Take a Letter Ivanka

Last night, as I got home, about a half-past ten

There was the woman I thought I knew, watching CNN

I kept my cool I ain’t no fool let me tell you what happened then

I packed some clothes and I walked out and I ain’t going back again

So take a letter Ivanka, address it to my wife

Say I won’t be coming home, gotta start a new life

So take a letter Ivanka, address it to my wife

Send a copy to my lawyer, gotta start a new life

You’ve been many things but most of all a very good daughter to me

And it’s times like this I feel… You’ve always been close to me

Was I wrong to cheat and lie, I gave her a very good life

Ever since I’ve been President, my life’s been full of strife

So take a letter Ivanka, address it to my wife

Say I won’t be coming home, gotta start a new life

So take a letter Ivanka, address it to my wife

Send a copy to Giuliani, gotta start a new life

When a man loves a woman, it’s hard to understand

Why she would turn from Fox News, and start watching CNN

I never really noticed, how sweet you are to me

It just so happens I’m free tonight

Would you like to have dinner with me?

So take a letter Ivanka, address it to my wife

Say I won’t be coming home, gotta start a new life

So take a letter Ivanka, address it to my wife

Think I’ll go to Russia, gotta start a new life

And now here comes Impeachment, it’s all based on fake news

Just because I used other countries, to make sure I couldn’t lose

I told Ukraine you’ll get no money unless you get the goods on Joe

I just don’t get why people think it’s some kinda quid pro quo

And now it’s out all over town that I keep two sets of books

One that shows I’m ultra-rich on top of my good looks

The other set says that I’m dead broke so my taxes are really low

I know you understand Ivanka because that’s the way we roll

So take a letter Ivanka, address it to my wife

Say I won’t be coming home, gotta start a new life

So take a letter Ivanka, address it to my wife

Send a copy to my lawyer, gotta start a new life

Apologies to R.B. Greaves

What Happens When Trump’s “Children of the Corn” Run A Charitable Foundation?

In the 1984 movie, “Children of the Corn,” based on the Stephen King novel. Children were convinced by a demon (Donald of course) that everyone over the age of 18 must be killed. They succeeded in killing all the adults in a fictional Nebraska town (deep in Trump country), where they serve their false God, “He Who Walks Behind The Rows.” Suppose the Children of the Corn existed in real life?

Inevitably, the children leaders approach age 18 themselves and naturally don’t want to be sacrificed. They make a deal with the demon to pose as his own children and assist him in reaching his goal of molding the world in his own image. One of the ploys used to appear to do good was the establishment of a charitable foundation. When the demon reached the first plateau in his quest for world dominance. He placed, The Trump Foundation in the hands of his now adult children; Ivanka, Eric, and Donald Jr.

Because the demon was obsessed with hoarding money, in 2008 he stopped contributing his own funds to the foundation and relied solely on outside contributions. The trust contributed to such worthwhile endeavors as a 6-foot tall portrait of the demon and separately a 4-foot tall portrait. These were displayed at the demon’s golf courses of which he owns several. Coming out of the cornfields he must maintain a close relationship to the soil that spawned him and he has yet to spend more than a week or two without going back to a golf course to replenish his energy. In his time away from golf courses, he exists primarily on McDonalds.

The Trump children were made board members of the Foundation, pretty much because Trump trusted no one else, save the family accountant that had always served the demon, Allen Weisselberg. None of the children paid attention to the goings on at The Trump Foundation.

Ivanka established a career as a model and then started a fashion line, paying workers in a Chinese sweat shop less than a dollar-an-hour for 12-hour days. They did get 2 days off per month. She and brother Donald Jr escaped prosecution on fraud charges related to a real estate venture when the District Attorney was persuaded by a top donor to drop the charges.

Eric has never worked for anyone except his father. He did create the Eric Trump Foundation which got into trouble for siphoning off funds raised to treat cancer patients and funneling them into the demon’s businesses. Eric said the funds were “re-donated” which no doubt relieved those who may have thought their donations were misused. Eric is often mocked as being “the stupid one,” probably because of the words that come out of his mouth.

Donald Jr tried to break away from the demon and worked as a bartender for a year, living in a truck. Eventually his need for money brought him back and he’s served the demon ever since. In 2016, he was interviewed with white supremacist James Edwards. The Trump campaign initially lied (surprise) and said the interview didn’t take place, Don Jr later claimed it was “inadvertent.” Junior continues to tweet White Nationalist meme’s from time to time lest anyone be confused about his beliefs. His wife recently left him after an affair with an entertainer was discovered (If only Melania had the guts) and is now dating a former Fox News personality, Kimberly Guilfoyle.

The Trump Foundation, with the children actively looking away. Spent donors money on political activities including paying off state attorney generals (Pam Bondi-FL and Greg Abbot-TX) to not pursue charges against the fraudulent Trump University. They paid off lawsuits related to The Trump Organization and made promises to veterans organizations which weren’t fulfilled. They made donations to groups that rented Trump Organization facilities (self-dealing) and to organizations that helped the demon politically.

On September 13, 2016, the State of New York announced an investigation into The Trump Foundation. Seventeen days later they issued a “Notice of Violation.” On October 17, 2016 the state ordered them to cease fundraising operations. The Trump Foundation indicated they would cooperate and tried to dissolve the foundation, hoping that would end its troubles. The State of New York said they weren’t permitted to dissolve until these matters were cleared up.

We recently learned, under the children’s alleged watch. the Trump Foundation was use to make payments to silence women who slept with the demon. In a sordid tale which involves rats and flippers. The demon’s personal attorney, accountant, and tabloid publisher friend have all agreed to testify against the demon, two of the three after accepting Federal Immunity against all charges. It is still presumed a sitting President (the demon) can’t be indicted but those three adult children have no such protection. Last week the State of New York subpoenaed the demon’s attorney, Michael Cohen, regarding the activities of The Trump Foundation and he’s in a talking mood.

At the end of the Children of the Corn movie. The demon is seen burning up along with the cornfield, with the remaining children now aware it was a demon that led them. In real life, the demon may well sacrifice his children to save himself? Will it be the State of New York or the Justice Department that starts indicting the children first? How will the demon react? It’s about to get real ugly!

The Real Housewives Of The White House

Cast: Melania Trump, Ivanka Trump, Candy Carson (Ben), Hope Hicks (Corey Lewandowski and Rob Porter), Louise Linton (Steve Mnuchen), Sarah Huckabee Sanders (Bryan Sanders), Renda St. Clair (Rex Tillerson)

Setting: The Prince of Wales Roon (Residence dining room in White House)

Date: March 13, 2018

Occasion: Lunch

Ivanka said, “Sorry I’m late, I was rushing with the kids this morning and couldn’t get out of the house.”

Louise said, “Cut the crap Ivanka, you know your nanny handles the kids and you only show up for the photo-ops.”

Candy said, “Can’t we all just get along? It’s so nice of Melania to host us every week isn’t it?”

Melania said, “Pleasure is mine Candy, is important we stay together in these times. By way, Renda called and can’t make it, says Rex was fired this morning while in Africa.”

Sarah said, “Damn, they’re going to give me hell at the briefing this afternoon, I may have to leave early and come up with a story.”

Louise said, “You’ll be fine Sarah, you’re the best. Nobody lies like you do.”

Melania said, “If we could please handle important business. What can I do about all these news stories about Stormy Daniels? Is ruining Donald’s reputation.”

Candy said, “Hmmph, not doing much for yours either.”

Ivanka said, “Why are you such a bitch Candy? I don’t see why you come anyway, your husband is barely part of the White House anyway.”

Candy said, “Honestly, I love the furniture in this place. I’m always getting redecorating ideas for our office.”

Louise said, “You mean Ben’s office, don’t you? You don’t actually work there.”

Candy said, “Can’t prove that by me.”

Hope Hicks said, “Let’s get back to Stormy Daniels, her lawyer is all over TV demanding the right to ‘tell her story.’ How can we get her off the news?”

Louise said, “Why don’t you write a glowing statement about Donald who would never do anything Stormy’s implying. Your letter supporting Rob Porter worked so well.”


Melania said, “I don’t know what to do, that bastard never stops humiliating me. Porn stars, that damn Access Hollywood video. We sleep in separate bedrooms, I take trips alone, every time he reaches for my hand in public I slap his hand away. How do I get out of this mess?”

Louise said, “There’s always divorce, how bad is your pre-nup?”

Melania simply hung her head in shame.

Sarah said, “Why did you come here anyway, weren’t you better off in New York?”

Candy said, “She heard the rumors about Donald and Hope.”

Hope said, “That was never true, I only slept with Corey and Rob.”

Louise said, “Melania, you could go into acting or do modeling again, that could make you some money?”

Melania said, “All the offers I get want to see me nude, I don’t do that anymore.”

Louise said, “I did a nude scene in a movie not long ago and it didn’t hurt me at all.”

Sarah said, “How many of us here saw, ‘Intruder’?”

Nobody raised their hand

Sarah said, “If you appear nude in a movie and nobody saw it, did you really appear nude? Don’t worry, The President had the film screened last night in the Theatre, be looking for his move on you soon.”

Louise said, “You are so holier than thou Sarah, you hooked up with a man you hired for your father’s campaign. You just married him that’s all.

Ivanka said, “I’m sorry Melania, I wish I could help you, Jared’s having a hard time in the media too so I understand.”

Candy said, “What are you going to do if Jared goes to jail?”

Ivanka stared at Candy, “We’re supposed to be a support group. How does it feel to know your husband’s boss once said he had the ‘psychology of a child molester’?”

Candy said, “How does it feel to know your father would have dated you and is always feeling you up?”

Sarah said, I have to go get ready for my briefing, I hate my job.”

Melania said, “Try having mine!”

Candy said, “I have to leave as well. That’s a beautiful lamp by the way, how much was it?

Louise said, “I better run too, Steve and I are taking a private plane somewhere, he’s always surprising me!’

Melania said, “You’re newlywed, surprises never stop, they just stop involving you.”

Sarah said, “Melania, has Donald ever asked you to give him a golden shower? Never mind, I need deniability if someone asks. Good luck with that Stormy Daniels thing. I’ll do my best to change the subject.”

Ivanka said, “I never should have left New York.”

Melania said, “Same time next week girls?”

In unison, “Wouldn’t miss it!”

Quincy Jones Spills Half The Tea

Quincy Jones has everybody talking after giving a long ranging interview to Vulture Magazine in which he gave zero fucks and spilled the beans on dozens of people. By name, he dissed; T-Pain, Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles who he claimed were “the worst musicians in the world,” Cyndi Lauper, and U-2. And he was just getting started.

He said Marlon Brando was, “the most charming mother fucker you ever met. He’d fuck anything. Anything! He’d fuck a mailbox. James Baldwin. Richard Pryor. Marvin Gaye!” After the article came out, Pryor’s widow, Jennifer Lee Pryor, confirmed Pryor’s friends and family were, “well aware of Richard’s bi-sexuality,” and that the Brando hook-up did occur.

Quincy Jones went on to claim, “he knew who killed JFK,” vaguely claims to have dated Ivanka Trump, and throws her daddy under the bus as, “Limited mentally — a megalomaniac, narcissistic. He says Oprah shouldn’t run for President because she, “doesn’t have the chops.” And she’s his friend.

Quincy dragged most of todays current musicians for not knowing their craft. He did acknowledge the good work of Bruno Mars, Chance the Rapper, and Kendrick Lamar. Right after claiming Michael Jackson stole music and didn’t credit others for their contributions. He didn’t mention his own lawsuit for $10 million against the Jackson estate for unpaid credits and royalties which brings me to the issue of all he didn’t talk about.

Since Quincy is spilling tea, it’s only natural to wonder about the things he wouldn’t or didn’t talk about? He was asked about his friend Bill Cosby who has had claims against him by over 60 women for sexual assault and rape. Jones wouldn’t talk about it. He wouldn’t expound about the “secrets” of Bill and Hillary Clinton. His claim about dating Ivanka Trump by his own description could have been no more than a business dinner? We’d love to hear the whole story.

After outing Marlon Brando and others for their sexual escapades. There are several long-standing rumors about his own attempts to seduce Tupac Shakur, Prince and others. Maybe he should keep a few names out of his mouth if he’s unwilling to discuss his own life.

Jones interview raised as many questions as it answered those that no one was really asking anyway. It was salacious, yet incomplete. How about doing a Part Two where you address all the issues you left hanging in the first place? Where’s the rest of the tea?

Ivanka Trump: “There’s a Special Place In Hell…”

a a a a ivankaaa

“There’s a special place in hell for people who prey on children, I’ve yet to see a valid explanation and I have no reason to doubt the victims’ accounts.” – Ivanka Trump

a a a a ivankaa

a a a a ivankal

“Don’t you think my daughter’s hot? She’s hot, right?”

a a a a ivankkk


a a a a ivannk

I’ve said if Ivanka weren’t my daughter, perhaps I’d be dating her. Isn’t that terrible? How terrible? Is that terrible?”

a a a a ivaaaa

A House Without Honor

We’ve officially run out of hope there was anyone in the White House with some semblance of honor. None we can trust in discussing the smallest of matters, let alone the big ones. The nation knew what it was getting in Donald Trump, serial cheater with an extensive background of sexual assault and financial bad faith. Liar extraordinaire.

Let Them Eat Cake

There was some hope that those around him would do better, perhaps appeal to his better self should it exist. We were told he’d assembled an excellent National Security team. Men of honor who would put country first ahead of politics. Flynn, Tillerson, Pompeo, and Mattis. Gen. Mike Flynn lasted 24 days before resigning after reports of undisclosed meetings with Russians and being an undeclared foreign agent for Turkey. Tillerson has presided over the gutting of the State Department and the world sees him as castrated, unable to speak for the President without being overridden by a tweet. Pompeo recently proclaimed the Intelligence Agencies concluded Russia had no impact on the Presidential election when they said no such thing. Mattis initially fought the good fight but soon crumbled. becoming just another sycophant. Pence sold his soul long ago and Sessions is on a one=man tear to bring back mass incarceration and further legalize voter suppression. Carson is a joke!



The professional liars that speak for the President; Spicer and Scaramucci are long gone, soulless Sanders misinforms us now with guest appearances on television by Kellyanne. Bannon left but exerts more power on the President and his Party than ever before. Someone has to coordinate with the Neo-Nazis, skinheads, and white supremacists.

a a a a fawnn

They told us Ivanka would be a good influence, promoting women’s issues, child care and protecting dreamers. Having influence on none of those things, she’s settled for her new business deals with China. Her free time is spent on her hidden e-mail account on a private server and talking with her new criminal attorney.

Ivanka Trump
Ivanka Trump

Jared was that bright young man that was our next, best hope. It seems he’s had even more Russian contacts than Flynn and almost as many conflicts of interest as his father-in-law. He hired some of the best criminal defense attorneys in the country, beating the run on criminal lawyers by pretty much the rest of the Administration as they ready themselves for Special Counsel Mueller’s questions. We won’t mention Manafort who didn’t even make it through the campaign before millions in Ukranian cash payments from pro-Putin oligarchs tripped him up. The FBI assures him he’ll be indicted.

Manafort under the bus

It seemed the only honorable person left in the White House was Gen. Kelly. That was before he stood behind the White House podium and lied about a speech by Congresswoman Frederica Wilson. Of course, Sarah Huckabee Sanders stands by the lie which makes it doubly false. He was “stunned” that the Congresswoman, “listened in” to a call from the President to the widow of a fallen Green Beret. This while Kelly and “several others” according to Sanders were listening in when the President made the call.

a a a a kelly

There is nobody left we can hope to believe about anything. I’m waiting patiently until we get to the stage where we have public testimony in the Russia hearings. Lie then!



The Guide To Who’s Leaking In The White House And Why

The list of who’s not leaking in this White House would be a lot shorter. Ben Carson… that’s it. He’s the only one not leaking because he last had a clue when he was wearing a surgical mask. Everybody else is leaking and their motivations are varied. A few are trying to expose hypocrisy and lies. Others are diverting attention from themselves and their own complicity. Some are trying to create chaos in their attempt to start a new world order. Here’s the guide to the major leakers and what’s driving them.

a a whitee

  1. Jared Kushner and his lawyers: Jared started leaking early in the campaign because of his hatred for Chris Christie. As a US Attorney; Christie send Kushner’s daddy to jail for a variety of charges. He exposed the sordid tale where Charles Kushner tried to discredit his brother-in-law by setting him up with a hooker and sending proof to his own sister. Both were providing evidence against him along with suing him. Young Jared trekked up to see his pops in prison on the regular, carrying a grudge against the man that put him there. When Christie ingratiated himself to The Donald during the campaign, on the verge of being announced as Attorney General… Kushner had to act. His campaign of leaks proved so successful, he began using the technique on his next most formidable foe, Steve Bannon. Kushner had no use for the Jew-hating, White Nationalist Bannon who was becoming the Trump Whisperer and having a bit too much say in official policy. After getting Bannon banished to the outer circles, Kushner is now mostly focused on deflecting from his own participation in Russia collusion and his murky finances.
  2. Ivanka Trump: Ivanka is all about brand and she was the first to see she was on the Titanic and the iceberg was straight ahead. Her leaks were all in an attempt to make herself look good so that she would be untarnished after climbing out of the rubble. She wants to be perceived as the patron saint for paid maternity care, equal pay for women and a reasonable immigration policy. She doesn’t want to be seen as someone who exploits foreign workers in horrific conditions for minimal pay. She thinks she doesn’t need to have any actual influence with her father, she just needs to be seen trying.
  3. Donald Trump, Jr: Donnie doesn’t have real relationships with people to leak to so he relies on his tweets to communicate. He inadvertently reveals way more than the White House would like known about its White Supremacist tendencies when he passes along racist and Neo-Nazi memes. Not much of a one for original thought, he repeats what he’s heard from the right wing blogs he lives on making him as incoherent as the blogs themselves. Donnie wants to be a major player. With his sense of entitlement and superiority, he’ll likely be somebody’s bitch by day two in jail.
  4. Sean Spicer: Nobody would suspect Sean of leaking based on his ineptitude in delivering the actual news of the day from the White House perspective. He became a sad and bitter man after being forced to utter ridiculous explanations for Trump’s actions. After attempting the impossible, he’d then be berated by his ungrateful boss for his clothing, poorly received explanations and excessive perspiration. Even his manliness was questioned after the Saturday Night Live parody’s which like everything else was beyond his control. And then his underling Sarah Huckabee Sanders was gunning for his job. That’s when his leaks and the big payback began.
  5. Steve Bannon: Bannon had the purest motive as all as these things go. Donald Trump had made promises; a man’s word was supposed to be his bond! Trump had acted all along as if he shared Bannon’s Alt-Right, White Supremacist policies and he turned out to be just another cuck. Bannon began his campaign to bring it all down. He would still deconstruct America, just in a different way. All the while fostering discontent and subtly criticizing all around Donald leaving Trump a man alone… with his tweeter.
  6. President Trump: Don’t forget this is a man who once masqueraded as a publicist to brag about himself. He used his close ties to The National Enquirer and a couple other rags to plant stories about his own greatness. He even threatened Joe Scarborough with an Enquirer story if he didn’t play ball. He also is engaged in a quid pro quo with Fox & Friends in return for constantly glowing coverage.
  7. Vladimir Putin: Putin has decided to turn the fact his ownership of Trump is becoming exposed to an advantage. Once it became clear he wouldn’t be able to use Trump to remove sanctions and return assets. He started leaking to bring down the current President and embarrass the United States internationally. Whenever there was a stall in the investigations, Putin provided a new thread for reporters to chase and further amp up the pressure.
  8. Mike Pence: Mike wasn’t content to wait the two to three years it would take Trump to get impeached so he’s helping move things along. All the while reminding us how innocent he was, except for the little thing of ignoring letters from Congress about being on foreign payrolls when Pence was the head of the Transition. Not wanting to be President after Trump loses the House and Senate in the mid-terms. It’s gotta be now!
  9. Lawyers for Flynn, Sessions, Page, Wilbur Ross, and a dozen others: Each in the service of their client has cause to leak and point fingers at everyone else.

The one innocent man Ben Carson, will walk away singing a Quaker hymn he never learned in the inner city. The truth of the lyrics will escape him while their accuracy is profound. “Tis the gift to be simple… Tis the gift to be free.”

In a New York Minute (Somebody’s Going to Emergency… Somebody’s Going to Jail)

In the 1989 song written by Don Henley of The Eagles. There’s a line that always struck me, “Somebody’s going to emergency… somebody’s going to jail.” The song talks about how everything can change in an instant. Another lyric is, “The wolf is always at the door.” For the Trump administration… shit just changed. And that wolf… somebody let him in.

The floodgates have opened with the release of the Donald Trump, Jr emails showing the campaigns willingness to collude with Russia to elect Donald Trump as President. All the deniability is gone, everybody is lawyered up and the Mueller independent investigation roars on. Grand juries are meeting and people are starting to save themselves.

a a juniorr

Photo: businessinsider.com

If I were Donald Trump, I might be wondering, “Will the son I’ve frowned on and belittled all his life sell me out? Will my beloved daughter choose me over her husband? Will my son-in-law keep quiet, even as the noose tightens around his own neck?” He probably shouldn’t ask what he would do in their situation because he’d throw anyone under the bus to save himself.

It's a family affair

Photo: cnn.com

His biggest fears aren’t even related to the campaign collusion. He’s always known it’s the money and his ties to Russia going back 30 years which will inevitably come to light. Bob Mueller is staffing up with people with the specific expertise to discover what his sons have already told us is out there. The Trump empire is propped up with Russian cash.

He used to be able to count on Congress to look the other way as he and his family enriched themselves while he was in office. He watches one by one as formerly loyal elected officials start backing away and in greater numbers turn on him. He thinks to himself, “I’m the President and I can just pardon everybody?” Wonder how that will work out? I’m not sure than anyone is going to emergency. Somebody definitely is going to jail.

Featured Photo: vanityfair.com

The Appearance Of Impropriety

According to Wikipedia, the “Appearance of Impropriety is a phrase referring to a situation which to a layperson without knowledge of the specific circumstances might seem to raise ethics questions.” In other words, the average person on the outside would look at something and say it looks bad. Most companies try to avoid any appearance of impropriety for selfish reasons. They don’t want to alienate their customers, they want to appease shareholders or investors. It’s bad for business. Governments avoid impropriety because they want the public trust. This has typically meant that government officials that look guilty of something, have to go because integrity requires it.

The Trump Administration including Trump himself has made it a point to disregard how they appear to anyone except perhaps Trump’s ever narrowing base. He destroyed norms by not releasing his Tax Returns which every President since Nixon has done. Since the election he doesn’t even pretend they’ll ever come out. Kellyanne Conway said, “it’s been litigated extensively during the campaign and we won!”

Trump has surrounded himself with those who wear their White Nationalism like a badge of honor. Steve Bannon, Stephen Miller, Michael Anton, Sebastian Gorka and Jeff Sessions. Some like Sessions deny until the cock crows but his past comments and current actions demonstrate his alliances. He doesn’t care how it looks for these are his people.

The Trump family had ignored all previous protocols regarding conflict of interest. Trump divested himself of little, letting his son’s manage his vast enterprise while promising not to discuss with their father what he can read in the news. Ivanka deals with China and Saudi Arabia on the same day as meeting with the respective leaders. The countries Trump gets along with despite their totalitarian regimes seem to coincide with where Trump does business.

a appearancesss

Photo: bustle.com

When it came to the selection of his Cabinet. He sought not the experienced, knowledgeable and qualified. Instead Trump chose his cronies, the corrupt, and the hangers on. A man of few personal core values, his Cabinet collectively reflect his lack of empathy for any but the rich in their quest to reap more. His healthcare plan is about providing none to more and at a lower cost to those remaining. His tax plan is to reward the already rich by taking from the poor. His policies certainly look like he cared only for his family, friends and others in the upper brackets. He’s unconcerned about the whispers, even the howls of those who protest.

And now there’s national security. Many around him have had secret communications and meetings with Russian officials that they lied about. That enough would call for a reaction from any other President. Trump calls it “fake news.” Russians laundered money working from Trump Tower. Trump claims he didn’t know his tenant although pictured cavorting with him at the Miss Universe Pageant in Russia. He lies in every moment, unconcerned about any later “fact check” which he’ll simply dismiss. When the investigations began he tried to obstruct justice. He fired the man leading the FBI charge, blaming it first on others before confessing it was his own plan. He begged the heads of the Intelligence agencies to clear him and quash any investigation.

It's a family affair


Photo: twitter.com

All this cannot happen in a vacuum. It takes a co-conspirator or in this case a host of co-conspirators willing to look the way while he literally sells out the American people to financial interests foreign and domestic. It takes a Ryan and McConnell to provide cover and look the other way. A Tillerson, DeVos, Mnuchen,  and  Carson to pretend to perform traditional roles in Government while in fact doing little or nothing they’re responsible for. It takes a Sessions to appease the core of his constituents.

Donald Trump cares nothing for the appearance of impropriety. He seems to believe the swirl of controversy to be part of his charm. The point he misses is that not giving a damn about what people think doesn’t mean the people aren’t entitled to give a damn. Impropriety reeks throughout this administration. Flynn set records for lasting the shortest time as NSA Director (24 days). The Trump administration set records for the earliest a Special Counsel was appointed to investigate them (4 months). There’s one more record he can set… Impeachment or Resignation. Clock is ticking.

Featured Image: twitter.com

It’s a Family Affair (Blood’s Thicker Than The Mud)

We may all find out soon if like the Sly Stone song, “Blood’s thicker than the mud?” The investigation into the ties between Russian intelligence and the Trump campaign has now focused on Jared Kushner, son-in-law and White House Advisor to Donald Trump. In this case, Kushner isn’t actual blood but a relation by marriage as Kushner is married to Trump’s favorite daughter Ivanka, also a White House employee.

a jared 4

Photo: thedailybeast.com

We know that Kushner attended an undisclosed meeting alongside embattled former advisor Mike Flynn with the Russian Ambassador. Kushner also met with the head of a Russian state-owned bank, also undisclosed. Kushner is alleged to have urged the firing of James Comey. Perhaps his interest in seeing Comey gone had as much to do with his own legal peril as with Donald Trump? Weeks ago Steve Bannon told confidants that Jared’s contacts with Russians and his expected testimony before Congress on the subject will become, “a major distraction for the White House.”

a jared 5

Photo: twitter.com

Sooner or later, Jared will have to decide whether his primary duty is to protect himself and his wife and children or to protect the interests of Donald Trump? If he chooses to save himself will his wife stand by his side or will she be shown to love Daddy best? The least likely scenario is that Donald will sacrifice himself to protect those he allegedly loves. Melania already refuses to hold his hand in public. If he loses Jared or Ivanka, Jared and Ivanka… who else does he have? Don Jr and Eric don’t seem much like foul weather friends or in this case relatives. Tiffany seems banned to the family outer limits already.

I’ve seen Donald twice in real life, surrounded by an entourage but looking lonely and isolated none the same. It’s rumored he roams the White House at night, unable to sleep, now apparently unable to tweet as perhaps his outside lawyers have made themselves clear. During his almost completed foreign trip, Trump was able to limit exposure to the press with scripted appearances. On the flight home, Trump will realize it’s about to get real.

a jared

Photo: twitter.com

Remembering back to the campaign. Kushner apparently had a long-standing grudge with Chris Christie who while US Attorney, prosecuted his father and sent him to jail. I wonder what he’s thinking as investigations threaten to bring down his father-in-law? And of course himself. Perhaps he longs for a return to a quieter life, he can go back to being a slum lord and suing tenants for their last dime inconspicuously. Instead he’s a subject of scrutiny of the FBI. Stay tuned!

Featured Photo: cnn.com

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