Trump’s Big Payback: After The Mueller Report

It’s not fair to portray the 4-page letter released by Attorney General William Barr as The Mueller Report. Until we see the actual report and the underlying facts. We don’t know what Robert Mueller has found? The Justice Department just announced it will “be weeks, not months” before “some version” of the Mueller Report is released to the public. Until then, we are left with Barr’s assertion that neither Trump of his campaign conspired with “the Russian Government.” Leaving open the possibilities that they conspired with Russian Oligarchs, the Russian Mob, or while drinking White Russians. Barr, a Trump political appointee, determined that Trump was not guilty of Obstruction of Justice, although Mueller specifically refused to exonerate him.

While the Democrat-led House passed a unanimous resolution requesting the full release of the Mueller Report to the public. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced his refusal to bring up a vote asking for the same thing. Some Republicans who had previously indicated the need for the full report to be publicly released, are now satisfied to know no more than what Attorney General Barr has told us, not wanting any of those pesky underlying facts to get out.

President Trump, never known for his composure and class, has begun his payback tour, coming after any and everyone he feels opposed him. Without regard to The Constitution, the law, or concern for the American people.

In the two days since the 4-page summary that Trump calls “total exoneration,” despite Mueller’s statement of the exact opposite, he’s announced his enemies list and started coming for them. By name, he’s called out Democrat leaders Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Eric Swalwell, the mainstream media, the FBI, and the Special Counsel he felt never had the right to investigate him. He and his lucky-not-to-be-indicted-yet son Donald, Jr have called for the investigators to be investigated. They have called for anyone who has claimed to have seen evidence of Trump malfeasance to be banned from the airwaves. Trump said his enemies that did “evil” and “treasonous things” will be “under scrutiny,” bringing Big Brother fully to life.

Senator Lindsay Graham, once known as the late Senator John McCain’s best friend. Emerged at Trump’s side, a couple of days after Trump spent a week lambasting a dead man, Graham’s one-time friend. Graham went on to infer he’ll be opening up his own investigations as the new Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, to help Trump in his assertion, “It was a false narrative, it was a terrible thing, we can never let this happen to another president again, I can tell you that. I say it very strongly.”

Almost lost in all the turmoil over the Barr Report (certainly not Mueller’s) was the Trump Justice Department instituting a new effort to kill Obamacare completely, throwing another 20–30 Million people off their healthcare plans. Doing away at the same time with coverage for pre-existing conditions without drastically raising rates.

There were some that hoped that Trump would take this opportunity to pivot and attempt to govern on behalf of all the people, taking on Infrastructure and maybe protecting our elections from future attacks. It’s clear that any hopes for bipartisan Trump, a figure that hasn’t been seen since taking office, will be dashed again, acknowledgment dawning that he never will exist. Perhaps James Brown said it best in his 1973 song, The Big Payback. To paraphrase:

“Trump don’t know karate, but he know ka-razy”

Where Is John McCain’s Other Daughter, Bridget McCain?

You might already know the story? John McCain’s wife was in Bangladesh visiting Mother Theresa’s Orphanage to try to help the children there. She encountered two young girls there, one with severe heart problems and another with a severe cleft palate. Frustrated at her inability to get assurance these children would be taken care of, she made arrangements to bring both girls back to the United States with her. One of the girls (Mickey) was adopted by family friends and the McCain’s adopted Bridget.

During John McCain’s first run for the Presidency in 2000, he was favored to win the South Carolina primary and likely the Republican nomination. Karl Rove, on behalf of George W. Bush who was trailing McCain in the polls. Put out a phone poll asking, “Would you be more or less likely to vote for John McCain… if you knew he fathered an illegitimate black child?” McCain lost the primary and the nomination due to the slander perpetrated by the Bush Campaign.

In the wake of John McCain’s recent death from a form of brain cancer. I can’t help but notice the absence of coverage featuring his daughter Bridget? On multiple networks I see images of wife Cindy, his 106 year old mother Roberta, TV news personality Meghan McCain appears in every news story. Fox News ran a story about McCain’s wife and children sharing messages of love. Bridget was mentioned as existing but no photo or indication of her response to her father’s death.

Bridget as of this writing doesn’t have a Wikipedia page, her last post on her Facebook page was in 2017. She made a couple public appearances when McCain ran again for President in 2008. She also gave an interview about her father that same year in Scholastic magazine. She attended Arizona State University. There isn’t much more public information about the now 27-year-old Bridget and I wonder why?

I have no conspiracy theory, it may well be her preference to remain out of the limelight? It may be something else as well? Here’s wishing condolences to Bridget the missing daughter, who is grieving as well.