Pastor Mark Burns… The Last One To Know

“I’ve been saying for almost 2 yrs some in the campaign tried to marginalize my role, in the closing days. This tape and the fact that I remained traveling with and speaking for the campaign after this conversation. is even more proof @realDonaldTrump remained in my corner. #maga”

This was Pastor Mark Burns twitter response to his mention in one of the secret recordings made by former Trump attorney Michael Cohen of Donald Trump. The primary focus for most was Trump negotiating the payment of $150,000 to former Playboy Playmate Karen MacDougal to keep the story of her affair with Trump out of the tabloids. I’d like to focus on the cautionary tale of Pastor Mark Burns.

Pastor Burns must have listened to a different tape than the one I did. The Donald Trump he says, “remained in my corner,” couldn’t remember the difference between Burns and his other black preacher, Pastor Darrell Scott. Coming up on two years since the election, Burns can still be counted on to give an interview and support any position taken by Trump. But Trump never calls and only tweets when Burns says nice things about him.

Burns attempted to catapult his relationship with Trump, such as it is, into winning the Congressional seat being vacated by Trey Gowdy, who’s retiring from Congress. In the June Primary, he got only 3.6 percent of the vote. He’d served his purpose and the good folk of South Carolina didn’t want him any more than Trump does. He had no real platform beyond his subservience to Trump. He’s trying to remain relevant but politics has passed him by.

No story about Burns would be complete without mention of his fabricated history. He lied about his education, his military service, he even lied about being a member of Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity, something he did seeking additional credibility when young. It seems he’s still seeking credibility because acknowledging he’d been used would be admitting he was wrong.

Donald Trump said in the tape, “Mark Burns, can we use him anymore?”

The response from Michael Cohen… “No, no!”