Fathers and Sons

Michael Flynn and Michael Flynn, Jr

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“The SJW (Social justice warriors) are out in full this morning, the disappointment on your faces when I don’t go to jail will be worth all your harassment.”

Michael Flynn, Jr recently tweeted these words and they may very well be true. His father, Michael Flynn, former National Security Advisor to Donald Trump, plead guilty to charges of lying to the FBI. It’s part of a deal where the Sr. Flynn was not charged with several other offenses for which there was evidence, in return for cooperating with Special Counsel Robert Mueller and providing everything he knows about the Trump campaign, transition team, and administration and their dealings with Russia. Part of the deal seems to be that his son will not be charged. It’s possible that the whole impetus for Flynn was to save his son.

Michael Flynn spent 33 years in the US Army, achieving the rank of Lieutenant General, serving all over the world. Like many career officers, he spent much of that time away from home. I won’t speculate about the relationship between Flynn and his son’s. He is close to Michael Jr and a bit distant from his other son Matt. It is Michael Jr who he made CEO of his company and who he’s potentially saving from jail.

Michael doesn’t appear to be the most appreciative of sons. He’s the same one that tweeted and retweeted racist memes. His father brought him into the transition team until his conspiracy theory tweets got him ousted. He may not have noticed that the price of his freedom was a felon for a father who may still face jail time.

Charles Kushner and Jared Kushner

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Charles Kushner isn’t your average family man. In 2004 he pleaded guilty to a tax fraud scheme, claiming hundreds of thousands of dollars in phony deductions. He also retaliated against someone he believed to be a cooperating witness, his sister. He set up his brother-in-law with a prostitute. Had pictures taken along with videotape, and sent them to her as payback. He also made illegal campaign contributions in the name of others without their knowledge.

Jared Kushner was a Harvard student at the time and found he had to step up and take a larger role in the family business. He visited his father regularly during his two years in prison. He didn’t blame his father, he blamed the media, making him truly fit for the Trump family and administration.

Jared now is facing the real prospect that his three children; Arabella, Joseph, and Theodore, will soon have to visit him in a Federal prison. The crime Michael Flynn pleaded guilty to was lying to the FBI. It is likely that Jared has already done at least that, without even considering the financial crimes he may be tied to with Russian mobsters. General Flynn has been charged with only one count of lying to the FBI because he has become a cooperating witness, presumably against a bigger target. Should Jared wish a similar sentence, there’s only one larger target in the White House. His father-in-law, Donald Trump.

Donald Trump and Donald Trump, Jr

a a a a fathersssss

It’s not a compliment, but Donald Jr is seen as the brighter of Trump’s sons. Not bright enough to have kept from arranging and attending clandestine meetings with Russians. Some including Michael Flynn and Jared Kushner. “Donnie” has a habit of saying the wrong thing at the wrong time and the likelihood that he hasn’t lied to the FBI already is slim indeed. He strikes me as having the arrogance and pretentiousness to believe he’s too smart to get caught. I think I’ll bet on Mueller. His father has been able to cover up his son’s poor judgment in the past. Bad real estate deals in South Carolina, homophobic comments and more. In what seems like a trend, he’s also retweeted Neo-Nazi and skinhead memes to his like-minded followers.

The question is, will his father be willing to make the same kind of sacrifice that Michael Flynn made for his son? Is there any suggestion that Donald Trump has that kind of love for anyone besides himself? My bet is that Trump will let every member of his administration including sons, daughter, and son-in-law, take a bullet before he acknowledges any wrongdoing. It’s not in his DNA.

a a a a fatheeee

The tempo of the Mueller investigation has picked up. Fathers and Sons are having to make choices they’ll have to live with for the rest of their lives. After pleading guilty in Federal Court, Michael Flynn went directly to his son’s home. Jared Kushner and wife Ivanka, have silently left Washington, DC and returned to New York. Mueller knows where they are. Donald Trump, Jr has been silent today as has his father. The elder Trump skipped a meeting with the press and is reportedly fuming in the White House over Flynn’s betrayal. He hasn’t tweeted a solitary thing. Family bonds are being tested, another type of bonds, bail-bonds, may soon be needed as well.




What Flynn’s Guilty Plea Means!

Michael Flynn just plead guilty to a charge of, Lying To The FBI.” He acknowledged lying about negotiating a deal with the Russians, not to respond to sanctions against Russia imposed by Congress with the understanding that a Trump administration would ease sanctions once in office. Another stunning admission was that a “Senior member of the Trump Transition Team, directed him to contact the Russians.” NBC News is reporting that Jared Kushner is the senior official that directed him.

a a a a guiltier

Donald Trump and the White House has yet to respond to questions about Flynn and Kushner. Trump was scheduled to have a small press gaggle which was abruptly canceled. Lawyers from the White House are claiming that Flynn’s statements don’t implicate anyone other than himself.

What this means is that Flynn is cooperating fully with the Mueller investigation. The only reason Flynn would be only charged with this one item given the range of known financial misdealings is that he is providing information on a bigger fish in the transition/administration. A sentencing recommendation has yet to be made, including whether Flynn’s son will be indicted. The maximum sentence for Lying To The FBI is five years. With further charges for himself and his son hanging over his head. Flynn is obligated to spill his guts, telling everything he knows about those the Mueller investigation is interested in.

a a a a guilteyy

The charge of, Lying To The FBI is also a signal to anyone else in the administration that if you lie to them, you will be charged. Given the range of witnesses who have already met with the FBI. When they meet with Hope Hicks, Jared Kushner (again) and Donald J. Trump. They will already know the answers to the questions they are asking.

As an aside, Flynn likely wishes he could take back all the times he led a chant of, “Lock her up!” It is likely that even the deal he’s been given will result in jail time, otherwise having a charge of Lying To The FBI would be worthless.

a a a a guiltee

As for Donald Trump, the noose is getting tighter and one question is, how far would he be willing to go to save his son? His son-in-law? All the talk about, “No collusion!” and “a witchhunt” should come to a close. It’s gotten real and is getting closer and closer to Trump’s door every day. Perhaps James Comey said it best in a quote from the bible.

“‘But let justice roll down like waters and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream,’ Amos 5:24,”

Who Will Go To Jail First? Take The Poll

Grand Juries are impaneled, subpoenas have been issued, testimony is being given, two men have been indicted and another has pled guilty. His sentence, however, may be as little as zero because he is providing evidence against others. My question is, “Who will be the first to actually go to jail?”

a a a a jaillll

Take the poll and we’ll see how it compares to the actual results:

a a a a jail

You can only vote once but feel free to come back and check the results. Please share!

A House Without Honor

We’ve officially run out of hope there was anyone in the White House with some semblance of honor. None we can trust in discussing the smallest of matters, let alone the big ones. The nation knew what it was getting in Donald Trump, serial cheater with an extensive background of sexual assault and financial bad faith. Liar extraordinaire.

Let Them Eat Cake

There was some hope that those around him would do better, perhaps appeal to his better self should it exist. We were told he’d assembled an excellent National Security team. Men of honor who would put country first ahead of politics. Flynn, Tillerson, Pompeo, and Mattis. Gen. Mike Flynn lasted 24 days before resigning after reports of undisclosed meetings with Russians and being an undeclared foreign agent for Turkey. Tillerson has presided over the gutting of the State Department and the world sees him as castrated, unable to speak for the President without being overridden by a tweet. Pompeo recently proclaimed the Intelligence Agencies concluded Russia had no impact on the Presidential election when they said no such thing. Mattis initially fought the good fight but soon crumbled. becoming just another sycophant. Pence sold his soul long ago and Sessions is on a one=man tear to bring back mass incarceration and further legalize voter suppression. Carson is a joke!



The professional liars that speak for the President; Spicer and Scaramucci are long gone, soulless Sanders misinforms us now with guest appearances on television by Kellyanne. Bannon left but exerts more power on the President and his Party than ever before. Someone has to coordinate with the Neo-Nazis, skinheads, and white supremacists.

a a a a fawnn

They told us Ivanka would be a good influence, promoting women’s issues, child care and protecting dreamers. Having influence on none of those things, she’s settled for her new business deals with China. Her free time is spent on her hidden e-mail account on a private server and talking with her new criminal attorney.

Ivanka Trump
Ivanka Trump

Jared was that bright young man that was our next, best hope. It seems he’s had even more Russian contacts than Flynn and almost as many conflicts of interest as his father-in-law. He hired some of the best criminal defense attorneys in the country, beating the run on criminal lawyers by pretty much the rest of the Administration as they ready themselves for Special Counsel Mueller’s questions. We won’t mention Manafort who didn’t even make it through the campaign before millions in Ukranian cash payments from pro-Putin oligarchs tripped him up. The FBI assures him he’ll be indicted.

Manafort under the bus

It seemed the only honorable person left in the White House was Gen. Kelly. That was before he stood behind the White House podium and lied about a speech by Congresswoman Frederica Wilson. Of course, Sarah Huckabee Sanders stands by the lie which makes it doubly false. He was “stunned” that the Congresswoman, “listened in” to a call from the President to the widow of a fallen Green Beret. This while Kelly and “several others” according to Sanders were listening in when the President made the call.

a a a a kelly

There is nobody left we can hope to believe about anything. I’m waiting patiently until we get to the stage where we have public testimony in the Russia hearings. Lie then!



White House Throws Manafort Under The Bus! Who’s Going Down With Him?

The White House and friends are officially throwing Paul Manafort under the bus in hopes that we’ll forget about all the rest that colluded with Russia and committed untold financial crimes.

Corey Lewandowski, a former Trump Campaign Manager, said this, “I think if anybody, and I’ve said this, if Paul Manafort, Roger Stone, or Rick Gates or Carter Page, or anybody else attempted to influence the outcome of the U.S. election through any means that’s inappropriate – through collusion, coordination or cooperation – I hope they go to jail for the rest of their lives.”

a a a a a paul manafort

Vice-President Mike Pence said of the man perhaps most responsible for his selection, “We’re just going to let this process go forward.”

Many White House insiders are privately conceding the mountain of known evidence against Manafort is insurmountable and have chosen to disown him, suggesting there’s no way out for him.

The problem for the White House is, Manafort was not an island and often acted with Donald Trump, Jr. and Jared Kushner in his Russian dealings and we have no idea at what level the President himself was involved? With Manafort facing indictment (as has been reported widely by multiple news outlets), the question is, who will go down with him?

a a a a a paul mannafroo

Without knowing the man and looking at his proclivity for fancy suits and fine dining. I have no sense at all he’ll do well in jail. I have little doubt that if he has bigger fish to offer up, he’ll do so in a heartbeat. Racing to beat disgraced General Mike Flynn to the witness stand to tell all he knows.

White House insiders are even willing to accept there may have been some degree of collusion with Russia, pointing at Manafort while ignoring the elephants in the room including Donald Trump’s son and son-in-law. The question no longer seems to be “if” someone is going down. But who and how many?

The Guide To Who’s Leaking In The White House And Why

The list of who’s not leaking in this White House would be a lot shorter. Ben Carson… that’s it. He’s the only one not leaking because he last had a clue when he was wearing a surgical mask. Everybody else is leaking and their motivations are varied. A few are trying to expose hypocrisy and lies. Others are diverting attention from themselves and their own complicity. Some are trying to create chaos in their attempt to start a new world order. Here’s the guide to the major leakers and what’s driving them.

a a whitee

  1. Jared Kushner and his lawyers: Jared started leaking early in the campaign because of his hatred for Chris Christie. As a US Attorney; Christie send Kushner’s daddy to jail for a variety of charges. He exposed the sordid tale where Charles Kushner tried to discredit his brother-in-law by setting him up with a hooker and sending proof to his own sister. Both were providing evidence against him along with suing him. Young Jared trekked up to see his pops in prison on the regular, carrying a grudge against the man that put him there. When Christie ingratiated himself to The Donald during the campaign, on the verge of being announced as Attorney General… Kushner had to act. His campaign of leaks proved so successful, he began using the technique on his next most formidable foe, Steve Bannon. Kushner had no use for the Jew-hating, White Nationalist Bannon who was becoming the Trump Whisperer and having a bit too much say in official policy. After getting Bannon banished to the outer circles, Kushner is now mostly focused on deflecting from his own participation in Russia collusion and his murky finances.
  2. Ivanka Trump: Ivanka is all about brand and she was the first to see she was on the Titanic and the iceberg was straight ahead. Her leaks were all in an attempt to make herself look good so that she would be untarnished after climbing out of the rubble. She wants to be perceived as the patron saint for paid maternity care, equal pay for women and a reasonable immigration policy. She doesn’t want to be seen as someone who exploits foreign workers in horrific conditions for minimal pay. She thinks she doesn’t need to have any actual influence with her father, she just needs to be seen trying.
  3. Donald Trump, Jr: Donnie doesn’t have real relationships with people to leak to so he relies on his tweets to communicate. He inadvertently reveals way more than the White House would like known about its White Supremacist tendencies when he passes along racist and Neo-Nazi memes. Not much of a one for original thought, he repeats what he’s heard from the right wing blogs he lives on making him as incoherent as the blogs themselves. Donnie wants to be a major player. With his sense of entitlement and superiority, he’ll likely be somebody’s bitch by day two in jail.
  4. Sean Spicer: Nobody would suspect Sean of leaking based on his ineptitude in delivering the actual news of the day from the White House perspective. He became a sad and bitter man after being forced to utter ridiculous explanations for Trump’s actions. After attempting the impossible, he’d then be berated by his ungrateful boss for his clothing, poorly received explanations and excessive perspiration. Even his manliness was questioned after the Saturday Night Live parody’s which like everything else was beyond his control. And then his underling Sarah Huckabee Sanders was gunning for his job. That’s when his leaks and the big payback began.
  5. Steve Bannon: Bannon had the purest motive as all as these things go. Donald Trump had made promises; a man’s word was supposed to be his bond! Trump had acted all along as if he shared Bannon’s Alt-Right, White Supremacist policies and he turned out to be just another cuck. Bannon began his campaign to bring it all down. He would still deconstruct America, just in a different way. All the while fostering discontent and subtly criticizing all around Donald leaving Trump a man alone… with his tweeter.
  6. President Trump: Don’t forget this is a man who once masqueraded as a publicist to brag about himself. He used his close ties to The National Enquirer and a couple other rags to plant stories about his own greatness. He even threatened Joe Scarborough with an Enquirer story if he didn’t play ball. He also is engaged in a quid pro quo with Fox & Friends in return for constantly glowing coverage.
  7. Vladimir Putin: Putin has decided to turn the fact his ownership of Trump is becoming exposed to an advantage. Once it became clear he wouldn’t be able to use Trump to remove sanctions and return assets. He started leaking to bring down the current President and embarrass the United States internationally. Whenever there was a stall in the investigations, Putin provided a new thread for reporters to chase and further amp up the pressure.
  8. Mike Pence: Mike wasn’t content to wait the two to three years it would take Trump to get impeached so he’s helping move things along. All the while reminding us how innocent he was, except for the little thing of ignoring letters from Congress about being on foreign payrolls when Pence was the head of the Transition. Not wanting to be President after Trump loses the House and Senate in the mid-terms. It’s gotta be now!
  9. Lawyers for Flynn, Sessions, Page, Wilbur Ross, and a dozen others: Each in the service of their client has cause to leak and point fingers at everyone else.

The one innocent man Ben Carson, will walk away singing a Quaker hymn he never learned in the inner city. The truth of the lyrics will escape him while their accuracy is profound. “Tis the gift to be simple… Tis the gift to be free.”

5 Things Russia Knows About Donald Trump That You Don’t

As information drips out on a daily basis about the Trump campaign and administrations interactions with Russia. It’s important to note that while what we know is limited, Putin and Russian intelligence know everything that transpired. More than Trump, more than Tillerson, and currently more than the FBI which is closing the gap. Here are 5 things that matter that the Russians know that we don’t:

5 things 2

Photo: huffingtonpost.com


  1. How much money does Trump owe the Russian banks, oligarchs or the mob? Both of Trump’s sons have openly bragged about the Russian money flowing into their business before there was a Presidential campaign. Trump emphatically denies any business deals with Russia. Except of course the hundreds of millions in profits in known real estate deals. Either his sons were lying or he is. Russia knows!
  2. Who else associated with the campaign or administration has had undisclosed meetings with Russian officials and what did they talk about? The list of known violators includes Jeff Sessions, Jared Kushner, Donald Trump, Jr, and Mike Flynn. Is Donald J Trump on that list? Russia knows.
  3. What promises did Trump make to Putin when in a room with only one other American. Russia says Trump accepted Putin’s denial of interference. Is that true? We know they laugher together at the media and “fake news.”
  4. Did Donald Trump before or during the campaign make promises to Russia about lessening sanctions, returning property in the US seized by President Obama? What has Russia promised Trump? All we know is that Trump under every circumstance has said only nice things about Putin and Russia. He’s also taken steps to lessen sanctions against Russia, return the seized property and deny the conclusion of 17 intelligence agencies that Russia interfered in our elections.
  5. Was Trump really in a hotel room in Moscow with Russian hookers peeing on his bed? Inquiring minds want to know (and see the video just once).

5 things 1

Photo: twitter.com

Featured Photo: news.sky.com

In a New York Minute (Somebody’s Going to Emergency… Somebody’s Going to Jail)

In the 1989 song written by Don Henley of The Eagles. There’s a line that always struck me, “Somebody’s going to emergency… somebody’s going to jail.” The song talks about how everything can change in an instant. Another lyric is, “The wolf is always at the door.” For the Trump administration… shit just changed. And that wolf… somebody let him in.

The floodgates have opened with the release of the Donald Trump, Jr emails showing the campaigns willingness to collude with Russia to elect Donald Trump as President. All the deniability is gone, everybody is lawyered up and the Mueller independent investigation roars on. Grand juries are meeting and people are starting to save themselves.

a a juniorr

Photo: businessinsider.com

If I were Donald Trump, I might be wondering, “Will the son I’ve frowned on and belittled all his life sell me out? Will my beloved daughter choose me over her husband? Will my son-in-law keep quiet, even as the noose tightens around his own neck?” He probably shouldn’t ask what he would do in their situation because he’d throw anyone under the bus to save himself.

It's a family affair

Photo: cnn.com

His biggest fears aren’t even related to the campaign collusion. He’s always known it’s the money and his ties to Russia going back 30 years which will inevitably come to light. Bob Mueller is staffing up with people with the specific expertise to discover what his sons have already told us is out there. The Trump empire is propped up with Russian cash.

He used to be able to count on Congress to look the other way as he and his family enriched themselves while he was in office. He watches one by one as formerly loyal elected officials start backing away and in greater numbers turn on him. He thinks to himself, “I’m the President and I can just pardon everybody?” Wonder how that will work out? I’m not sure than anyone is going to emergency. Somebody definitely is going to jail.

Featured Photo: vanityfair.com

Full Text of Donald Trump, Jr Russian Lawyer Emails

Don’t depend on the Fox News version. Read it for yourself. The first thread that led to these Emails came from Paul Manafort talking to Congress. I have a sense that Manafort, Page, Flynn and others are spilling their guts to the Mueller investigation.

a a juniorr

3 June 2016
Rob Goldstone to Trump Jr

Emin [Agalarov, a Russian pop star represented by Goldstone] just called and asked me to contact you with something very interesting.

The Crown prosecutor of Russia met with his father Aras [a Moscow-based developer who tried to partner with Trump in a hotel project] this morning and in their meeting offered to provide the Trump campaign with some official documents and information that would incriminate Hillary [Clinton] and her dealings with Russia and would be very useful to your father.

This is obviously very high level and sensitive information but is part of Russia and its government’s support for Mr Trump – helped along by Aras and Emin.

What do you think is the best way to handle this information and would you be able to speak to Emin about it directly?

can also send this info to your father via Rhona [presumably Rhona Graff, Trump’s longtime executive assistant], but it is ultra sensitive so wanted to send to you first.

Trump Jr to Goldstone

Thanks Rob I appreciate that. I am on the road at the moment but perhaps I just speak to Emin first. Seems we have some time and if it’s what you say I love itespecially later in the summer. Could we do a call first thing next week when I am back?

6 June 2016
Goldstone to Trump Jr

Let me know when you are free to talk with Emin by phone about this Hillary info – you had mentioned early this week so wanted to try to schedule a time and day. Best to you and your family.

Trump Jr to Goldstone

Rob could we speak now?

Goldstone to Trump Jr

Let me track him down in Moscow. What number he could call?

Trump Jr to Goldstone

My cell.

Goldstone to Trump Jr

He’s on stage in Moscow but should be off within 20 minutes so I am sure can call.

Trump Jr to Goldstone

Rob thanks for the help.

7 June 2016

Goldstone to Trump Jr

Hope all is well. Emin asked that I schedule a meeting with you and the Russian government attorney who is flying over from Moscow for this Thursday. I believe you are aware of the meeting – and so wondered if 3pm or later on Thursday works for you? I assume it would be at your office.

Trump Jr to Goldstone

How about 3 at our offices? Thanks Rob appreciate you helping set it up.

Goldstone to Trump Jr

Perfect … I won’t sit in on the meeting, but will bring them at 3pm and introduce you etc. I will send the names of the two people meeting with you for security when I have them later today.

Trump Jr to Goldstone

Great. It will likely be Paul Manafort (campaign boss) my brother in law [Jared Kushner] and me. 725 Fifth Ave 25th floor.

8 June 2016

Goldstone to Trump Jr

Good morning. Would it be possible to move tomorrow meeting to 4pm as the Russian attorney is in court until 3 I was just informed.

Trump Jr to Goldstone

Yes Rob I could do that unless they wanted to do 3 today instead … just let me know and I’ll lock it in either way.

Goldstone to Trump Jr

They can’t do today as she hasn’t landed from Moscow. 4pm is great tomorrow.

Trump Jr then forwards the entire exchange to Manafort and Kushner under the subject heading “FW: Russia – Clinton – private and confidential”

Trump Jr to Manafort and Kushner

Meeting got moved to 4 tomorrow at my offices.

Donald Trump, Jr Won’t Do Well In Jail

Donald Trump, Jr, Jared Kushner and Paul Manafort met with a Russian lawyer, Natalia Veselnitskaya, on June 9, 2016. This is a fact not in dispute.

Initially, Donald Jr claimed the meeting was about an adoption program for Russian children. When confronted by the press, he later conceded the lawyer had offered to provide negative information about Hillary Clinton. There is no dispute about that either. Everything after that starts to get foggy.

a a juniorr

Photo: businessinsider.com

Trump, Jr says he was invited to the meeting by a Russian associate he worked with while helping produce the Miss Universe Pageant in Russia. He says that he didn’t even know who he was meeting with. He says he invited Jared Kushner and Campaign Chair Paul Manafort to join him in the meeting and they also had no idea who they’d be meeting with because that’s a thing busy people do. He says his father knew nothing about the meeting… before, during or after.

The New York Times just reported that Trump received an email from his Russian contact, saying the Russian government was providing compromising information on Hillary Clinton as part of a Russian effort to aid Donald Trump’s campaign.

Donald Trump, Jr went to the meeting with full knowledge he was meeting with someone representing the Russian government to aid the Trump campaign. Donald Trump, Jr got a criminal lawyer today. He’ll need it.

Behind his back, many on the White House staff call Donald Jr  “Fredo” based on the character from the Godfather series. Fredo was the weak link. What are the chances he’ll go down alone and not take anyone with him? Looking bad for Team Trump!

Featured Photo: huffingtonpost.com

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