

While you’re at it. Try to remove his entire legacy like his name was Obama. Roll back the hyper mass incarceration he’s already reinstated. Undo the new levels of deportation and ICE raids along the border. Stop trying to void all the Consent Decrees between Cities and their police departments. Go with your gut Donald. You got this!


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