Trump Word(S) For The Day: Little Dick Syndrome (Warning: NSFW Photo Included)

As if there were any doubt. Those little hands are accompanied by a small penis and there is an actual syndrome associated with that. Also called, Small Penis Syndrome. Here are several of the ways it manifests itself:

a a a a small hands


  1. A condition which causes a person to use his position of authority to speak to others in a condescending tone. Most often seen in police officers, military, security guards, rent-a-cops, teachers, and parents. When “off duty” i.e. out of uniform or without a gun or badge. They’re often revealed to be cowards.
  2. Any man who compensates for his inadequacy by buying ridiculously large shit he doesn’t need.
  3. They tend to abuse or otherwise disrespect women.
  4. They attempt to elevate their own self-esteem by provoking others.
  5. These men are drama queens, getting annoyed by any and everything.
  6. Calling themselves, “the best” or “the greatest” to make up for their other failings.

Does any of this sound like the 45th President of the United States?

a a a a small penis

Painting: Illma Gore

Note: The unraveling relationship with North Korea is what happens when two men suffering from Little Dick Syndrome get into an argument.

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