Trump Word For The Day: Obstruction

The first rule of obstruction is that you don’t talk about obstruction. When Donald Trump went to FBI Director James Comey to ask him to drop the investigation of Michael Flynn. He talked about it. He told Reince Priebus, then his Chief-of-Staff, who made handwritten notes which are now in the hands of Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

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After he fired Comey and Attorney General Jeff Sessions was being pressured to recuse himself because of his role in the Trump campaign. He told the White House Counsel Don McGahn, to lobby Jeff Sessions to not recuse himself so that he could protect Trump.

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The new book written by Michael Wolff quotes multiple Republicans from his own staff and alleged close friends, that describe Trump as “stupid,” a “moron,” and an “idiot.” They were right!

Suppose Comey Taped Trump?

In response to the testimony of ousted FBI Director James Comey who indicated the President lied multiple times regarding their private dinner. Donald Trump in a Rose Garden press conference went full Trump. He blustered, mischaracterized James Comey’s words and stated both that it was Comey that lied and that Trump himself would gladly testify under oath, “100 Percent!”

When asked by reporters about the alleged “tapes” that Trump may have of their conversation. Trump neither confirmed or denied but said he’d have an announcement to make in a “very short period of  time.”

While I believe that Trump has no such tapes, and if he did they would confirm Comey’s testimony. He wouldn’t be Trump if he didn’t lie and boast about some future event that will never take place. It’s almost certain that Trump has no tapes, but let’s imagine for a moment that Comey does?

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The dinner where the meeting took place was held inside the White House. I don’t know all the security protocols the FBI Director would have went through when entering the building. He certainly would have been able to keep his phone (a recording device) and if anyone in the world could bring a discreet recording device into the White House I imagine the FBI Director would have access to the best technology.

When Trump first implied he might have tapes of their discussion. Could Comey have started a long game in which he gets Trump to testify under oath which he just promised and then produce tapes of his own? Proving Trump guilty of perjury.

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It’s already been established that in Washington DC, only one person has to be aware of the recording of a conversation. If that person was Comey and not Trump. By sticking to his lie, Trump just opened up yet one more path to his political destruction. It couldn’t happen to a more deserving guy.

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What Trump Does in the Dark!

Oh it’s coming to the light! Like the Hydra, Trump can cut off one head of the investigation and two will take its place. The cover-up is in full blown attack mode but the revelations are just getting started.

You fired Sally Yates to keep her from following up on her revelations to the White House that Mike Flynn was compromised. You got Devin Nunes to disrupt her planned open session testimony to the House. Nunes ultimately fell on his sword yet Yates finally got to testify in open session for the Senate Judiciary Committee. She told us what the White House knew and we know they did nothing with the knowledge Mike Flynn was a potential Russian blackmail prospect. At the same hearing, James Clapper inferred Trump’s business ties to Russia are being investigated.

Now you fire James Comey the FBI Director at the direction of Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Sessions supposedly had recused himself from the Russia investigation because of his own lies about meeting with Russian officials. The alleged rationale for the firing was laughable. His concern for the reputation of Huma Abedin who had been incorrectly maligned by Comey’s testimony. They also say he’s now being fired over comments regarding Clinton E-mails made last July.

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The threads being pulled on that will ultimately lead to Trump are many. Whether it be his ties to Russian Oligarchs and the money they’ve funneled into his businesses. Whether it be his undeclared conflicts of interest in China, Turkey, Russia the Philippines and more. It may be collusion with Russia to win the Presidency. Even his staunchest defenders have to be aware of the optics of firing everyone that gets close to Trump and his Russian ties. Did the White House Chief Usher you fired stumble upon a meeting she wasn’t supposed to see? Did the White House Curator know so much he was forced to retire?

Unfortunately for you Donald. You can’t fire the free press in spite of your attempts to malign them as “fake news.” They see you Trump and they’re digging into every lead. You can’t fire your family. Ironically it’s two of your son’s who point directly to the business dealings with Russia you deny. Your daughter is dealing with countries while meeting in an official status with their leaders. Your son-in-law met with Russian banks and has dealings with an Israeli corporation believed to be corrupt. His sister has yet to return from China where she’s been selling her brothers access to you and a visa program you just renewed where the rich can buy their way into America.

Ultimately those judges you’ve shown such contempt for will start ordering the release of documents. And you can’t fire the public! Don’t feel bad Donald if you’re feeling a bit paranoid. Sometimes they really are out to get you! Ask not for whom the subpoenas come, they’re coming for you and yours. Lock him up!!!

Donald Trump’s Worst Day Ever In Review (3/20/2017)

Donald Trump has had some bad days. Protests at his inauguration, The Women’s March, and others across the nation. The times he and his surrogates have been caught in flagrant lies. The mocking of him on SNL. His failures to implement his Muslim Ban. Today I think was his worst ever:

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  1. Jim Comey said on behalf of the FBI and the Justice Department that there’s not a shred of truth to Trump’s tweet about President Obama “wiretapping” Trump Tower. He went on to say a President doesn’t have that power and left no room whatsoever for Trump to claim otherwise.
  2.  Comey went on to confirm there is an investigation of Russia and it’s impact on the Presidential election.
  3.  More importantly, Comey acknowledged that members of the Trump campaign/administration are being investigated for possible collusion with Russia. They’re also following the money to see if Americans got paid to undermine the election.
  4. Trump’s ratings hit 37% which is a new record low for a President this early in his administration.
  5. Memes are going around about Rex Tillerson the Secretary of State being “tired.” He has often refused to meet and dine with foreign hosts/guests the day before a meeting which has been protocol. Tillerson’s photo has started to appear on milk cartons because he’s been missing from holding press conferences except once since being confirmed.
  6. Various Cabinet members have had the charge of Perjury thrown about regarding their testimony (lies) in Congressional hearings.
  7. The White House responded to Comey saying there’s “no evidence” of collusion despite having fired Manafort and Flynn for Russian ties. Lying about meetings held by Sessions, and having to reveal previously unknown meetings between Russia and his son-in-law Jared.
  8. Reports leaked that Trump has hired people to spy on his own Cabinet members and administration to “find the leakers.”
  9.  His 5-year-old grandson Tristan broke his leg while skiing.


#Note: The day is early and Trump can certainly add to his horrible, horrible day!

James Comey Must Go

When FBI Director James Comey made his shocking announcement 11 days before the Presidential Election. I initially spent little time worrying about his motives. He did what he did and the far more important thing was the effect on the election. As more and more information came out; about the Hillary investigation and Trump investigations he didn’t speak out on. Some things became clear.

  1. At the time of the letter, the FBI had no information because they hadn’t read any of the E-mails.
  2. He has lost any appearance of fairness and impartiality. First by refusing to acknowledge that Russia was behind hacks of the DNC, because he thought it might impact the election. Secondly by not announcing the investigation of Trump and his campaign ties to Russia for the same reason.
  3. He has lost institutional control of the FBI. Reporting suggests that part of his decision was to make the announcement before the Wall Street Journal ran a well sourced story which would ruin his reputation. All the other things we’ve learned have come through multiple FBI leaks with different allegiances. Apparently there are multiple factions within the FBI putting politics above the oath they swore and the country they allegedly serve.

Comey was once seen as a man with conviction. We loved him when he went to John Ashcroft’s hospital bed to prevent Dick Cheney’s henchman from trying to get him to sign off on an illegal program while under sedation. Unfortunately he now feels licensed to substitute his judgment for official policy and direction of the Attorney General. Potentially affecting the outcome of the election.

In a week the election will be over. Whoever wins it will be impossible for Comey to serve with their confidence. It’s also clear that the FBI really is fighting a Civil War that James Comey was unable to end. After the election, he should resign or be fired to allow the next President to begin fresh. I believe the leakers should be rooted out as well and make clear that this behavior is not only illegal, but unacceptable. You had a good run James Comey. Time for you to go.

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What We Learn From The FBI Announcement About Hillary’s E-Mails

Director Comey of the FBI made a riveting live announcement regarding Hillary Clinton’s use of her private server to send and receive E-mails. The announcement was a mixed bag and whatever your perspective on the case there is something to latch onto.

The good news for Hillary:

  1. There will be no recommendation for criminal prosecution and the Justice Department has already said they will accept the opinion of the career prosecutors.
  2. There was no intentional misuse of classified material
  3. There was no evidence of “bad actors” hacking her system
  4. There was no evidence of any coverup by her, her staff, her lawyers or the State Dept.
  5. The FBI’s explanation of the investigation and the results make the claim of a “rigged system” hard to give weight to. It was certainly thorough and comprehensive.

Hillary image

The bad news for Hillary:

  1. She did despite previous claims send information that was classified at the time
  2. While there will be no criminal prosecution, the issue will not die and those who believe everything she does is criminal will come away feeling no different.
  3. Haters still gonna hate

The bottom line is that people will still believe what they want to believe. For example, there are people that recite the Trump label of “Dishonest Hillary”. Have they ever listened to Donald Trump speak? Any and every speech is full of proven lies and misstatements. I confess to having no idea which way Director Comey was going with his announcement and was pondering what exactly would happen if she were to be indicted? So now back to politics as usual. We will see!