“The Most Bullied Person On The World”

I try not to come down too hard on Melania Trump, she no doubt is experiencing some kind of personal hell, wondering if her husband will barge into her separate bedroom and demand his due. He used to satisfy himself on the outside but that’s gotten a little tougher lately given the constant media presence and the lawsuits and all. She might be experiencing Stockholm Syndrome where the hostage develops an alliance with her captor. But she wasn’t taken captive, she volunteered for that shit, trading her self-esteem for riches. Lending her support to perhaps the biggest bully in the world.

She was right there adding her voice to the birthers. Even when claiming to support #MeToo she made sure she also said you can’t just go around believing the women. She stood by her man after Charlottesville, she stood by him as he supported Roy Moore. She stayed silent while Donald mocked a sexual abuse victim, a disabled reporter, wives of other politicians. By standing mute at his side, Melania cosigned onto everything Trump did and now complains about what people say about her.

In her interview with Tom Llamas of ABC NEws, she did allow that maybe she was just “one of the most bullied” after first saying she was the most. Understandably, she spends as little time with her husband as possible. First refusing to move from New York to Washington for several months after Donald was elected. She then started playing “Where’s Melania,” being in Florida when he was in Washington and taking an extended tour of Africa, knowing Donald wouldn’t follow her to “shithole countries.” The only problem is that we the public are spending millions for her to try to escape her husband. People try to give her credit for slapping away Donald’s attempts to hold her hand and for silently suffering public humiliation as the details of her husband’s dalliances with porn stars and Playmate’s occupy the news on a regular basis.


Melania may feel bullied and picked on, but if she wants to be appreciated by the public. She needs to do something the public respects. That might include leaving his ass, making public statements denouncing his bullying, and disowning his misogyny, racism, and xenophobia for starters. Whatever the difference is between your current allowance and whatever your prenuptial agreement allows can’t be worth it. Don’t whine about being bullied… leave!

Melania Trump, “I Really Don’t Care, Do U?”

Melania Trump boarded an Air Force jet to McAllen, Texas, wearing a green jacket saying, “I Really Don’t Care, Do U?” Whether she was speaking about this visit to see immigrant children, some locked away due to her husband’s policy. Or her role as First Lady in the reality show that is her life. It hardly matters. Melania Trump doesn’t care anymore. Perhaps she hasn’t for a long time?

She doesn’t go on trips where FLOTUS might be expected to appear. She slaps away her husband’s hand when he reaches for hers. She sleeps in a separate bedroom from her husband and pointedly rebuked Rudy Guliani when he suggested she “believed her husband” regarding the porn stars and Playmate’s that have dominated the news.

The problem with her no longer giving a shit, when representing a President we know doesn’t give a shit, is that her visit carries no weight. Zero-Tolerance has not gone away. Trump’s recent executive order only says that new families apprehended will be kept together while the US prosecutes 100% of families, even moving them to the front of the line for deportation. They will be held mostly on Air Force bases in new tent cities, where the press will not be allowed to document the care and conditions.

The Executive Order contained no provisions to reunite the 2,300 kids that have already been separated from their parents. Some of whom may never be returned to their parents. Since then, Trump has mumbled some words suggesting reunifications will take place, but they are only words, Trump words at that which carry even less weight. There is no policy or process to restore the families that have been torn asunder by Donald Trump, Jeff Sessions, and Kirstjen Nielsen.

This is not the time to claim victory and ignore what happens next. The pressure that got Trump to make what may ultimately be a subtle change, must continue if true victory is to be won. If you are waiting for the kindler, gentler voices in Trump’s sphere to make a difference? Ivanka has problems of her own and Melania has told the world, “I really don’t care!”

Donald Trump: Family Man

The most recent explanation for why Donald Trump paid porn star Stormy Daniels $130,000 in the days leading up to the 2016 election is that he, “did it for his family.” We apparently are to believe that Donald Trump, with no ulterior motive, gave away $130,000 to a woman he claims he “never had an affair with,” because of his overriding concern for his wife and family. He obviously wasn’t thinking of his wife when he slept with a porn star, without a condom, for a few moments of pleasure.

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Way back on January 27, 2017, when Donald Trump requested a private dinner with James Comey. Trump allegedly brought up the “golden showers thing” in Russia. Asking Comey to investigate, saying it bothered him if “there was even a 1% chance” his wife Melania thought it was true, according to Comey. That’s our President, always looking out for his family. It’s entirely possible Trump was concerned about the inconvenience to himself of having to face an angry wife that already stayed in a separate bedroom, maybe even a divorce and the loss of assets that go with it. I’m sure any thoughts of his family were limited to the drama it would cause and how much of a headache he would have in dealing with things.

Reflecting back on how Donald has treated his family. He cheated on first wife Ivana with Marla Maples who ultimately became his second wife. Donald leaked to the media that Ivana’s breast implants “didn’t feel right” and that Marla Maples, “suited him better.” Trump even secretly brought Maples on a “family” ski trip at Aspen, culminating with Maples introducing herself to Ivana saying, “I’m Marla, and I love your husband. Do you?” Miss Maples for her part told the tabloids her trysts with Donald provided, “the best sex I ever had.” During his first marriage, Donald had not matured enough to be concerned about his wife.

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After divorcing Ivana, Trump married the side chick Maples in 1993. Their marriage lasted 6 years on paper although they were separated after 4. To be fair, there were few allegations of cheating by Trump although he demonstrated little class in a 1999 Howard Stern interview where he declared he, “got rid of her just in time,” based on changes in her appearance.

In checking to see if he was a better father than a husband? Trump admits than first wife Ivana raised his kids; Donald Jr, Eric, and Ivanka. Donald had little to do with them save Ivana until after they graduated and could “talk business.” When Donald Jr was 11, he stopped speaking to his father for a year because Donald Sr kept trashing his mother in the press during their divorce. In 1998, while technically still married to Marla Maples, Trump began dating model Melania Knauss. They got married in January of 2005. In September of the same year, Trump was caught on tape talking about how “when you’re a star, they just let you do it.” He was describing walking up and kissing women, even “grabbing them by the pussy.”

a a a a a a a a a a a family

The year 2006 was a busy year for the family man. He was alleged to have begun a year-long affair with Karen McDougal, had a fling with Stormy Daniels and witnessed the birth of his third son, Barron. Between then and now, a total of 19 women have accused Trump of sexual assault and in one case, a then 13-year-old accused him of rape. Former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon said through one of Trump’s lawyer’s, Marc Kasowitz, he paid off “hundreds of women.” Another “fixer,” Michael Cohen, is responsible for the payouts of $130,000 to Daniels, $150,000 to McDougal, and other payments to women are alleged. Whatever you may believe of Donald Trump, that he is willing to sacrifice for the general welfare of his family, probably shouldn’t be one of them.

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Note: The featured family photo needs to be updated ad Vanessa and Donald Jr are divorcing because Donald Jr fell in love with one of the contestants on Celebrity Apprentice. When Donald Sr heard about the affair he told Junior to, “cut it out.” Since he never led by example, his words went unheeded.


The Real Housewives Of The White House

Cast: Melania Trump, Ivanka Trump, Candy Carson (Ben), Hope Hicks (Corey Lewandowski and Rob Porter), Louise Linton (Steve Mnuchen), Sarah Huckabee Sanders (Bryan Sanders), Renda St. Clair (Rex Tillerson)

Setting: The Prince of Wales Roon (Residence dining room in White House)

Date: March 13, 2018

Occasion: Lunch

Ivanka said, “Sorry I’m late, I was rushing with the kids this morning and couldn’t get out of the house.”

Louise said, “Cut the crap Ivanka, you know your nanny handles the kids and you only show up for the photo-ops.”

Candy said, “Can’t we all just get along? It’s so nice of Melania to host us every week isn’t it?”

Melania said, “Pleasure is mine Candy, is important we stay together in these times. By way, Renda called and can’t make it, says Rex was fired this morning while in Africa.”

Sarah said, “Damn, they’re going to give me hell at the briefing this afternoon, I may have to leave early and come up with a story.”

Louise said, “You’ll be fine Sarah, you’re the best. Nobody lies like you do.”

Melania said, “If we could please handle important business. What can I do about all these news stories about Stormy Daniels? Is ruining Donald’s reputation.”

Candy said, “Hmmph, not doing much for yours either.”

Ivanka said, “Why are you such a bitch Candy? I don’t see why you come anyway, your husband is barely part of the White House anyway.”

Candy said, “Honestly, I love the furniture in this place. I’m always getting redecorating ideas for our office.”

Louise said, “You mean Ben’s office, don’t you? You don’t actually work there.”

Candy said, “Can’t prove that by me.”

Hope Hicks said, “Let’s get back to Stormy Daniels, her lawyer is all over TV demanding the right to ‘tell her story.’ How can we get her off the news?”

Louise said, “Why don’t you write a glowing statement about Donald who would never do anything Stormy’s implying. Your letter supporting Rob Porter worked so well.”


Melania said, “I don’t know what to do, that bastard never stops humiliating me. Porn stars, that damn Access Hollywood video. We sleep in separate bedrooms, I take trips alone, every time he reaches for my hand in public I slap his hand away. How do I get out of this mess?”

Louise said, “There’s always divorce, how bad is your pre-nup?”

Melania simply hung her head in shame.

Sarah said, “Why did you come here anyway, weren’t you better off in New York?”

Candy said, “She heard the rumors about Donald and Hope.”

Hope said, “That was never true, I only slept with Corey and Rob.”

Louise said, “Melania, you could go into acting or do modeling again, that could make you some money?”

Melania said, “All the offers I get want to see me nude, I don’t do that anymore.”

Louise said, “I did a nude scene in a movie not long ago and it didn’t hurt me at all.”

Sarah said, “How many of us here saw, ‘Intruder’?”

Nobody raised their hand

Sarah said, “If you appear nude in a movie and nobody saw it, did you really appear nude? Don’t worry, The President had the film screened last night in the Theatre, be looking for his move on you soon.”

Louise said, “You are so holier than thou Sarah, you hooked up with a man you hired for your father’s campaign. You just married him that’s all.

Ivanka said, “I’m sorry Melania, I wish I could help you, Jared’s having a hard time in the media too so I understand.”

Candy said, “What are you going to do if Jared goes to jail?”

Ivanka stared at Candy, “We’re supposed to be a support group. How does it feel to know your husband’s boss once said he had the ‘psychology of a child molester’?”

Candy said, “How does it feel to know your father would have dated you and is always feeling you up?”

Sarah said, I have to go get ready for my briefing, I hate my job.”

Melania said, “Try having mine!”

Candy said, “I have to leave as well. That’s a beautiful lamp by the way, how much was it?

Louise said, “I better run too, Steve and I are taking a private plane somewhere, he’s always surprising me!’

Melania said, “You’re newlywed, surprises never stop, they just stop involving you.”

Sarah said, “Melania, has Donald ever asked you to give him a golden shower? Never mind, I need deniability if someone asks. Good luck with that Stormy Daniels thing. I’ll do my best to change the subject.”

Ivanka said, “I never should have left New York.”

Melania said, “Same time next week girls?”

In unison, “Wouldn’t miss it!”

The Tears Of A Clown’s Wife

The former model stands behind her man. He turns to address her and her face morphs instantly into a joyful smile. As he turns his head back, the smile instantly goes away. For a brief moment showing a frown, anger in her eyes. She once dreamed of being an international star, living in the limelight, having wealth unimagined as a young girl in Yugoslavia before it became Slovenia.

The scene repeats itself several times a day. On the days she is even in the same town as she chose to stay in the Manhattan prison decorated in 24K gold and marble. When summoned she appears in the White House or Mar-a-lago to repeat the pretense.


Photo: dineroclub.net

The effort in the smile is beginning to fade. No longer joyful but patently false. The frown afterwards is becoming etched almost permanently. What is her outlet? To whom can she confide?

Yes she made her deal with the devil yet she thought it would turn out differently. The lavish lifestyle made up for a lot. He thought it absolved him of any transgressions. He had affairs, is taped talking about “grabbing them by the pussy.” He brags about his intelligence but leaves a Twitter trail proving otherwise. He’s boorish, an egomaniac… she dreads his touch.


Photo: twitter.com

Her life now is waking up everyday to go to a job she can’t stand. To act loving to a man she detests. She reflects on all the paths not chosen. Certain that all led to a better destination. She speaks several languages and listen’s every day as her husband butchers the single one he knows. She found that having wasn’t nearly the same as wanting. She cries herself to sleep at night. She realizes she has helped create the monster she lives with part-time. She spoke up for him as needed. Affirmed his character. Read every speech she was handed.


Photo: thefederalist.com

She secretly thinks that Impeachment wouldn’t be that bad. Maybe he won’t be re-elected? Maybe he’ll have to resign? She doesn’t know how it ends but it can’t come too soon. Maybe he’ll be humbled, perhaps need her again. Did he ever need her? She cries again. Every public moment she’s surrounded by the media, her handlers, the Secret Service she regards as Donald’s spies. She goes shopping. Buys something she neither needs or wants. Re-enters the luxury prison and lies across her bed. Crying once more.

Featured Photo: thesun.ie

Trump’s Day In Review (2/4/2017)

  1. In an interview with Bill O’Reilly he reiterated his respect for Putin. He defended charges that Putin was a killer by saying, “We got lots of killers. You think our country is so innocent?”
  2. Backed off plans to re-open “Black Sites” around the world but does plan to expand Guantanamo Bay.
  3. Tweet attacked a “so called Judge” for halting his Travel Ban
  4. Hit the daily double by hosting a Republican Fund Raiser at Mar-a-lago. The trip cost taxpayers $3 million and he profited personally on the rooms rented and food & alcohol served at the event. On a side note; an Eric Trump trip to Uruguay cost taxpayers almost $98,000 and we may be paying as much as $300 million a year to help Melania Trump avoid her husband.

Featured Photo: youtube.com

Poor Little Rich Girl

I feel sorry for Melania Trump. I really do. She went along with the program. And every move she made ultimately made her look bad. Literally everything she did in the dark has come out in the light.

She came to this country to start a career as a model. I’m sure she took direction as to how she could get around Visa stipulations and she earned over $20,000 before her paperwork got straight. I’m sure tens of thousands have done worse but she got caught. What might normally get shrugged off will have a bright light shone on because her husband is so intolerant of illegal workers. He wants them all gone. And maybe they can get to come back once things die down.

She married a rich man. Most people would think that a relatively good thing. The rich man she happened to marry is making her earn every Euro (the current currency of Slovenia where she hails from). He’s a serial liar, obnoxious, totally self-centered and a serial cheater. A story is breaking today about a consensual affair her husband had during their marriage. She now had something in common with his previous wives in having to deal with a headline about Donald and another woman.


Photo: http://www.today.com


She tried to be supportive. She agreed to give a speech at the Republican Convention. She had to be way out of her comfort zone. She worked hard and it appeared for a brief moment that she nailed it. Within the hour, we found that her speech had been plagiarized significantly from Michelle Obama’s speech at a previous Democratic Convention. Soon afterwards, she saw nude modeling pictures of herself plastered in the pages of a newspaper and across the Internet. Then, after weeks in hiding. She made another speech which contained lines from a previous Trump wife speech. She also said her signature issue would be to make social media civil again, reduce the meanness. Did she forget who she was married to?

Next week the election will be over. I suspect her husband isn’t easy to live with under the best of circumstances. After becoming the ultimate loser, he’ll look for someone to blame as he never accepts responsibility. Odds are at least some of the blame will land on her.

I’ve seen Donald in real life with each of his previous wives in tow. Both times were at large public events and neither wife looked excited to be there. I come to the conclusion, the downside of selling your soul is the amount of time you have to spend with the devil. I resist the urge to laugh at Melania, for whom nothing seems to work out during this campaign. When it’s all said and done; she’s still married to Donald Trump and deserves some sympathy for that.

Featured Image: usmagazine.com

Who Does Donald Trump Fire?

After the debacle at the Republican Convention where the wife of the candidate gave an obviously plagiarized speech. Donald Trump needs to do something now to shake things up. Given his history, the only thing to do is that which he is known for which is to fire somebody.

Does he fire Paul Manafort who came out with the ridiculous denial that any plagiarism took place? He next claimed Hillary Clinton was responsible.

a Who gets fired

Does he fire his wife Melania who reports are alleging is the one who inserted Michelle Obama’s words and played them off as her own? Your previous wives were fired for less. Not that she will be the reason, but because you’ll never believe you lost this election on your own. You’ll blame her for the rest of your life that you never became President. It would be a mercy firing.

a who gets firred

Or does he go ahead and admit that he’s responsible for the mess that is his campaign. That he’s unqualified to be Mayor let alone President and that the best thing he can do is fire himself?

a wh does e fire

Do the right thing Donald. Save yourself further embarrassment and give it up before you bring yourself and the Republican Party further shame (and they’re hard to shame). But fire a few people on your way out. You owe us that.

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