Trump Word For The Day: Obstruction

The first rule of obstruction is that you don’t talk about obstruction. When Donald Trump went to FBI Director James Comey to ask him to drop the investigation of Michael Flynn. He talked about it. He told Reince Priebus, then his Chief-of-Staff, who made handwritten notes which are now in the hands of Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

a a a a a obstructionn

After he fired Comey and Attorney General Jeff Sessions was being pressured to recuse himself because of his role in the Trump campaign. He told the White House Counsel Don McGahn, to lobby Jeff Sessions to not recuse himself so that he could protect Trump.

a a a a a obstrucktion

The new book written by Michael Wolff quotes multiple Republicans from his own staff and alleged close friends, that describe Trump as “stupid,” a “moron,” and an “idiot.” They were right!

Six Things Stringer Bell From “The Wire” Could Have Taught Michael Flynn

Stringer Bell (played by Idris Elba) was the 2nd in Command of Avon Barksdale’s criminal organization in the fictional TV series, “The Wire.” Unquestionably one of the top-five television series of all time. Watching the current situation of retired Lt. General Michael Flynn play out. There’s a number of things he could have learned from Stringer and here’s six of them:

a a a a stringerrrrr

  1. Assume You’re Under Surveillance: Stringer knew the police were out to get him. That’s why he made sure people didn’t talk business on their phones. In an era where what they mostly had was pay phones and pagers. They didn’t send clearly worded messages that screamed “guilty.” Stringer developed a code where even if you were looking at the message you needed clocks and maps to schedule a meet where then you handled your business in person. Stringer was never taped having a secret meeting with “the Greek” like Flynn has been with Russians.
  2. Get Rid of Your Loose Ends: You think Stringer would have left Carter Page and George Papadopoulos running around snitching. Stringer Bell put out a hit on Avon’s nephew D’Angelo without Avon’s knowledge, because of what he knew and might one day say. In the Barksdale crew, if you weren’t willing to bet your life that someone wasn’t snitching, they had to get got!
  3. Exercise Patience: Stringer took the long view. When Omar was ripping off their stashes and had the Barksdale leaders in hiding. He offered a truce to end the situation, planning to get back at Omar later. Avon’s pride wanted immediate action but they couldn’t find Omar while he was literally killing their profits and crew. Flynn started implementing his get rich schemes, eleven minutes into the Trump Administration according to newly uncovered text messages. Eleven minutes… really Flynn?
  4. Never Be Flashy: Stringer had a penthouse apartment that almost nobody ever got to go to or knew where it was. He was quiet, he didn’t dress loudly. He simply fit in. Flynn attended State Dinners with Vladimir Putin, posing for pictures that have been repeatedly shown on network news. While Flynn was at rallies shouting, “Lock her up.” Stringer would have been at home, studying economic theory about inelastic goods.
  5. Use Cut Outs to Do Your Dirty Work: Stringer didn’t do his own hits, he rarely carried a gun. That’s what Chris and Snoop were for. They gave him distance and deniability. Flynn personally attended multiple meetings with low-level Russians, sometimes documenting the deeds. Flynn worked as an unregistered agent for Turkey, hired among other things to coordinate a kidnapping for $15 million. I don’t know what kind of pensions retired General’s get but were times really that hard?
  6. Don’t Make the Wrong Enemies (or Friends): Stringer Bell ran afoul of the deadly combination of Omar and Brother Mouzone. Stringer’s boss and alleged friend Avon Barksdale gave his location up to a couple of brothers with a skill set that nobody wanted to mess with. As Stringed discovered, they couldn’t be swayed by money, it was justice they desired. Flynn has crossed paths with Robert Mueller with a different skill set, one Flynn wished had never been focused on him. Flynn is selling out his boss Donald Trump and before it’s over, Trump will come for him.

a a a a stringeer


Although Flynn was once the Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency. He apparently didn’t acquire any of the street smarts to navigate the madness of Trump world. He’d have been better served to have watched a few episodes of The Wire. Michael Flynn may feel he doesn’t deserve to be in the situation he finds himself in. But as Snoop from the wire could have told him, “Deserve got nothin’ to do with it.

a a a a stringgger

Flynn’s best response to his predicament might be similar that of State Senator Clay Davis, “Shiiiiiiiiiiiit!”

Fathers and Sons

Michael Flynn and Michael Flynn, Jr

a a a a fathers

“The SJW (Social justice warriors) are out in full this morning, the disappointment on your faces when I don’t go to jail will be worth all your harassment.”

Michael Flynn, Jr recently tweeted these words and they may very well be true. His father, Michael Flynn, former National Security Advisor to Donald Trump, plead guilty to charges of lying to the FBI. It’s part of a deal where the Sr. Flynn was not charged with several other offenses for which there was evidence, in return for cooperating with Special Counsel Robert Mueller and providing everything he knows about the Trump campaign, transition team, and administration and their dealings with Russia. Part of the deal seems to be that his son will not be charged. It’s possible that the whole impetus for Flynn was to save his son.

Michael Flynn spent 33 years in the US Army, achieving the rank of Lieutenant General, serving all over the world. Like many career officers, he spent much of that time away from home. I won’t speculate about the relationship between Flynn and his son’s. He is close to Michael Jr and a bit distant from his other son Matt. It is Michael Jr who he made CEO of his company and who he’s potentially saving from jail.

Michael doesn’t appear to be the most appreciative of sons. He’s the same one that tweeted and retweeted racist memes. His father brought him into the transition team until his conspiracy theory tweets got him ousted. He may not have noticed that the price of his freedom was a felon for a father who may still face jail time.

Charles Kushner and Jared Kushner

a a a a fathersss

Charles Kushner isn’t your average family man. In 2004 he pleaded guilty to a tax fraud scheme, claiming hundreds of thousands of dollars in phony deductions. He also retaliated against someone he believed to be a cooperating witness, his sister. He set up his brother-in-law with a prostitute. Had pictures taken along with videotape, and sent them to her as payback. He also made illegal campaign contributions in the name of others without their knowledge.

Jared Kushner was a Harvard student at the time and found he had to step up and take a larger role in the family business. He visited his father regularly during his two years in prison. He didn’t blame his father, he blamed the media, making him truly fit for the Trump family and administration.

Jared now is facing the real prospect that his three children; Arabella, Joseph, and Theodore, will soon have to visit him in a Federal prison. The crime Michael Flynn pleaded guilty to was lying to the FBI. It is likely that Jared has already done at least that, without even considering the financial crimes he may be tied to with Russian mobsters. General Flynn has been charged with only one count of lying to the FBI because he has become a cooperating witness, presumably against a bigger target. Should Jared wish a similar sentence, there’s only one larger target in the White House. His father-in-law, Donald Trump.

Donald Trump and Donald Trump, Jr

a a a a fathersssss

It’s not a compliment, but Donald Jr is seen as the brighter of Trump’s sons. Not bright enough to have kept from arranging and attending clandestine meetings with Russians. Some including Michael Flynn and Jared Kushner. “Donnie” has a habit of saying the wrong thing at the wrong time and the likelihood that he hasn’t lied to the FBI already is slim indeed. He strikes me as having the arrogance and pretentiousness to believe he’s too smart to get caught. I think I’ll bet on Mueller. His father has been able to cover up his son’s poor judgment in the past. Bad real estate deals in South Carolina, homophobic comments and more. In what seems like a trend, he’s also retweeted Neo-Nazi and skinhead memes to his like-minded followers.

The question is, will his father be willing to make the same kind of sacrifice that Michael Flynn made for his son? Is there any suggestion that Donald Trump has that kind of love for anyone besides himself? My bet is that Trump will let every member of his administration including sons, daughter, and son-in-law, take a bullet before he acknowledges any wrongdoing. It’s not in his DNA.

a a a a fatheeee

The tempo of the Mueller investigation has picked up. Fathers and Sons are having to make choices they’ll have to live with for the rest of their lives. After pleading guilty in Federal Court, Michael Flynn went directly to his son’s home. Jared Kushner and wife Ivanka, have silently left Washington, DC and returned to New York. Mueller knows where they are. Donald Trump, Jr has been silent today as has his father. The elder Trump skipped a meeting with the press and is reportedly fuming in the White House over Flynn’s betrayal. He hasn’t tweeted a solitary thing. Family bonds are being tested, another type of bonds, bail-bonds, may soon be needed as well.




Who Will Go To Jail First? Take The Poll

Grand Juries are impaneled, subpoenas have been issued, testimony is being given, two men have been indicted and another has pled guilty. His sentence, however, may be as little as zero because he is providing evidence against others. My question is, “Who will be the first to actually go to jail?”

a a a a jaillll

Take the poll and we’ll see how it compares to the actual results:

a a a a jail

You can only vote once but feel free to come back and check the results. Please share!

Trump’s Unbelievably Very Bad Day In Review (3/30/2017) Part 2: The Unanswered Questions

As the scandals swirl around Trump and the Hunger Games are about to begin. These are the questions that have started to be asked but are nowhere near answered. Even after his already unbelievably bad day. This is what I still want to know:

When Trump Is Ousted... What's Next?

  1. Jared Kushner is getting ready for his time under the microscope. Between his secret meeting with a Russian bank on a government watch list and attending another secret meeting with Michael Flynn when they snuck the Russian Ambassador into Trump Tower. After they look at his family’s real estate deals given he hasn’t truly divested from their holdings. When it comes time for him to testify and possibly need to cut a deal for himself. Will Ivanka side with him or daddy?
  2. When Paul Ryan is finally compelled to explain his role in helping Devin Nunes perpetrate his fraud in trying to cover for Trump’s tweet claiming Obama spied on him. How far under the bus will Ryan throw Nunes.
  3. When Nunes is compelled to speak, possibly testify about the degree of White House involvement in the illegal dissemination of classified data (Given only to one party for political use). Who will he blame? Why did Ryan bless it?
  4. Will Mike Pence be able to stay above the fray even after allegedly vetting Mike Flynn and doing nothing after being notified by Elijah Cummings in writing of Flynn’s deception.
  5. Will Trump resign or will he have to be dragged out by his orange hair? What will his hair look like if he spent months away from dye, blow dryers and stylists?
  6. Where is Bannon in all this? You know he’s the manipulating force behind much of this, moving the chess pieces until they all get captured.
  7. Rex Tillerson used to be a Captain of Industry. Now he hides and poses for pictures without speaking, running from the press. He obviously didn’t need the job. Why does he stay? Where’s his pride?
  8. Don’t think I forgot allegations about Trump with underage girls and dozens of claims of sexual harassment and assault. Still want to know?
  9. When will Vegas start establishing odds on his Trump’s impeachment/resignation?

Trump’s Unbelievably, Very Bad Day In Review (3/30/2017) Part 1

As bad as The Donald’s days have been of late. This one is like begging of the bad. He’s running out of distractions and family members to give jobs at the White House. He can run but he can’t hide kind of day! Such a bad day there will undoubtedly be a part two. Here’s the early edition.


  1. The New York Times breaks the news the House Intelligence Committee Chair Devin Nunes press conference which made President Trump feel “partially vindicated.” Was all a hoax. Two individuals, one from the NSA and the other from the office of the White House Counsel that formerly worked for Nunes. Leaked the information from the White House to Nunes so that he could run back to the White House and reveal it to the President. Trump’s credibility for the first time of anyone in recorded history has reached a negative number.
  2. Sean Spicer in attempting to protect Trump when pressed by reporters about White House involvement. Disputed his own words being read back to him by stating. “I never promised to respond to your questions, just look into them.”
  3. The Wall Street Journal reports in breaking news that Mike Flynn has agreed to testify if given immunity from prosecution. Allow me to rephrase, We have found Deep Throat and he’s about to start singing.
  4. Trump is rumored to be writing a new book, “The Art of the Plea Bargain.”
  5. Trump tweets up a storm criticizing the Freedom Caucus, Democrats and others. Given that he’s literally condemned now everyone else in America its truly #TrumpAgainstTheWorld. More most likely to come…

Trump’s Day In Review (2/14/2017)

Donald Trump had a bad day today while doing little personally. The dishonest media and the Intelligence Agencies have apparently conspired to whip that ass. Republican Congressional support is waning and expect another disappearing act tomorrow.

  1. After Flynn resigns the night before, Republicans hold a press conference to talk about… Obamacare. The last speaker Paul Ryan did say Trump did the right thing by “immediately firing Flynn”  three weeks after the White House was notified Flynn was a potential Russian blackmail target. He then quickly disappeared.
  2. Mike Pence was MIA but did express through surrogates he was upset with Flynn for lying to him but didn’t mention Trump who withheld the info about Flynn for three weeks.
  3. Sean Spencer stated unequivocally that “No member of the Trump campaign had contact with Russia during the campaign. Later today the New York Times published a front page article about several of the Trump campaign team communicating with Russia… DURING THE CAMPAIGN.
  4. A Russian spy boat was spotted off the coast of Delaware and there were reports of a Russian spy plane hangared in New York.

  5. Kellyanne Conway went on air to explain how she said yesterday afternoon Flynn had “the full support of the President” a few hours before he was fired
  6. Reince Priebus… Reince Priebus… Has anybody seen Reince?
  7. Trump did tweet about all the “illegal leaks” coming from his administration. They see themselves as patriots telling the truth when those in power lie all around them.

Not a good day. Forecast for Trump tomorrow: Hurricane Winds!

For The Children

For a while today. I forgot about politics. I spent most of the day around children. Two of my children, their children, other people’s children.

One of my granddaughters had a birthday party. Her fifth. The big worries were about gift bags and presents. One granddaughter just lost her first tooth. The Tooth Fairy brought her a dollar. She spent the morning before the party, playing with her cousins. There were no indoor voices. There was an incident involving Vaseline where it ended up in the hands and hair of all three. Along with the hair and clothes of two dolls. I learned about “Shimmer & Shine”! These were the issues of the day.

The party was at a local park. There were other birthday parties going on. Dozens of other children were there. Black, White, Yellow and Brown. Children ran and played. Climbed and swung. I saw balloons and streamers, heard sounds of joy. And then I remembered…


I remembered Trump, Bannon, Sessions and Flynn, Giuliani. I remembered a Wall, Muslim bans, the end of Voting and Civil Rights. I thought about the children before me. Wondered about the world they would grow up in?


The fight isn’t over it just begins. What I might have learned to accept for myself I will not for the children. They deserve better. We all do! Today was a day off from the fight. Tomorrow I begin anew. For the children.

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