Excerpt From, “Letters to Amber” (a different kind of romance novel)

“Amber’s Reply:

One thing you should know about me is that I’m a voracious reader. I read biographies, autobiographies, fiction, erotica, romance, mysteries… did I say romance? In my book club, we’ve gotten good at analyzing content and providing objective analysis. Your first seven letters were amazing. They showed a level of thoughtfulness and introspection rarely seen. Those were love letters. While I appreciate much about the 47 steps so far and I don’t mean to come off as a jerk. The critic in me says that you’ve dropped off and I know it’s in you to say more because you’ve already demonstrated it.

In our reviews, we often consider the level of showing vs. telling. It’s hard to explain but in your early letters you were showing how much you cared and now it’s a bit more telling. I invite you to show more, speak to why you feel as you do and not simply that you feel that way. I debated whether to say anything because I do appreciate the effort you’re making and what you’ve sent has already exceeded my greatest expectations. Only because I know you capable do I ask you to put more of yourself in these steps. It is there that the connection will be found that makes this totally worthwhile despite the barriers and the distance.

I’m working on one of the things that’s tripped me up in previous relationships which is to communicate my feelings instead of not wanting to make waves. I care for you already to a degree I didn’t think possible given we haven’t yet met. If you want to take a break from writing or stop altogether I’ll understand after these comments. What I hope though, is that you’ll continue and find that place again where you reveal your thoughts and feelings and make me understand how special you are and that this thing we’ve found is spectacular. I’m going to send this now while I still have the nerve! BTW, when you mentioned tasting me I completely lost my train of thought. I had to reread the steps a couple times before making it all the way through. . You should be getting the book I sent in the next day or so and I look forward to talking about it with you. I invited you to communicate with me on my Facebook page because I have no secrets either from you or about you and want you in my universe. Your honesty is refreshing, even the parts where you acknowledge plotting against me. I just might be plotting against you too!”

*Information about release date coming soon!