The Alpha Males Of The White House

There’s something troubling about some of the men in the White House and their relationships with women. Let’s start arbitrarily with Rob Porter, famous for having battered his two ex-wives and dating Hope Hicks, shortly after she ended her relationship with married Corey Lewandowski. Donald Trump once told Hicks in a meeting, she was the “best piece of tail Corey ever had.”

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As news is breaking about Scott Pruitt carrying a woman on the payroll for several months as the Associate Administrator of the EPA’s Office of Policy, without her ever showing up for work for months, except to go on a trip to Morrocco and Paris with Pruitt and others. It turns out Samantha Dravis, who had a similar position in the Bush administration is also a former girlfriend of Rob Porter.

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Donald Trump, who once said “if Ivanka weren’t my daughter, perhaps I’d be dating her,” and has compared both porn star Stormy Daniels and Playboy Playmate Karen McDougal that he was sleeping with to his daughter. Is being sued by multiple women for charges ranging from slander to rape. Some have remarked that Samantha Dravis bears a resemblance to Ivanka Trump as well. Trump’s marriage which is characterized by separate bedrooms and multiple nondisclosure agreements with women, may well have had room for one more?

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During the campaign, staffers A.J. Delgado and Jason Miller had a secret relationship. The relationship ended soon after Delgado told Miller she was pregnant He was concerned how he was going to tell his wife who was also pregnant. Miller ultimately turned down a job as Communications Director. He reportedly told people he, “needed to make more money in the private sector to make child support payments.”

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Anthony Scaramucci who lasted eleven days as Communications Director was dating Fox News host Kimberly Guilfoyle and rumored house hunting trips and a vacation in Rome may have led his wife to file for divorce. She took the high-ish road of saying she wanted a divorce, “after getting fed up with his ruthless quest to get close to President Trump, whom she despises.”

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These men are not just random men who happened to work in the White House. They are the people Trump likes, still communicating with those he had to fire and trying to salvage Pruitt’s career in spite of all his current scandals. I’m wondering just what happened to the Religious Right and the Moral Majority. Cat got their tongue?