Donald Trump: Family Man

The most recent explanation for why Donald Trump paid porn star Stormy Daniels $130,000 in the days leading up to the 2016 election is that he, “did it for his family.” We apparently are to believe that Donald Trump, with no ulterior motive, gave away $130,000 to a woman he claims he “never had an affair with,” because of his overriding concern for his wife and family. He obviously wasn’t thinking of his wife when he slept with a porn star, without a condom, for a few moments of pleasure.

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Way back on January 27, 2017, when Donald Trump requested a private dinner with James Comey. Trump allegedly brought up the “golden showers thing” in Russia. Asking Comey to investigate, saying it bothered him if “there was even a 1% chance” his wife Melania thought it was true, according to Comey. That’s our President, always looking out for his family. It’s entirely possible Trump was concerned about the inconvenience to himself of having to face an angry wife that already stayed in a separate bedroom, maybe even a divorce and the loss of assets that go with it. I’m sure any thoughts of his family were limited to the drama it would cause and how much of a headache he would have in dealing with things.

Reflecting back on how Donald has treated his family. He cheated on first wife Ivana with Marla Maples who ultimately became his second wife. Donald leaked to the media that Ivana’s breast implants “didn’t feel right” and that Marla Maples, “suited him better.” Trump even secretly brought Maples on a “family” ski trip at Aspen, culminating with Maples introducing herself to Ivana saying, “I’m Marla, and I love your husband. Do you?” Miss Maples for her part told the tabloids her trysts with Donald provided, “the best sex I ever had.” During his first marriage, Donald had not matured enough to be concerned about his wife.

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After divorcing Ivana, Trump married the side chick Maples in 1993. Their marriage lasted 6 years on paper although they were separated after 4. To be fair, there were few allegations of cheating by Trump although he demonstrated little class in a 1999 Howard Stern interview where he declared he, “got rid of her just in time,” based on changes in her appearance.

In checking to see if he was a better father than a husband? Trump admits than first wife Ivana raised his kids; Donald Jr, Eric, and Ivanka. Donald had little to do with them save Ivana until after they graduated and could “talk business.” When Donald Jr was 11, he stopped speaking to his father for a year because Donald Sr kept trashing his mother in the press during their divorce. In 1998, while technically still married to Marla Maples, Trump began dating model Melania Knauss. They got married in January of 2005. In September of the same year, Trump was caught on tape talking about how “when you’re a star, they just let you do it.” He was describing walking up and kissing women, even “grabbing them by the pussy.”

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The year 2006 was a busy year for the family man. He was alleged to have begun a year-long affair with Karen McDougal, had a fling with Stormy Daniels and witnessed the birth of his third son, Barron. Between then and now, a total of 19 women have accused Trump of sexual assault and in one case, a then 13-year-old accused him of rape. Former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon said through one of Trump’s lawyer’s, Marc Kasowitz, he paid off “hundreds of women.” Another “fixer,” Michael Cohen, is responsible for the payouts of $130,000 to Daniels, $150,000 to McDougal, and other payments to women are alleged. Whatever you may believe of Donald Trump, that he is willing to sacrifice for the general welfare of his family, probably shouldn’t be one of them.

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Note: The featured family photo needs to be updated ad Vanessa and Donald Jr are divorcing because Donald Jr fell in love with one of the contestants on Celebrity Apprentice. When Donald Sr heard about the affair he told Junior to, “cut it out.” Since he never led by example, his words went unheeded.