Would You Buy a New Car From These People?

Brakes are important. One of the things one might reasonably expect when buying a new car is that the brakes work. My daughter bought a new 2016 Jeep Compass from Fields Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Sanford in Florida. She was excited at the time of the purchase but the thrill has long been gone. Within a couple weeks, the Automatic Braking System warning light and Traction Control light started coming on intermittently. She took the car back to the dealership where they serviced the car, declared it “fixed” and gave the car back to her. Not only did the lights come back on but she experienced problems actually braking which fortunately didn’t result in an accident. She returned the car to the dealership who kept the car for a week this time, partially according to one of the service tech’s because they had to order “over 2,000 of the same part” to meet demand. My daughter asked if there were a recall on the vehicle and they immediately replied no. Another tech later denied any order of 2,ooo parts. When reviewing the service record of the car she found the car had been serviced for the same problem with 7 miles on the odometer, before she bought the car.

2016 Jeep Compass

After they “fixed” her Jeep the third time, she picked up her Jeep after work when the service department was closed and found both lights were still on. When she called them early the next morning they indicated “there were no more loaner vehicles available to her” including the one she had dropped off the night before. After several phone calls, they ultimately picked up her Jeep at work, delivering her the same loaner they previously indicated wasn’t available. After another attempt to fix the vehicle they returned it indicating because the lights weren’t on at the time they test drove it, they had “cured the problem”. The lights did come back on and another braking failure occurred, thankfully again no accident.

lights in car

My daughter inquired of the dealership about the Florida “Lemon Law” and they directed her to an employee with alleged decision making authority without informing her of the process which involves notifying the manufactured by registered or certified mail of a demand to fix the car within a specific timeframe.

Lauren and Jordin smiling

Up to this point, Fields Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Sanford has been condescending to my daughter. Been unconcerned about the life-threatening possibilities that could affect my daughter and her most frequent passenger her three-year-old daughter. They’ve criticized her attitude, continually directed her calls to voice mail instead of connecting her to a person and what is the biggest concern, FAILED TO FIX THE JEEP!

jordin mad

If this is the way Fields Auto Group and its subsidiaries do business, I encourage all of you to consider whether or not to do business with them. Please forward, share, tweet and re-tweet, or re-blog this post until the vehicle is actually fixed, replaced or refunded in full. Contact them on Facebook  or Twitter You might also call their corporate sales office at (800)-625-6518 and ask why don’t they service the cars they sell? I Googled “Jeep Compass Traction Control Light” and found examples of people with the same complaint since 2007. Thanks in advance for your help in letting people know!