I Need A Better Class Of Troll

When I first started my blog, almost a year ago, I lamented that I had no trolls. I made posts, some of which I felt were controversial and nobody came for me. I wrote about White Exceptionalism,  The Supreme Court, A Black Man’s View On “Lemonade”,   Racism Around The World, and of course  Donald Trump. I got comments from friends and those with similar views. From critics I got nothing.

One of course must be careful what one asks for because you may indeed get it. Trolls have finally discovered me. While experiencing some degree of satisfaction I’ve found like I was once taught in economics (John Kenneth Galbraith) satisfaction of wants creates more wants. I now want a better class of troll. There are a few categories of trolls I’ve encountered whom I’ll attempt to describe:


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  1. Meme Only – These are the trolls who have yet discovered how to use their words. They will post a meme to get their point across and if questioned will find another meme or perhaps a post from some right-wing blog as if they are engaging in a discussion. My basketball coach at Fisk once suggested I should be a lawyer because I would “argue with a rock.” I will go back and forth with a troll for quite some time if we’re actually talking. I have found my limit in that I won’t argue with a meme.
  2. People That Can’t Spell – Maybe it’s petty of me but you have a hard time making your case while simultaneously abusing the English language. In one recent back and forth I had a troll call me a “trader” which I can only assume he meant traitor and referred to a “coop” meaning coup. Because a word passes spell-check doesn’t mean that it was the word you intended to use.
  3. Racist Much? – One troll would follow my post commenting only, “Racist much?” I realized it was his go to comment which allowed him to object without having to engage. He is like those who believe that any person that mentions racism must be “the real racist.” In third grade that was, “he who smelt it… dealt it!
  4. Twenty Issues at Once – Some trolls are unable to argue a single point but throw out fifteen things at once trying to overwhelm you with volume if logic is unavailable. If they reach a point they can’t defend something they switch to another topic saying, “Well what about this?”
  5. It’s All Fake News/Lies – They have no need to grasp of the issues. They reserve the right to reject any fact by declaring it a “lie” or “fake news.” They discount any and every source as not being credible therefore all information from anywhere outside their bubble is untrue. They operate sometimes on a separate set of facts, other times with no facts at all.
  6. Anti-Obama – Those that hate President Obama so much they must tear down everything associated with him. They blame him for not creating a “post racial America,” for causing “the biggest racial divide in history,” for being “a dictator ruling by Executive Order,” and alternately “too Black” or “not really Black.” While it’s certainly possible to disagree with individual positions and policies. It seems like for whatever reason, waking up with Barack Obama as their President was an affront to their being.
  7. Foul Language – There is certainly a good time for a well-placed curse word for emphasis. If you are unable to make a point without belittling others. You missed one of the fundamental lessons of Kindergarten… playing well with others. Do better!

I long for a troll well versed in policy and issues and being willing to debate the same. I want trolls who are knowledgeable about American and World History (that didn’t come from a Texas school book). I want a troll with an open mind, that can concede a point as I am more than willing to when they make one. That respects others and refrains from personal attacks. I want my trolls to have a sense of humor. I don’t know if that’s possible but I’m putting it out in the universe in hopes it returns. Perhaps I’ll go out and troll some right-wing site, being the kind of troll I’d like to have.


Rich Depczynski Jim Mease, you liberals will grasp on to the smallest straws. President TRUMP is not a trader, far from it, people like you, and Obama are the real traders. Did you forget about Obama giving $170 BILLION dollars, and 116 tons of uranium to Iran, in his last two months of office??? And now they are doing missile testing?? Oh how about Hillary taking millions from the middle east. Oh but that’s okay right. GO fuck yourself Jim.

Bill Miller His administration is not in freefall…this President is under attack from the inside by Obama appointees just as much as he is from the outside by those funded by George Soros and now it’s becoming apparent by Obama’s own “Political” community activist group…..not even 1 month into his term he has been attacked everyday….I think he’s holding the line pretty damn good being faced this onslaught. A former President should not be encouraging anarchy or violent protest against a sitting President….Trump is OUR President, we want him to succeed, if you don’t you are a fucking idiot, this is our nation, he fails we fail you dumbasses!

Bob Todd What free fall ass wipe, he’s just getting started

Roy Griffin This is all hogwash. Trump made enemies with in intelligence agencies. You have a unhinged leftist democrats hell bent on disrupting his legitimacy as a president. Between the leftwing media that’s was exposed by wiki leaks showing how corrupt the DNC are. Nope what you have here is a coop to change are government our way of life to a European style global democracy. I didn’t vote for trump. I guess if hillary would have won none of this crap would be taking place. Differnce between us republicans and the neo fascist leftist democrats is we don’t riot, cuss have our kids carry signs displaying profanity. If trump goes down its because you have leaks spilling crap to the media which is dangerous to our national security. Only times in history this happens is in dictator style governments where the political machine smears political rivals like Russia, cuba, and others in the past.

David Mcnamara Racist much?

Mark Shouse The blog that originated this post relies upon all the unproven “facts” that have been peddled by Democrats for years, just adding other layer to update the position that when you are followed around in Walmart, it is because they are racist, no, they follow hundreds of people. Most are white, but blacks find it offensive, because of their pre-presumed thoughts that it must be racist.

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