Sean Spicer: Gonna Miss You When You’re Gone

Sean Spicer is one of life’s guilty pleasures. He’s the chief spokesperson for arguably the most vile President in American history. Donald Trump (it pains me to say this) is the most powerful person in the world in many respects. He’s also barely literate, without a moral compass and totally inconsistent. This is the man that Sean Spicer has had to step to the podium and explain away his policies, statements and tweets. Peppered with questions by a relentless media armed with actual knowledge and a sense of Presidential norms and history. Sean Spicer is tasked with making Donald Trump look good. An impossible job!

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On his first day on the job, Spicer lambasted the press for daring to question the inauguration crowd size. It is Sean that inspired the Kellyanne Conway term, “alternative facts!” Yes he lies. Constantly. But the truth is he’s a very bad liar and when he does so he sometimes smiles as if to let you know he’s in on the joke. He tries to be harsh at times and push back on the media. But you can see a sense of camaraderie developing between he and those who arrive to interrogate him each day. It’s like WWE wrestlers who dine together and play cards before becoming enemies when the camera’s are rolling.

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The job of Press Secretary is not one meant to last. It’s a sprint not a marathon. They either burn out or are replaced. No one lasts. Sean Spicer in particular is increasingly frustrating his boss that needs to blame others rather than accept responsibility. He thinks Sean is one of his problems. In truth he’s as much of a blessing as could be possible under the situation.

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It looks like Sarah Huckabee Sanders has been trying out for his job. She’s Sean’s Deputy but in the dog eat dog world of the Trump administration. It’s not shocking she wants his job and will step over him literally to get there. Trump has allegedly been trolling Fox News employees to see if one is willing to accept the post of Satan’s Spokesperson. Whether it be this week, this month or later this year. Sean is not likely to be with us much longer and I along with Melissa McCarthy of Saturday Night Live will miss him. He somehow retained a small spark of humanity while performing a thankless task as opposed to the soulless Sanders and others that will follow. I just wanted to say good-bye before you’re gone.

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