Kamala Harris Has Three Routes to the Presidency

Kamala Harris had a moment, after the first debate when she plunged a dagger into Joe Biden’s invincibility. People who had never considered her sat up and took notice. They saw clearly that the woman who had taken apart William Barr, Brett Kavanaugh, and others while serving on the Senate Judiciary Committee, might just be the one to take out Donald Trump on the debate stage. She had a moment, and then they came for her.

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When I say “they came for her.” I mean everybody. All the then twenty-something other Democrat candidates for President. Republicans who were fearful she would do to Trump what she’d done to so many others. Democrat establishment figures whose political futures were brighter under a Biden Presidency. Russian trolls and bots. They dragged her for a relationship she had with former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown in the mid-nineties. Criticized her for having a white husband. They all came for Harris and not without having an effect. She was a strong third or fourth depending on the poll after the first debate. Now she lags in fifth place in most polls with an average of 5% of likely voters. Despite the long odds against her, she said:

“It won’t be easy, but I intend to win!”

There are three plausible routes for Harris to end up being President. The least likely in my opinion is where she suddenly catches fire and wins some of the early primary and caucus states. One could make a case that Biden has been weakened by the Ukranian rumors involving him and his son Hunter. Elizabeth Warren has surpassed Biden in some polls but took the brunt of most of the other candidate’s fire at the last debate. Bernie Sanders called her out for being, “a capitalist,” oh, the horror. Mayor Pete has surged past Harris but has never received the brutal attacks that Biden, Harris, and now Warren have endured. His campaign might not survive the scrutiny heaped on the others but only time will tell. If Kamala does okay in Iowa and New Hampshire, she has a chance to do well in South Carolina and later her home state California with its huge block of delegates. I don’t consider it likely, but that’s one way.

The second way involves the looming Impeachment Trial of President Trump in the Senate. Once the House formally votes to Impeach the President. The Senate will take over the process although members of the House will act as Managers (essentially prosecutors) during the trial. Individual Senators will not have the opportunity to question witnesses like in regular Senate hearings. But Kamala Harris will be highly sought after by the media after each day’s proceedings. She can review the testimony and provide analysis with the gravitas of someone the public recognizes as someone who knows what she’s doing. She’ll project strength and confidence while helping shape the narrative. Depending on the timing of the Senate Trial vs. the Democrat Primaries, Impeachment may come in time to help her rise in the political standings.

The third way in which Harris could become President is rather indelicate. She could become Vice-President, and take over in the event the President becomes incapacitated or is otherwise unable to perform his or her duties. To be more clear, the three leading candidates for the Democrats are all in their 70s. Bernie (78) just had a heart attack that nobody wants to talk about. Biden (76) has had more than one aneurysm in his past and recently had an eye hemorrhage. At 70, Warren is the spring chicken of the bunch and has shown tremendous vigor and stamina but 70 is still 70. With the top three Democrat candidates being septuagenarians, the saying the Vice-President is “one heartbeat from the Presidency” takes on special meaning.

You’d think Biden would rule Harris out based on what must seem a surprise attack on him but politics make strange bedfellows. Should Biden’s relationship with black voters start to slip, adding Harris to the ticket might shore up his standing, also with women voters? Warren and Sanders seem to get along with their Senate colleague Harris and she could help with their weak spots as well. Many a person has chosen the Vice-Presidential route as a way to the option. Hopefully to succeed the President after two terms but ready to serve if required. It’s the only explanation for Mike Pence’s loyalty to the anti-christ under whom he serves.

Kamala Harris probably had different plan than any of her three remaining options. Her success will depend on her ability to adjust to the current political climate and might require a bit of luck combined with her skill and strengths. We will see.

The Russians Are Coming For Kamala Harris. Why?

If nothing else was learned during the two House committee hearings featuring former Special Counsel Robert Mueller, (besides obstruction of justice, campaign finance violations, and perjury) it’s that not enough has been done to prevent Russia from attacking our elections. A separate bipartisan report from the Senate Intelligence Committee showed that Russia hacked into the election apparatus of all fifty states. Except in the mind of Donald Trump who asked a reporter recently, “You don’t really believe this, do you?” It’s well understood that the Russians interfered in the 2016 election with the intention of helping Donald Trump and little has been done to prevent it from happening again.

“You don’t really believe this, do you? — Donald Trump

After the first Democrat debate when Kamala Harris put Joe Biden on his heels on an issue he felt was a strong point and threatened Biden’s strong support from black voters. The Democrat establishment circled the wagons and started making comments either in support of Biden or chiding Harris. Prior to the debate, Jim Clyburn told America for no apparent reason that the two black candidates, Kamala Harris, and Cory Booker weren’t getting traction and Harris had done little to explain her policies.

After the debate, former Senator Barbara Boxer who had endorsed Kamala Harris when she ran to take over the Senate seat Boxer retired from; reminded America that Harris had previously supported Biden without mention of the issues she critiqued in the debate. I wrote an article then saying, “The Long Knives Are Out For Kamala Harris,” I didn’t know the extent that Russia would come out against her as well. The question is why?

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After the second debate during which Kamala Harris was criticized onstage by Rep. Tulsi Gabbard on her history as the Attorney General of California. Russian bots went all-in on the Internet in declaring Harris’s candidacy all but over. Like clockwork, Fox News reiterated everything said on the Internet. Make no mistake, Kamala Harris’s record on any issue is fair game to be discussed and debated which is true of any of the candidates. A campaign to misrepresent that record by Russians supporting Trump is another thing entirely.

Not long after the second debate, the hashtags #KamalaHarris Destroyed, #KamalaDestroyed, and others, began appearing with hundreds of retweets showing “bot-like-activity” according to the Wall Street Journal. Previous activity on Twitter tried to suggest that Kamala Harris wasn’t eligible to run for President because her parents were immigrants. That tweet was pushed by Russian accounts and Donald Trump, Jr which may well be one and the same.

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Russian activity in 2016 was designed to support the candidacy of Donald J. Trump. Given that they pretty much have gotten what they paid for in terms of the current administration leaving the door open for future attacks and looking the other way in Ukraine, Syria, Venezuela, and elsewhere. There’s no reason to suspect they won’t be backing Trump again. Are they coming after Harris because they perceive her as a formidable candidate against Trump should she make it to the general election? There’s no doubt that once the Democrats have a nominee, the Russians will single out that person for their interference. But for now, their strategy appears to be to try picking off those that present viable threats to Trump, starting with Harris.

The Russians are doing what they can to bring down Kamala Harris, using the playbook they used to attack Hillary Clinton. Like in 2016, many Americans are unwittingly supporting those efforts by retweeting and helping spread their narrative. Real black people are buying into what the Russians are saying and helping bring down one of two black candidates. I’m not saying don’t challenge Harris’s record. I am saying research it for yourself and reach your own decisions.

Most of the attacks on Harris focus on her record as Attorney General of California. There are claims she participated in the mass incarceration of people of color. She’s alleged to have locked up 1,500 people for marijuana use while laughing for having done the same thing. These and other charges were looked at more closely by Politi-fact which provided additional information. Don’t take their word either, do your own research before taking Russia’s or anyone else’s word for it.

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There are some other attacks on Harris that concern me but it is the right of others to make them. One notable writer criticized the grammar in one of her tweets. There are online discussions about her white husband and what that means, or her long-ago romance with Willie Brown who was a much older man and separated from his wife at the time. Are we applying a double standard for a black woman? Congress is full of former prosecutors who have rarely been condemned for putting people in jail. Twenty-six former Presidents were lawyers, some have a record of prosecuting cases. Jeb Bush’s failure to become President wasn’t related to his Mexican-American wife.

The attacks on Harris today will become the attacks on Joe Biden, or Bernie, or Elizabeth Warren, Mayor Pete, or even Tulsi Gabbard should success come her way. Be wary of the Internet claims about any candidate. the next one under attack may well be your own.

Joe Biden: He’s Fallen And He Can’t Get Up!

Let’s be clear, Joe Biden is still leading the polls among all the Democrat candidates for the 2020 Presidential election, but he’s fading. When he announced he was running for President back in late April. He had a thirty point lead over the next leading candidate, Bernie Sanders. Observers correctly noted that moment would be as good as it got for Biden and it was downhill from there. Instead of hitting the trail and hustling for votes. Biden campaigned by doing his version of the rope-a-dope. Ignoring his Democrat challengers and focusing on Donald Trump as if he were already in the general election.

Biden’s handlers were in effect hiding their candidate from the public, given Joe’s tendency to make gaffes. When they let him out of his pen, he promoted his ability to work well with others, using the example that he worked well with segregationalists in the Democrat Party to get things done. He also affirmed his support for the Hyde amendment banning the use of public funds for abortion, a position he had to back away from after he was attacked by the other candidates. He’s also had to apologize for his support of the 1994 Crime Bill which many point to as a leading cause of mass incarceration of black Americans.

The first Democrat debate, broken up into two days to accommodate twenty participants, exposed Joe Biden when he had to respond to direct confrontation in the form of California Senator Kamala Harris. She pointed out his opposition to school busing and his reply was the equivalent of a “States Rights” policy last used to support slavery. A worrisome sight for Biden supporters was the throng of black women that sought Harris out on stage after the debate.

Possibly the most significant portion of Biden’s base is the black vote he inherited from having served as Barack Obama’s Vice-President. Obama having been the nation’s first black President. Obama is still beloved by the majority of black voters and Biden brings up that connection every chance he gets including in his announcement video. In addition to being loyal, black voters are pragmatic, taking into consideration who has the best chance to win. Even with two black Senators in the race for President; Cory Booker and Kamala Harris. Black voters have generally been hesitant to support either despite a common race because of uncertainty they could win. The same sentiment pattern was true when Barack Obama ran against Hillary Clinton in 2007. Clinton had the majority of the black support until suddenly she didn’t. Barack Obama convinced black voters he could win. It remains to be seen if Harris or Booker can capture that lightning, but it’s happened before.

Since Biden’s dreadful debate appearance, he is suddenly seen as vulnerable and what was once thirty point lead had dropped to just a few points in recent polls. He should be worried about trends showing Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris gaining ground while Biden is moving the opposite direction. Recent dropouts from the campaign include Congressman Eric Swalwell and former Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper. As hopes and money dry up in the next few months, several others can be expected to drop out, the greatest likelihood is those votes won’t accrue to Biden but to one of the other remaining candidates. Until such time as he wins the nomination, those likely to vote for Biden were already supporting him.

In one respect, Democrat voters know quite a bit about Joe Biden. He’s generally well-liked and it’s hard to overestimate the value of his association with Obama. Whoever can carry a large bloc of black voters within the Democrat Party has the easiest path to the nomination. Elizabeth Warren is struggling to catch fire with black voters and Mayor Pete Buttigieg has captured just 3% of black voters polled and is possibly heading backward due to local issues including the firing of a popular black police chief and a separate killing by police of a black man. The officer’s body camera was not turned on.

In another respect, the things Democrat voters learn about Biden they don’t already know, are more likely to hurt Biden than help him. Negative ads will include his support of the crime bill, his handling of the Clarence Thomas confirmation hearings specifically his treatment of Anita Hill. They’ll highlight his negative comments about Barack Obama when running against him in an earlier bid for the Presidency. We’re not going to learn anything new and exciting about Joe Biden to make us want to vote for him.

Joe Biden ran for President in 1988, that bid was derailed by plagiarism charges and 2008 when he wasn’t a factor. He doesn’t have a history of being a great campaigner. This time he was spotted a thirty point lead. Two things are happening simultaneously; some of his competitors are gaining on him and he’s falling back towards them. Biden may still hang on to win, but he’s definitely falling, and he can’t get up.

The Long Knives Are Out For Kamala Harris

“Don’t start none, won’t be none!”

They would have left Kamala alone had she been content to stay in the middle of the pack; making no waves, hoping to be in the running for Vice-President once Joe Biden was officially the nominee. Why couldn’t she be satisfied with having raised her national profile, establishing herself as someone to be reckoned with… next time.

It was worrisome to the powers that be when 20,000 people showed up at the Oakland campaign rally which launched her bid to become President of the United States. Then delegate-rich California where she’s a popular Senator and former Attorney General moved up in the Primary process, advantage Harris. Then every time she appeared on television, like when she rattled William Barr during his testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee. Kamala Harris demonstrated she was going to be a force to be reckoned with. Something had to be done to impede her progress.

Bernie Sanders wasn’t wrong with his complaints the 2016 nomination was rigged to give Hillary Clinton an edge. Democrat Party big wigs had settled on Hillary early and made little pretense as they helped clear the field for her, stacking the deck in her favor. Many of the same faces are back, convinced the need to defeat Trump justifies behaving in the same manner as before. This time wanting a coronation of Joe Biden, while encouraging all the candidates to speak no evil during the process,

Things were going according to plan, Biden had a big lead in the polls and was mostly staying quiet, lest he commits one of the gaffes he’s notorious for. The key to his nomination was his ability to maintain his grip on black voters, particularly black women voters who associate Biden with fonder times when Barack Obama was in office. There were no worries about the first states; mostly white Iowa and New Hampshire.

It was South Carolina with its large black population that offered the first test of Biden’s staying power. Rep. James Clyburn used the first dagger while hosting his famous “fish fry” where over 20 of the Presidential candidates had a chance to mingle with the South Carolina Democrat elite. Clyburn had promised he wouldn’t make any early endorsements, which apparently didn’t prevent him from targeting Harris and Cory Booker for backhanded compliments, intended to drag them down. He said she, “hasn’t spelled out the policy stuff with her vision,” odd since his own candidate was spending much of his campaign in hiding.

“I thought she would be surging a little more than she is.”

The Democrat Party is full of has-been and would-be power brokers salivating at the chance to gain influence with a Biden presidency. Things will be normal, a well-established hierarchy will step into place; unwilling to accept the uncertainty of a newcomer like Sanders or Harris. Not beholden to them for getting where they got. Then the Democrat debates came to Miami and over two hours Harris exposed how vulnerable Biden was and had all eyez on her as Tupac might say. In a telling scene, when the debate was over, a throng of black women crowded around Harris while Biden had none. The call went out, time for those in waiting to earn their keep.

All the opposition research ever compiled against Harris was put into play. Republicans and Democrats alike went on the attack to put the pretender to the throne back in her place. Black Republican strategist Ali Alexander tweeted that Kamala “wasn’t really black” because her parents were from India and Jamaica.

“I’m so sick of people robbing American Blacks (like myself) of our history. It’s disgusting.”

His tweet was picked up and retweeted thousands of times by Russian bots, and of course, troll Donald Trump, Jr. who later deleted the retweet.

Attacks were made on Kamala’s record as a prosecutor and Attorney General of California. Biden alluded to it during the debate saying, “I was a defense attorney,” others now claiming she wasn’t the progressive prosecutor she claims to have been. Fellow Californian and former Senator Barbara Boxer on an interview on MSNBC quickly pointed out that Harris once feted Biden. Boxer had once endorsed Harris in her winning bid to replace her as Senator but she answered the Biden call.

Right-wing newspapers and blogs are unanimous in their aversion to the possibility of another black President, a woman at that.

“Kamala Harris’ Attack On Joe Biden May Have Backfired “— RedState

“Kamala Harris barked up wrong tree in attacking Biden on race” — Washington Examiner

“Kamala Harris’ Baggage Could Be Just as Big of a Problem as Biden’s” — Vice News

President Trump chimed in saying Kamala Harris got “too much credit” for her debate performance. Forces from all sides are aligning against her, and by all appearances, she can handle it. She didn’t back down against William Barr, not against Joe Biden, and the likes of Donald Trump Jr and his daddy won’t concern her either. Overcoming the smoke-filled rooms of the Democratic leadership may be a hurdle she didn’t anticipate. But the election season is long and much can still happen. The long knives are out, but if you come after the Queen, you best not miss.

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