How Donald Trump, Fox News, and Mitch McConnell Destroyed The World

The world has been destroyed, well most of it anyway. Ironically a few of those shithouse countries in Africa survived, missing the nuclear fallout due to trade winds, good fortune, and perhaps some Wakandan technology.

Because no one that knows is left to tell the story, I’ll leave this message which may have missed a couple of the particulars, that describes what happened and who is responsible.

To understand what happened, you have to have an idea of the histories of two old men that followed more or less in the footsteps of their fathers. The eldest, Rupert Murdoch (88) is the son of the esteemed Sir Keith Murdoch, who was an esteemed reporter and editor of, The Herald and Weekly Times publishing company. Sir Richard Murdoch died when his son was twenty-one. Rupert Murdoch used the fortune left behind to start his own company, News Limited.

Donald Trump (73) was the son of New York real estate developer Fred Trump, and he worked alongside his father who lived to the ripe age of 93. Trump allegedly got his start with a million-dollar loan from his father and repeatedly went to daddy for additional funds as many of his projects didn’t work out. When he died, Fred Trump suffered from Alzheimer’s disease which I bring up for no particular reason.

Rupert had always been groomed by his father to enter the family business. He was co-editor of his grammar school newspaper, he attended Oxford and managed, Oxford Student Publications Limited. He worked as a sub-editor for the Daily Express for two years. After his father’s death from cancer, Rupert left Oxford to come home and manage the family business. He soon began making acquisitions and expanding his newspaper empire, first in Australia, then the United Kingdom, and in 1973 made his first foray into the United States, when he bought the San Antonio Express-News. In September of 1985, he became a naturalized US Citizen in order to qualify to own a US television station. In 1984 he bought a stake in 20th Century Fox and in 1996 launched Fox News.

Donald Trump had decided to make Manhattan his oyster and had been involved in several real estate deals, starting with his purchasing a 50% stake in the troubled Commodore Hotel in 1978. The purchase was facilitated by a $70 million loan, jointly guaranteed by his father and Hyatt hotels. It reopened as the Grand Hyatt Hotel, next to the Grand Central Terminal. The same year he finished negotiations to build Trump Tower. He made way for the building by demolishing an old Bonwit Teller store, using undocumented Polish workers and destroying some art deco features which had been marked for preservation. Trump continued to acquire several major buildings in Manhattan along with property in Palm Beach, FL including Mar-a-Lago, and some Atlantic City hotels. The growth of the now named, Trump Organization did not come without hiccups including multiple bankruptcies, several unpaid contractors, undocumented workers, and lawsuits. His credit was so bad he couldn’t obtain financing from U.S. banks and found funding from Deutsche Bank, notorious for Russian money laundering having paid a $630 million fine for its role in a $10 billion money-laundering scheme. He later, according to each of his sons, got money directly from Russia which is now being investigated.

Murdoch had always maintained close ties to government officials including those in the Thatcher government in the United Kingdom and the Republican Party in the United States. He diverged from Republicans in one policy area, being a fan of more open immigration policy as opposed to the Republicans becoming gradually more closed and Nationalistic. Fox gained its greatest growth in the years when Republicans were out of power, maintaining the steady drumbeat of opposition to Democrats, specifically the Presidencies of Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. They got away from basic news programming focusing instead on opinion shows, more often focused on fostering hysteria rather than speaking truth.

During the Obama years, they provided a forum for a thirsty real estate developer, known as much for his braggadocio and larger than life television personality that constantly proclaimed President Obama was not an American and he was seeking proof, having dispatched private detectives to Hawaii to prove the fraud and we “won’t believe what they are finding out.” In 2011, at the White House Correspondents Dinner, Trump was embarrassed by the President on National television after having produced his long-form birth certificate. At the same time, President Obama was having carried out the successful raid which killed Osama Bin Laden, making Trump temporarily a laughing stock and figure of derision. It was then Trump decided he would become President.

On June 16, 2015, Trump formally announced his candidacy for President of the United States. Riding down the escalator of Trump Tower ahead of his third wife Melania. He made a speech highlighting illegal immigration, offshoring of American jobs, the national debt, and Islamic terrorism. He spoke in generalities, often contradicted himself, but he was good television, constantly berating his Republican opponents in the Primary election and the present administration. Having little use for truth and ignoring fact-checkers, he was the darling of the news media who saw their own ratings and advertising revenues rise when Trump was on TV so they diligently followed his every appearance, giving him free advertising and drowning out all his challengers. This was true of media in general, but particularly Fox News.

To understand Trump you have to go back to the little boy who was sent to military school because he kept making trips to Manhattan as a young teen without permission. He got exposure to the military structure, admiring the power and control maintained by the officers, wanting that kind of power for himself. He would never seek it in the actual military, getting five deferments, four for college and one for alleged bone spurs in his feet. He watched and complained while many of his poor classmates served in Vietnam. He talked tough but never demonstrated it other than self-serving stories, most of them debunked where he acted heroically. He is narcissistic, egotistical, self-centered and has a need for constant affirmation. He imagines himself to be the smartest person in any room which is rarely true. He is also a pathological liar, which has worked for him most of his life because those who worked for him were afraid to challenge him because they depended on him for employment. He surrounded himself with family and sycophants, looking to do his bidding.

Fox News cared not about Trump’s lack of qualifications to be Mayor, let alone President. Because he had no ideology, the projected theirs upon him, crediting him with brilliance when the actual term should have been witless. He was all personality and no policy and they rode that horse to high earnings, giving him unconditional support and unlimited airtime, they shielded him from every mistake by either ignoring them or giving credence to the “alternate facts” promoted by his surrogates. Trump crushed his Republican opponents and went on to face his Democrat challenger in the general election, Hillary Clinton.

Fox was all in for Trump providing 24/7 attacks on Clinton for her 30+ years in the public view. There was no scandal they didn’t rehash including Benghazi for which she had been cleared, and later leaks of E-mails from her Campaign Chairman John Podesta. Every evening of Fox when their opinion shows came on, O’Reilly, Hannity and the rest blasted Clinton daily and built up Trump. O’Reilly has since departed due to sexual harassment claims but Tucker Carlson has admirably filled the void. They cared little for truth and promoted the few intelligible themes Trump had including the evils of immigration, banning Muslims and building a wall.

They spewed racism themselves and explained and justified it in the Trump campaign. They contributed to the growth of right-wing militias, even supporting groups in the west that took over Federal land. Murdoch and his media company which now included The Wall Street Journal and dozens of local news stations were all in for the inexperienced candidate for he was generating them revenue and almost exclusive access as Trump had little use for probing interviews when he could have fawning ones instead.

The story of exactly how Trump won the election is still being written. Investigations into collusion with Russians who we know interfered in the election have not been completed. We know about funding from foreign sources now believed to include Russia and the United Arab Emirates. Questions of money laundering and obstruction of justice are being researched and of course, there are the women. Fox News which had spent decades telling us about Monica Lewinsky has ignored the 22 women who have accused Trump of sexual harassment, unwanted touching, and rape. Fox helped convince enough people that either all the women lied or it didn’t matter that he was able to win despite an Access Hollywood video where he admitted to forcibly kissing women and, “grabbing them by the pussy.” Then there was the FBI which publicly reopened an investigation into Clinton’s e-mails but said nothing about Trump being investigated that may never be understood. Without regard to how he got there. Trump was elected President and was sworn in on January 20, 2017.

The United States Congress is one of three branches of the government and is part of the checks and balances against excesses of the President. The Republican Party controlled the House of Republicans with a supermajority, meaning they could pass any bill and sent it to the Senate without Democrat input or votes. The Senate was controlled by Republicans which could pass many types of legislation on a majority vote, again without Democrat support. One of the areas where the Senate is supposed to exercise its responsibility to advise and consent is in the confirmation of Cabinet Members. Trump generally presented with inarguably the richest, most self-serving and unqualified nominees ever dragged into confirmation hearings. Republican Senators showed no shame in confirming the likes of Betsy DeVos and Ben Carson who still prove unable to answer simple questions and are embarrassments to the nation.

Fox News not only gave him cover but many Trump appointees throughout the administration came directly from… Fox News. Many of the people now running our government have come to us directly from Fox News having demonstrated little qualifications other than having said nice things about the President and having been TV personalities. The naming of John Bolton as National Security Advisor is such a man who while having more qualifications than most, sees bombing and war as the solution to any problem. Bolton recently quit over Trump’s Syria policy (or lack thereof) showing more integrity than most of the sycophants who chose to work with Trump. While the Democrat-controlled House has offered resolutions to stop Trump. Mitch McConnell says little and does less when it comes to standing up to Trump.

So we arrive at the point where we got a President who needed to be seen as in control of every situation, who believes in talking loudly while others also carry big sticks and he thinks belittling nuclear powers is the path to success. He’s gotten rid of anyone with either experience or willingness to disagree with a man who literally knows nothing. He gets enough public support for every ridiculous action from Fox and has rid himself of anyone who might tug his coattails or whisper in his ear. This is how we ended up in a trade war with China, deserted our allies in Syria, pulled out of the Kyoto Accords, the TPP, NAFTA, and have ruined every relationship with former allies while sucking up to dictators in Russia, North Korea, Turkey, Venezuela, and more. His actions in Syria have emboldened Russia and freed ISIS prisoners.

At the time of this writing, I don’t know whether it was an unnecessary war with North Korea, China, or Russia that resulted in the destruction of most of the world. I don’t know the specific who, just the how. Trump, Fox News, and a submissive Mitch McConnell could take full responsibility if they were still here.

Why Republicans Want House Democrats to Vote for Impeachment

Mitch McConnell already said it…

“I would have no choice but to take it up. How long you’re on it is a whole different matter, but I would have no choice but to take it up.”

Democrats in the House of Representatives now have the votes without needing any Republicans, to vote to Impeach the President and send the matter to the Senate for a trial; and that’s just what Trump and Republican lawmakers want.

Right now, Republicans are the minority in the House and though they control the other two branches of government. There’s little they can do to keep 6 separate House committees from investigating and calling witnesses. One or more breaking or even leaking negative news against the President. The dam has broken on the White House stall tactic of refusing to let witnesses testify. Even after the White House demanded they not, they are starting to come forward, last being former Ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch. She dropped some new names when she quoted John Bolton as telling her to contact White House lawyers saying,

“I am not part of whatever drug deal Rudy and Mulvaney are cooking up.”

House Republicans have no power to stop this assault on the well-deserving Trump. They spent years running roughshod over Democrats when they were in the majority and you know what they say about payback. Rep. Matt Gaetz tried to sit in on a hearing of a committee he wasn’t on and got kicked out. Their ability to question witnesses is limited and they don’t have subpoena power. Trump has demonstrated his full lack of understanding of the Constitution by calling for the Impeachment of Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi (House members can’t be Impeached). He’d have been better off using King Henry II’s tactic of asking, “Will no one rid me of these meddlesome Democrats?” Of course, Trump has little knowledge of history though there’s a small chance he caught the line in the award-winning movie, “Becket.”

So, how do Republicans end the madness, watching as polls slide more and more in favor of Impeaching and removing the President? Put it in the hands of the Senate of course. Didn’t Mitch McConnell handle Neil Gorsuch’s nomination for the Supreme Court? And like it or not, he got Brett Kavanaugh through, even conducting a fake investigation where he and the White House controlled the scope, refusing to interview multiple witnesses who called the FBI saying they had relevant testimony. If the House has an Impeachment vote, Mitch will immediately begin a Senate trial as he’s promised. His first order of business will be to try shutting down the investigations of the House committees which he’ll say were interfering with the solemn duties of the Senate.

As soon as Mitch gets his hands on the process, he’ll start shaping what will be investigated, which witnesses will be heard, and what will be held in the open vs kept in the dark. Casual observers will wonder exactly who is on trial as at least half the testimony will be about whistleblowers, the deep state, and Hunter Biden. They’ll lead you to believe Donald Trump has acted no differently than Democrats doing opposition research and the Hillary campaign. All while planning to host the next G-7 conference at Mar -a- Lago. Trump will probably suggest the Senate Hearings be held in the Trump Internationale ballroom because the acoustics are “the greatest.”

Make no mistake, Republican efforts to have an immediate House vote are a ploy to take over the reins of the investigation. If you’ve ever watched a Senate confirmation hearing you get the gist. Republican Senators like Susan Collins (ME) will wring their hands but ultimately vote with their majority. They’ll find Trump’s actions “concerning” but that they don’t rise to the level of “High crimes and misdemeanors.” Meanwhile, the unindicted coconspirator from a case which saw one of his personal lawyers go to jail, won’t be prosecuted as a sitting President, while another personal lawyer of his faces the same fate.

Nancy Pelosi is doing the right thing by holding off the Impeachment vote. Trump’s reputation such that it is, is dying by a thousand cuts and even the Trump base is realizing the crimes he’s committed. Whether some of them care is another matter but public opinion is shifting and fair-weather Senators will invariably shift with it. Unless they get an early chance to stop the Impeachment altogether.

30 Million Pieces of Silver

If you didn’t immediately get the Judas reference in the title. Don’t come for me, read your bible. The National Rifle Association contributed over $54 million in 2016 to Republican candidates for the House, Senate, and Presidency. $30.3 million went to Donald Trump. After the Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School shooting when seventeen students and staff members were killed on February 14, 2018. President Trump attended a “listening session” with teachers and students and made the following declaration.

“We’re going to be very strong on background checks. We’re going to be doing very strong background checks.”

A week later in front of a group of lawmakers… he told them…

“You’re scared of the NRA.”

In a televised meeting, he called for a “powerful” bill on background checks to address mental illness. Almost a year later to the day, just before the House of Representatives passed a bill requiring universal background checks, Trump said he would veto the bill should it reach his desk. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell refused to bring the House bill to the Senate floor for a vote. Trump, the 30 million dollar man, and McConnell who wasn’t running in 2016 but as of 2017 had received lifetime NRA contributions of over $1.2 million, had gotten the message. Their bill had come due.

While it’s unclear how much influence Russian oligarchs and Saudi investors have on Trump’s decisions, we can track what $30 million got the NRA. No matter what his initial scattered thoughts on a gun-related issue might be. The NRA has been able to smack him and force him to toe their line, the same one adopted by the Republican Party. I would be remiss not to point out the Democrats that have bowed down to the NRA as well.

Mitch McConnell has disproven the theory that you can only serve one master. He has earned the names, “Moscow Mitch” for aiding and abetting Russia, has received millions from his wife’s Chinese family whose shipping enterprise she regulates as Secretary of Transportation, and who single-handedly has protected the NRA from enduring pesky votes on legislation which might hamper them. In recent days he’s been simultaneously trending as #MoscowMitch, #MassacreMitch, and now #MoscowMassacreMitch.

McConnell & Trump have made sure no progress can be made. Even though over 90% of Americans favor universal background checks. The two of them have made getting them passed into law, impossible. Unfortunately, they haven’t acted alone.

Members of Congress, state legislators, Governors, lobbyists, corporations that support the NRA and those that blindly follow their lead, and those who watch… saying and doing nothing. For those who do nothing because they don’t know what to do. There are opportunities but they require you to open your eyes, minds, and hearts. For those that are following your financial interests; a campaign contribution, maintaining an elected office, keeping customers while turning a blind eye to the cost in human lives. May you rot in hell!

At the time of this writing, thirty-one people are dead from the mass shootings in El Paso, TX, and Dayton, OH. Twenty-two of those killed by a white nationalist follower of Donald Trump. The New York Times just reported the Trump campaign spent millions on Facebook promoting a “Mexican invasion,” the same words used bu the shooter. Trump is planning a trip to El Paso. For the first time in modern history, when a President comes to a community in mourning, there will be protests.

Thirty-one people dead averages out to just under $1 million per person. The payment isn’t for the number killed. It’s for the work he’s about to do. He slipped and started talking about background checks between rounds of golf in the hours after the El Paso shooting. The NRA must have tugged his coattails before his televised speech as that language was removed.

#MassacreMitch is ignoring calls to recall the Senate from vacation to vote on the bipartisan bills he’s refused to bring to the floor for a vote. Part of his job as he sees it is to prevent his members from having to take tough votes that either the public or the NRA might hold against them. The one master he never served, was the people of the United States. They don’t line his coffers.

The NRA is in disarray, weaker than at any point in recent history. They’ve had an upheaval in leadership, membership is dropping, they sued their ad agency who then filed a counter-claim against the NRA for $50million. Their leaders have been accused of wasteful spending. Yet they will do what they always do; threaten their members to stand fast and block any legislation to require background checks, ban assault weapons, or save lives. There is little reason to suspect legislators will do the right thing this time, but there’s always hope.

We the people are not without recourse as the upcoming battle rages. Legislators will show us who they are and who they work for, and we should believe them. If they have sold out our children for $30 million or $3,000, the next step is to vote them out. That’s what representative government requires, making them serve us instead of corporate interests. Donald and Mitch are both up for re-election in 2020, I can’t think of a finer place to start.

Is Mitch McConnell Above The Law?

After the House of Representatives overwhelmingly voted against removing sanctions on Russian Oligarch Oleg Deripaska, Mitch McConnell and the Republican-led Senate approved the removal of sanctions which allowed the move suggested by the Treasury Department to take effect. Days later, Deripaska announced plans to build a $200 million aluminum plant in McConnell’s home state of Kentucky. McConnell personally lobbied for the vote indicating Deripaska and his children would not benefit personally while allowing for the “much needed” plant to be built.

In reality, Oleg Deripaska still owns 35% of the company building the plant. He got his percentage of stock owned below 50%, theoretically losing absolute control, by transferring $78 million in shares to a fund controlled by his children. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchen said Deripaska’s children would “in no way benefit from sanctions relief.

You may be familiar with the name Oleg Deripaska as it has come up often during the investigations of Russian interference in the 2016 Presidential Election and the trial of former Trump Campaign Chairman Paul Manafort. Deripaska associates received private internal polling data from the Trump campaign. Manafort also discussed the “Russian Peace Plan” with Deripaska which was all about removing sanctions on Russia, imposed for their interference in our elections.

As Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell has sole control over what measures are allowed votes in the Senate. He has routinely blocked bills passed in the House from being voted on that would have strengthened America’s efforts to resist Russian influence. McConnell has single-handedly left America possibly more vulnerable in 2020 than we were in 206. A recently released bipartisan report from the Senate Intelligence Committee said Russia hacked into state election systems in “all 50 states.” McConnell knows this and keeps change from happening.

McConnell and his family have also received significant financial support from China. The family of his wife, Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao owns a shipping company which does a lot of business with China. McConnell has received millions in gifts from his father-in-law along with large political contributions. That shipping company, The Foremost Group, has commitments for hundreds of millions in loans from a Chinese government-owned bank. McConnell said he was “proud to have had the support of my family over the years.”

“I’m proud to have had the support of my family over the years.”

McConnell’s has helped keep the heat off Russia before and since Trump’s election. He opposed President Obama making public the extent of Russian interference. He said he’d claim it was partisan. Since the election, he’s consistently called for the end of the investigation, joining the President in calling it a witch hunt and a hoax. McConnell is benefitting personally and politically from protecting Russia and China while they make moves to harm America. The Washington Post just published an opinion page saying Mitch McConnell is a Russian asset. On Twitter, he’s trending as, “Mitch McConnell is a Russian,” and “Moscow Mitch.”

The question is no longer whether McConnell is illegally profiting politically and personally from his ties to Russia and China, it’s what are we able to do about it?

It’s theoretically possible he could be expelled from the Senate with a two-thirds vote but that isn’t going to happen with this group of Republicans. Mitch has kept them from taking difficult votes and kept hope alive for their own re-elections. Like any other Federal official, he could be impeached by the House of Representatives and could be referred to that same reluctant Senate for a trial. Like dozens of Trump officials before him, McConnell could refuse to testify in any House proceedings and ignore subpoenas to appear. Even if the House impeached Mitch, this Senate would not convict.

Lastly, the FBI or some other arm of the Justice Dept. could arrest Mitch for any crimes uncovered. The Justice Department just announced it will not prosecute William Barr or Wilbur Ross on criminal contempt charges for failure to obey subpoenas. We can expect nothing different in the case of Mitch McConnell.

Unfortunately, the list of people apparently above the law is much longer than Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell. The recent appearance of Special Counsel Robert Mueller before two House committees revealed several Trump administration officials and family members lied to the FBI (a felony) and are going unpunished. The only remedy likely to get results is a Hong Kong-like revolt of the people marching in the streets. Until then, Mitch is safe from everyone but the voters. We can only hope.

Why The Government Will Shut Down And Who Is Responsible (The Big Orange Dummy)

Although Congress has until Friday to pass a funding bill. It’s not going to happen for a variety of reasons. There is still hope that they will pass a continuing resolution and keep the government open for a few more weeks while they then do this all over again.

The House Republicans are pushing (and will pass) a temporary funding bill which does nothing to address DACA, the program which Trump ended and gave Congress six-months to come up with a legislative solution. Despite all the claims from Republicans they want to support the Dreamers. Many of them don’t because they want the Dreamers to go home and that’s reflected in the bill they’ve proposed. If this funding bill passes, there will be no incentive for Republicans to get a DACA deal done and the program will end.

a a a a a continuiing.jpg

There could have been a DACA deal, a bipartisan group of Senators came up with a deal that met the four criteria Trump said he wanted and agreed he would sign. When the bill was presented to him, Gen. Kelly, Stephen Miller and hard-line Congressmen and Senators convinced Trump to torpedo the deal which is why there will be no temporary funding bill. Trump sabotaged it.

Part of the House bill proposed includes extending the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) for six years which pretty much everyone agrees needs to be done although Democrats were pushing for a ten-year extension. The truth is, that extension could have and should have been taken care of back in September but Republicans refused to address it, saving it for a time such as this to pigeonhole Democrats. Trump, not actually understanding the CHIP funding, tweeted against inclusion into the funding continuation, later somebody must have bitch-slapped him and he then gave his support.

a a a a a blackmale

While Democrats don’t want to be blamed for shutting down the government. Their base is demanding they don’t choke on DACA as they have done at least twice previously. They promised they, “wouldn’t go home for Christmas without a deal” and let other occasions go by when they could have stood up for the Dreamers.

While the House will pass their version (kicking Dreamers to the curb). The Senate needs sixty votes to pass something meaning they need several Democrats. Mitch McConnell says he trying to figure out exactly what Trump would sign to keep everyone from spinning their wheels. Some Republicans including Lindsey Graham say they’ll vote no. His vote is about DACA but he’s claiming it’s about military funding which does suffer under a continuing resolution as opposed to actually passing a budget. The resolution locks spending in at previous levels and also makes them susceptible to mandatory cuts.

a a a a a continuationn

There will be multiple points in the next couple days where this could be avoided. Because most of them involve Republican concessions of Democrats totally caving they will likely fail. The biggest stumbling block is the man who has to sign the bill who is now saying things like, “no wall, no bill” because his own Chief-of-Staff called him “uninformed.” I haven’t agreed much with Gen. Kelly lately but even he gets it right now and then.

Once there is a shutdown. Despite Trump and Republicans attempts to blame Democrats. They will bear the responsibility of finding a fix and the pressure will keep building on them. Things will be made worse for them by stupid tweets from Trump which will turn any undecided on the issue against Trump. If the Democrats don’t fold (as they have far too many times). DACA will get done, CHIP will be extended, and life will go on.

Who Wrote The Senate Health Care Bill?


a health carrr


Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell appointed a 13-member committee to write their version of a Health Care Bill that has been secreted from the American Public although McConnell plans to hold a vote on the bill within a week. This committee consists of all white-males who are apparently better disposed to make decisions on behalf of women and minorities than they would themselves if given the chance. No Democrat to date have seen the bill. Most Republicans haven’t seen the bill. In an amazing statement yesterday from Sen. Mike Lee (R) Utah, one of the group writing the bill. He doesn’t know what’s in the Bill either. The Bill will be released for the first time tomorrow morning (6/23) to a Republican only group of Senators after which details are expected to start leaking to the public. With Mike Lee, one of the alleged authors saying he doesn’t know what’s in it. The fundamental question is, “Who is writing this Bill?”

a health care


Money Magazine recently posted an article on the 13 Senators including the primary sources of their political contributions. Most of them have Health Care firms listed in their top-five donors. Is the Bill being written by industry insiders, A.L.E.C., somebody in their mother’s basement? Who wrote this Bill?

This Bill affects 1/6th of the American economy and almost all of us individually. It’s voyage through the Senate has been less transparent than perhaps any other in American history. We will eventually find out what’s in it, although Mitch McConnell wants to hold a vote before any town halls and public input can be held. He’s refused to meet with national patient advocate groups about the bill. We’ll find out what’s in it. I want to know who wrote it?

If you want to know as well. Please share this widely.

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The Upside to the Nuclear Option

The Senate finally dispensed with their pretense of being a great deliberative body and openly became a hotbed of partisan madness no better than the House of Representatives. By going with “Majority Rule” instead of requiring 60 votes to close debate. They’ve encouraged President’s to now appoint less mainstream Supreme Court Justices and pander to their rabid bases.

Republicans point to the actions of Democrats when they controlled the Senate, getting rid of the 60 vote minimum for Federal and District Judges. They quickly forget that was a response to Republicans following Mitch McConnell’s promise to obstruct every action of President Barack Obama which became his mantra. After a year of begging Republicans to allow the President to fill the woefully depleted ranks of judges. Harry Reid led Democratic Senators to make that move. Republicans respond to that with, “Judge Bork” as if it was somehow a bad thing to block the extremist partisan jurist that he was. Look up his role supporting Nixon in the Watergate investigation and see for yourself.

There is a light in the distance as a result of this change. While Trump will get this appointment and possibly more during his term. The truth is that Democrat Presidents were never able to get approved anything other than a “moderate” judge who appeared close enough to Republicans in his/her views that they had no real problem. Republican Presidents appoint right wing judges who value corporations more than people.

When Democrats reclaim the Presidency again in 2020 or possibly sooner if the election proves to have been the result of Trump collusion with Russia. Democrats will be able to appoint Justices that can acknowledge the need for reform to our gun laws, respect persons over companies and not overturn Civil and Voting rights. There will be temporary pain but I chose to be hopeful about how it all turns out.

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Accomplices After the Fact (#TeamRussia)

Accomplices After the Fact:

Someone who assists another 1) who has committed a felony, 2) after the person has committed the felony, 3) with knowledge that the person committed the felony, and 4) with the intent to help the person avoid arrest or punishment. An accessory after the fact may be held liable for, inter alia, obstruction of justice.

See how many you can add to this list? Even if they knew nothing before the election. They’ve gone to great lengths to protect the Russian patsy that won the race for President. With their help.

Paul Ryan


Mitch McConnell

Devin Nunes


Jared Kushner

Ivanka Trump

Marco Rubio


Sean Hannity

Bill O’Reilly

Jason Chaffetz

Mike Pence


Of course many of them were not only accomplices after the fact but before. We will see! #TeamRussia

The Fall Of Trump

Mike Pence thought he was nearing the end of his day. He’d spent the day on the Hill trying to lobby for a Bill that would all but destroy Planned Parenthood. He’d spent all morning in the Rayburn and Longworth buildings meeting with House members and most of the afternoon in the Hart Senate Office building meeting with Senators. He got a call from Mitch McConnell who asked if he could stop in for a few minutes before leaving. Pence looked at his watch, sighed and walked back down the hall to Mitch’s office.



He was ushered back to the inner office and was surprised to see a collection of leading Representatives and Senators, some of whom he’d met with earlier in the day. Mitch McConnell said, “We need to talk to you Mike. It’s time!”



Pence was certain he knew what Mitch meant but for clarity’s sake he said, “Time for what?”

“It’s the Russia thing” said McConnell, “we can’t control it any longer. The Post has the whole story and it’s running in the morning. They have everything, Manafort, Flynn, a couple others. They’re all gonna say Trump order them to work with the Russians. He’s done!”

“So what’s next… impeachment?”

Paul Ryan stepped forward, “Hell no, it would take a year and there’s no telling what he could do in that amount of time. Clinton was embarrassed but he rolled the dice and won. Nixon knew he couldn’t win and quit. Goddamn Trump will cling to the Presidency until the last hour and might start a war with Russia or China as a distraction.”

“So what, the 25th? It’s never been done” said Pence. “Walk me through it.”

Ted Cruz spoke up, “It’s up to you Mike. You have to declare that Trump is ‘unable to discharge the duties of the office.’ That should be easy enough to demonstrate. You inform Paul here and Orrin Hatch in the Senate. We get half the Cabinet to agree with you and he’s done. If he tries to fight that. Congress decides who ends up as President.”

Pence said, “What about Schumer and Pelosi?”

McConnell said, “Oh they’ll raise hell! We have to make the issue Trump’s mental health. If it’s about collaboration with Russia they’ll demand a new election and God knows which side the public lands on. Some of Trump’s base will stick with him no matter what. We can ram you through any votes in Congress. We’ve done all we can to keep your name clear in all of this. We’ll make you the hero that saved the Republic.”

“Like Brutus, eh?”

Ryan said, “What was he thinking anyway, dealing with Russia?”

Cruz said, “We knew he was a man with no morals or conscience. Maybe the question is, What were we thinking?

Pence said, “yeah… what were we thinking.”

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  • a person(s) not loyal to his or her own country, friends, etc. : a person who betrays a country or group of people by helping or supporting an enemy


Joe McCarthy served as a United States Senator from 1947 until his death in 1957. After three undistinguished years of service in the Senate, he gained national attention when he indicated he had a list of “members of the Communist Party and members of a spy ring” serving in the State Department. He used charges of communism, communist sympathies, disloyalty and homosexuality to attack political opponents and others in and out of government. Joe McCarthy, a Democrat, saw communists and sympathizers everywhere.

We now have several Republican leaders that refuse to see Russian sympathizers anywhere. They are willing to allow potential Russian influence to go unrestrained in the Trump administration. Refusing to see or allow the public to see or hear the extent of infiltration and influence that Russia had on Donald Trump and those around him. Some do this under the belief that they can accomplish much of their agenda which they put before the security of our nation. Others because they’re afraid that Donald Trump will turn his supporters against them with a tweet, causing them to be defeated in future runs for office. Whatever the reason, they ignore the peril to our country for personal reasons. They are TRAITORS!

As information leaks out about the level of influence Russia exerted to elect Donald Trump. They grudgingly began half-hearted investigations into what occurred. Rather than allow an impartial independent investigation. They fight to maintain control within existing Congressional Committee’s where they can control the scope, the witnesses and more importantly the result of the investigation as they did during the multiple Benghazi investigations.

Mitch McConnell refused to agree to information on Russian influence to be made public before the election. He’s the main one seeking to limit and control the Senate investigation. The likely meddling by Russia “is a serious issue, but it doesn’t require a select committee,” said McConnell, R-Ky. The Senate intelligence committee is able to investigate the matter, he added.”



Paul Ryan subverts any attempt within the House of Representatives to have an independent investigation. He said, “I’ll leave it up to the administration to describe the circumstances,” Ryan said. “I’m not going to prejudge any of the circumstances surrounding this until we have all of the information.”



Jason Chaffetz, Chair of the House Oversight Committee refuses to investigate Trump both in his relationship with Russia and any potential conflict of interests including Russian that Trump has which could compromise his decisions as President. He recently told a raucous Town Hall, “The President is exempt from conflict of interest laws” while the crowd chanted, “Do your job!” Instead of following up on Russian ties to the Trump administration, he’s beginning investigations of those leaking information to the Press who are the only reason we know what we do.



In addition to supporting an enemy, these men and others have betrayed their country by approving several Cabinet members with no interest in serving in the nation’s best interest. Beyond merely being incompetent (Carson) they’ve confirmed candidates whose express purpose is to destroy the Agencies they now head (Price, Perry, DeVos.) Special mention goes to Scott Pruitt of the EPA who has filed 14 lawsuits against the Agency. Some of which are ongoing and in which he refuses to recuse himself. They have put Party before country. Betrayed the Constitution and the American people. The committee chairs rushed thru these candidates. In Pruitt’s case refusing to wait the weekend while thousands of Emails between himself and the Energy Companies he’d regulate were to be released by order of a Federal Judge. Pruitt had illegally refused to comply with Freedom of Information Act requests for two years before being finally compelled to do so.



The only way to change this behavior is through public pressure and voting them out. I pray the leaks continue and the eventual outcry forces even these men to act and then not be allowed to cover-up the investigations. We are watching these men literally give America away to large business interests and a foreign power. Traitors!

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