How to Make Hundreds of Dollars a Month Writing For Medium

Yes, I said hundreds not thousands or tens of thousands. Like many of you, I read the tips from some of the top-earning writers on Medium. Many I find helpful and a few just aren’t for me. I have discovered that there are a few basic things everyone can do to maximize their earnings that no one seems to be talking about.

  1. Get Paid Every Time Someone Reads Your Stories

That sounds simple enough. Isn’t it an automatic thing that you get paid for every story you write? If you’re like me and started writing for Medium for a while before joining the Medium Partner Program. You might have dozens of stories that you haven’t made eligible to earn money. Go back and look at every story you’ve written, starting with the oldest first and examine the message above the headline that indicates whether the distribution setting is on? If it is, you’re golden, if not; edit the story, click on “Manage Distribution Setting” and make sure it’s on so you can start earning money.

2. Refresh a Good But Old Story

Some of those old stories you never got paid for might still have some life in them. Read them to see if they’re evergreen or could be updated to at least be current. You’re probably a much better writer than when you began or at least know what Medium and your readers are looking for. Publish your rewritten story as if it were new and all the followers you’ve added since you started writing will have a chance to read your story.

3. Start a Publication

I don’t see any of the top writers (who have one or two publications of their own) suggesting anyone else begin a publication. That’s because they’d rather you write for their publications; driving readers to their site where their stories will get read more as well. If there’s a topic you write about often. Start a publication which is far easier than you might imagine. Click on “Publications,” then in the upper right corner click, “New Publication,” and they’ll walk you through the whole thing. I encourage you to go all the way and establish a publication Twitter and Facebook page, I’m not tech-savvy but still got it all done in thirty minutes. The hardest part was picking an avatar and transparent background picture. The one I ultimately used wasn’t even transparent but works just fine

View at

Then I sent all my publication-related stories to my new publication, forwarded each story to my publication and Facebook page, and Twitter. The most magical thing I was able to do then was go to the Facebook page and invite all my friends, all 4,897 of them, with one push of a button. Within two hours I had over 100 likes and the best story I’d pinned to the top had 40 reads and 9 fans. I’ve sent some relevant news articles to my Facebook page but 95% of the content is stuff I wrote, which when read by those logged into Medium, earns me bucks.

4. Put in Work

The simplest way to make money is to increase your followers. By my estimate, 50% of the people I follow, follow me back. If you clap fr my stories, I follow you. Highlight something, you get followed. I follow the people whose stories I like and they follow me back half the time. You have to click on every notification to see whether they’re already following you or not but it will be worth it in terms of added followers and additional reading time.

I haven’t yet made thousands of dollars on Medium. My largest payment to date was $857.39. But I make hundreds of dollars every month which puts me into the 90th percentile. I don’t write about sex although I have dabbled in romance. I generally write about politics, race, and equality, which aren’t always popular subjects. My top story lifetime has earned $1,380 since March and still churning along. This is that story:

View at

5. Take a Little Extra Time to Find a Good Picture

Make an effort to select a picture that will intrigue the reader. Several readers actually inquired as to the bust in the photo in the story shown above. O had to research it myself to discover it was, “The Negress,” by Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux. I think that the picture was worth an additional 10% in earnings at a minimum. Don’t let your picture be an afterthought.

I’ve yet to try that write a story a day thing. I’ll bet that would have some positive effects as well. Good luck with your writing and join me in the hundreds. When I break the code to the next level I’ll pass it along.

Medium Curation Guidelines: Mysterium Tremendum

The term, “Mysterium Tremendum,” is Latin for tremendous mystery. I’ve heard it often explained in a religious context. An explanation that God is to man as man is to an ant. His ways are so much greater than man’s that we cannot possibly understand them, much like the ant cannot appreciate man’s reasoning. I’ve come to start thinking of Medium’s curation process as Mysterium Tremendum, not meant to be comprehended, just adhered to.

I’ve read the printed material intended to assist in my understanding;

I’m a relatively new member of the Medium Partner Program. I’d have to say my overall experience has been positive. I didn’t know what to expect and have been pleasantly surprised. I’m getting wider readership than I’d been getting on my own blog. One recent post got over 20K views in a day, almost all not eligible for payment, but it was still exciting. Some of the reasons I enjoy writing are as simple as being read and hoping to make a difference. Others have to do with establishing a writing career. Back to Mysterium Tremendum.

In another lifetime I was a salesperson for a major corporation. Each year they’d introduce a new compensation plan; outlining what products and services were emphasized. Once given your objective, it was possible to develop a strategy to maximize income based on selling those items providing a maximum return and focusing on those customers likely to need them. In the Medium Partner Program, there exists a formula I’m sure that translates, views, read ratios, fans, claps, and responses into dollars. What is it? Mysterium Tremendum.

According to Medium, they receive thousands of articles daily for consideration with “over 25 Curators” reviewing them all, some specialists in particular topics. This leaves the possibility that everything in a certain category is reviewed by the same person. Is that the case? I often write about sensitive subjects like politics and race where someone could be rubbed the wrong way? After several consecutive stories weren’t curated, I inquired about a particular story as to why? Is there someone who doesn’t like my point of view or my style? Mysterium Tremendum.

I had some respectful interaction with the Help team to try to get a better understanding of the process. In response to my questions about the Medium Curation process, I mainly got the links to the material shown above. In full disclosure, I did get specific answers to another unrelated question and the person I communicated with was very courteous.

The Medium Partner Program is a marvelous opportunity for writers and has so much potential. One way to achieve it is through greater transparency. Tell the writers exactly how they get paid which will show them Medium’s values and result in a product more consistent with Medium’s wishes. Medium will get what they pay for, which should be what they want. And from time to time, if requested, provide feedback as to why a story isn’t curated. It can’t take too much longer than sending a link to the guidelines.

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