For The Good Of The Country: What Next?

The Republicans have settled on a single refrain, “For the good of the Country,” drop all investigations into Donald Trump, his family, and his administration. Stop the “Presidential harassment” as Trump called it. The Country is tired of all the investigations and we should simply let the rest of them go; “For the good of the Country.”

While Trump had what seems like a good day. It’s way too soon to declare him innocent of anything, based on William Barr’s summary of Robert Mueller’s report, which no one outside of the Special Counsel’s office and Barr has seen. Barr’s summary said there wasn’t conclusive proof that Trump participated in a coordinated effort to conspire with Russia. He also indicated that he and Rod Rosenstein decided there was no Obstruction of Justice. This was not the finding of the Special Counsel who declined to make that prosecutorial decision, only providing both sides of the argument for obstruction, arguments we haven’t seen.

Almost lost in the announcement was the mention of undisclosed information “of relevance in other matters.” If I were Don Jr, Erik Prince, Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump, and several others. I wouldn’t sleep easy yet. We have no idea how many other cases have been spun off to various US Attorneys in districts including the SDNY.

The bottom line is, we don’t know what we don’t know. It will take longer than we hoped for, but the likelihood is we’ll still find out. Although the Republicans, including every member of the House of Representatives, just voted to make public the entire Mueller Report. They’ll now leap on the bandwagon to keep the actual report secret, lest any inconvenient facts get out, all for the good of the Country mind you. What’s important to remember is that Mueller’s mandate was narrow and generally limited to Russian efforts to influence the election and American participation. Even though the report has been issued, there are other trials related to conspiracy with Russia including that of Roger Stone.

Though Mueller chose not to indict members of the President’s family that lied to Congress or the FBI. Those same people are under investigation by SDNY and the State of New York for activities of The Trump Foundation, Trump Inauguration, and Trump Organization. Their celebration is deserved, as they’ve had very few good days in the last year. But all those investigations are in full swing and Congress (the House anyway) is just getting warmed up and ready to issue it’s first subpoenas to the White House.

The Mueller Report specifically didn’t exonerate Trump of obstruction. There is a reason that Rick Gates hasn’t been sentenced yet because he’s still cooperating in “several investigations.” Michael Cohen is still talking to the SDNY. Michael Flynn just finished up any meaningful cooperation within the last two weeks. Barr’s summary of the Mueller report may seem a temporary setback, but the long arm of the law hasn’t stopped reaching for Donald Trump and some of his family. Have yourself a good tweet storm Donald, but save some of your energy. You’ll be needing it because people are still coming for you, for the good of the Country.

Paul Manafort and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

With apologies to Alexander, Paul Manafort also had a very bad day. Last week he arguably got a very light sentence of 47 months when sentencing guidelines dictated he receives between 19–24 years in Federal prison. Judge T.S, Ellis had somehow been bamboozled into believing that Manafort had, “led an otherwise blameless life.” Calling into question his own fitness to continue serving on the bench.

Manafort rolled the dice again, this time before Judge Amy Berman Jackson who added another 3 and 1/2 years to his sentence, berated him for his lies and conduct, criticizing his attorneys as well. She put the lie to the claims of Manafort’s attorneys who keep saying, “No Collusion,” which they ran to repeat in a press conference on the courthouse steps.

You’d think facing 7 and 1/2 years in Federal prison would be bad enough? His lawyer, begging Trump for a pardon by repeating, “No Collusion!” despite the evidence presented about his conspiring with Konstantin Kilimnik and providing internal polling data to the Russians. Was shouted down by protesters, calling him a liar and correctly pointing out the Judge didn’t say there was no collusion.

Topping things off, minutes after his court appearance. The State of New York charged Manafort with 16 counts of criminal behavior related to mortgage fraud, conspiracy, and falsifying business records. If convicted, these charges will not be eligible for a Presidential Pardon, something Manafort was desperately hoping for.

Manafort is allegedly suffering from a variety of medical conditions including gout which he claims have worsened as a result of his months in prison during his trial. He wasn’t allowed his jet black hair dye, exposing his white hair as surely as his fraud was uncovered. His hopes that the highly unreliable Trump would free him appear to have been dashed by the State of New York with a big F.U. to both Manafort and Trump. A very bad day indeed!

If Robert Mueller Was Super Petty

I believe that Robert Mueller has collected enough information to know beyond a doubt that Donald Trump is a criminal, a fraud, and has sold out the interests of our country to a hostile foreign power. Still, he’s bound by Justice Dept. guidelines preventing him from indicting a sitting President. He’s limited to making the best case he can. Presenting a final report to the Attorney General. Assuming William Barr is confirmed, an Attorney General less than assuring that Mueller’s report will ever be made public.

Thus far, Mueller has issued so-called speaking indictments, providing far more public information than required in order to inform the American public. As the investigation winds down, with more indictments and arrests yet to play out. Mueller has to have developed a real contempt for the man occupying the Oval Office. Before the midterm elections, Mueller respectfully held off on public activity according to Justice Dept. norms. But now, given the ongoing attacks on Mueller and his credibility from Donald Trump. If Mueller were just a little bit petty. What would he do?

He’d arrest Donald Trump Jr on February 5th, hours before daddy is supposed to give the State of the Union address. That would be a shot across the bow.

He could commemorate the St. Valentines Day Massacre by arresting several members of the Trump campaign and administration on the same day. He’d also assure a headline that would live on in history. Those to include (assuming the evidence supports it) are Jared Kushner, Eric Trump, Erik Prince, Hope Hicks, John Kelly, Sean Spicer, and Rob Porter

He could issue search warrants to include offices in the White House, subpoena computers and notes of those involved.

And if he were really petty, he’d forget all about the Justice Department guidelines and indict Donald J. Trump a sitting President, charging him with everything he’s guilty of; fraud, money laundering, bribing foreign officials, perjury, Federal Election Campaign violations, and last but not least Treason. Mueller should prove that no one is above the law, not even a sitting President.

Trump should be arrested in the White House and do a perp walk across the White House lawn in full view of the cameras.

If Mueller were petty, he might do all of this. I can only hope!

Forget The Mueller Questions, These Are The Twelve Questions I’d Like Trump To Answer!

The New York Times just broke a story publishing a list of 49 questions the Mueller investigation would like Donald Trump to answer. The questions are a result of negotiations between the Special Counsel’s team and Trump’s lawyers. Discussions that came to an end when lead Trump lawyer John Dowd was fired resigned from the position. The questions were provided orally to the Trump lawyers who wrote them down and presumably are the source of the leak.

The questions are highly specific and center on Donald Trump’s knowledge about how certain decisions were made and what Donald Trump knew. They seem to be focused on whether or not Trump has obstructed justice. While I want those questions answered and have no doubt that Trump has obstructed justice, laundered money, paid illegal bribes to foreign countries, violated FEC laws regarding contributions (paid off women he had affairs with to aid his election effort) and of course conspired with Russia. The 49 questions cited by the times aren’t really the ones I want to be answered. I want him to answer these:

a a a a a a a a a a a questions

  1. What is your reading level? I’ve seen you struggle with documents, sounding out words and showing off your Hooked On Phonics skills but can you read at better than a 5th-grade level? Inquiring minds want to know.
  2. Are you disappointed that even though you got to be President, you can never be a made man because you’re not Italian? Hanging out with mobsters half your life and always being shut out when the big meetings were held and the real decisions made, had to hurt.
  3. Who does your hair? Normally the stylist to the President would try to capitalize on the fame and build their business based on their relationship with you. In this case, there’s a Nondisclosure Agreement (NDA) requiring you never to reveal their name and expose them to shame.
  4. Do you pick out your own clothes? You’re allegedly a rich man, you can do better than those ugly coats and super long ties. Maybe you’re trying to distract from that gut but it’s not really working.
  5. What’s up with your fixation with women that look like your daughter and why do you tell your women that? In a related question, do you ask them to call you Daddy?
  6. What do you and Melania talk about when you’re alone? Of course, it’s possible you have an arrangement where you are never alone together? Separate bedrooms and all. Here’s a tip; stop trying to hold her hand in public. It’s clear she’s not feeling you.
  7. When you lie (which is all the time), do you realize you’re lying or just not care? Your lies aren’t even good at the moment and certainly don’t age well. You are the exception to the rule that, “The Truth Will Set You Free!” In your case, the truth will lock you up?
  8. You know Barack’s is bigger right? That’s gonna haunt you the rest of your life that you’ll never be the man he is, in every meaning of the word.
  9. What did Omarosa do in the White House? I’d say something about her lack of knowledge about any policy matter but I forgot that would make you equal.
  10. While we’re on your black sycophants, what’s the deal with the black guy with the sign and t-shirt at all your rallies and how much do you pay Diamond and Silk, Pastor Mark Burns and Dr. Darrell Scott? Whatever it is it isn’t enough unless the price for selling your soul has really gone down.
  11. How well do you think you’ll do in jail and would you rather be in the same prison or different prisons than Donald Jr and Jared?
  12. How does the President of the United States end up with the worst lawyers of all the people in the White House that had to lawyer up? Maybe you should have looked a little further than Fox News for applicants?

Strange Bedfellows: Black America and the FBI in the War Against Trump

Black America finds itself in the strange position of pinning its hopes on the FBI which has never been our friend. The FBI throughout its history has done far more to harm Black America than to help it. We’ll give them credit where it’s due, were it not for FBI infiltration of the Ku Klux Klan, their reign might have gone on far longer than it did and the limited justice that was meted out might not have been. That does not offset the damage they’ve done historically done and continue to do in the Jeff Sessions led Justice Department.

The FBI has conducted covert counterintelligence operations against domestic organizations since its inception. They conducted often illegal programs designed to surveil, infiltrate, discredit, and disrupt any group or individual they deemed disruptive. And for any organization geared toward self-help, advancement, or advocating civil rights for Black America… that meant you. Ranging from the Black Panther Party, Black Power Movement, Civil Rights Movement, NAACP, Martin Luther King, the Nation of Islam, student organizations, and the Freedom Riders. The FBI was right there disrupting, discrediting, and often turning the other way when local law enforcement violated their civil rights, up to and including murder.

fbi 2

And then came Trump… We have begun to discover exactly what in the hell we had to lose.

Now it seems the only immediate hope for the removal of the President that has done more to cultivate racial animus than even the President’s once in the Klan (Truman and allegedly Harding), is the FBI led Mueller probe, investigating Trump and his campaign/administration for Obstruction of Justice and other high crimes and misdemeanors. With the Republican-led attacks on the Mueller investigation and the FBI and Justice Department in full effect. Black America finds itself in the position where the enemy of my enemy becomes my friend, we must support the FBI which has never loved us.

fbi 1

It’s important to note that the FBI’s transgressions against Black America are not limited to the past. In 2017, the Bureau produced a report on, “Black Identity Extremists,” warning of black domestic terrorists and making thinly veiled references to organizations like, “Black Lives Matter.” We cannot be under the illusion that the support we might offer the FBI relative to the Mueller Investigation will be in any way reciprocated when this moment has passed.

While we may want and need the FBI do to this one thing in terms of bringing down Trump, and his minions. It would do us well to remember that there are still scorpions among them, and tigers whose stripes haven’t changed.

Omarosa: Watch Your Back Girl!

Multiple news outlets are saying you might have secretly taped people in the White House and you’re now trying to find a lawyer to either;

  1. Protect you if you get called as a witness by the Special Counsel
  2. Negotiate a book deal
  3. Fend off lawsuits from your former friends’ associates

What you need now isn’t a lawyer. You need Jesus!

Suggesting you have audiotapes has put you smack dab in the middle of the Mueller Investigation, Italian Mob, Russian Mob, White Supremacists, and the Religious Right (In some cases also white supremacists). Which of them do you really want coming for you?

a a a a a amorrosaa

Your best bet would be the Mueller Investigation because they will probably only come for you with subpoenas although in case you forgot. You’re still black. You’ll have to spend over $100K on that lawyer and if you lie, even if just to promote your next project, you’re going to jail. You may also have forgotten. YOU DO NOT HAVE A JOB! Maybe they can take up a special collection for you at your new husband’s church but I suspect they really aren’t feeling you like that.

a a a a a amaaoure

Maybe you aren’t old enough to remember that Trump has been associated with the Italian mob since his early days as a New York real estate developer. They’ve been overshadowed by their Russian counterparts but Trump has been busy taking care of his friends since assuming office. He fired all the US Attorneys and personally interviewed the ones he wants to take their place in the New York Districts. He turned the whole focus of the Justice Department towards black people, legal marijuana users, and rivals MS-13. They don’t want you messing up their good thing and removing you might be the easiest fix for their problem.

The Russian mob (not distinguishable from the Russian government) has billions of dollars tied up because of US sanctions they’re depending on Trump to remove. They need Trump to be around long enough to do that and they don’t play.

White Supremacist now have a hero in the White House, saying out loud that, “all Haitians have AIDS,” and “Nigerians won’t go back to their huts.” And that was just a couple weeks ago. All along he’s been trying to ban Muslims, deport the Mexicans who only sent us “their criminals and rapists.” You think they’ll let you be responsible for taking down their Kommander-in-Chief?

The Religous Right doesn’t really like Trump any more than anyone else. He’s put them in a position of supporting a heathen that cavorts with porn stars and had everyone scrambling through their bibles looking for, “Two Corinthians.” What they do want is an orderly transition to their preferred choice, Mike Pence, who he and they believe is, “on a mission from God!” If they think you have any tea on Pence, it’s you they’ll be coming for.

a a a a a amarosaa

I’m not mad at you Omarosa for trying to figure out a way to come out on top after your embarrassing dismissal from the White House. You got too comfortable and forgot who you were for a minute which could happen to anyone. Now let’s try to keep you alive the next year and maybe you’ll get to write that book after all, although you should probably think hard about leaving out some parts. I need you to run, not walk, to the nearest microphone and announce, “I don’t have any tapes!” Send a signal to everyone that you aren’t going to expose anyone and it was all just a big misunderstanding. Maybe they can even find you a little cash for your trouble? Trump’s attorney set up an L.L.C. to pay off a porn star ($130,000), surely what you know is worth something.

In summary, deny the tapes, lay low, keep quiet, and accept anything they offer you. Kenny Rogers sang, “you got to know when to fold ’em… know when to walk away… know when to run!”

Fathers and Sons

Michael Flynn and Michael Flynn, Jr

a a a a fathers

“The SJW (Social justice warriors) are out in full this morning, the disappointment on your faces when I don’t go to jail will be worth all your harassment.”

Michael Flynn, Jr recently tweeted these words and they may very well be true. His father, Michael Flynn, former National Security Advisor to Donald Trump, plead guilty to charges of lying to the FBI. It’s part of a deal where the Sr. Flynn was not charged with several other offenses for which there was evidence, in return for cooperating with Special Counsel Robert Mueller and providing everything he knows about the Trump campaign, transition team, and administration and their dealings with Russia. Part of the deal seems to be that his son will not be charged. It’s possible that the whole impetus for Flynn was to save his son.

Michael Flynn spent 33 years in the US Army, achieving the rank of Lieutenant General, serving all over the world. Like many career officers, he spent much of that time away from home. I won’t speculate about the relationship between Flynn and his son’s. He is close to Michael Jr and a bit distant from his other son Matt. It is Michael Jr who he made CEO of his company and who he’s potentially saving from jail.

Michael doesn’t appear to be the most appreciative of sons. He’s the same one that tweeted and retweeted racist memes. His father brought him into the transition team until his conspiracy theory tweets got him ousted. He may not have noticed that the price of his freedom was a felon for a father who may still face jail time.

Charles Kushner and Jared Kushner

a a a a fathersss

Charles Kushner isn’t your average family man. In 2004 he pleaded guilty to a tax fraud scheme, claiming hundreds of thousands of dollars in phony deductions. He also retaliated against someone he believed to be a cooperating witness, his sister. He set up his brother-in-law with a prostitute. Had pictures taken along with videotape, and sent them to her as payback. He also made illegal campaign contributions in the name of others without their knowledge.

Jared Kushner was a Harvard student at the time and found he had to step up and take a larger role in the family business. He visited his father regularly during his two years in prison. He didn’t blame his father, he blamed the media, making him truly fit for the Trump family and administration.

Jared now is facing the real prospect that his three children; Arabella, Joseph, and Theodore, will soon have to visit him in a Federal prison. The crime Michael Flynn pleaded guilty to was lying to the FBI. It is likely that Jared has already done at least that, without even considering the financial crimes he may be tied to with Russian mobsters. General Flynn has been charged with only one count of lying to the FBI because he has become a cooperating witness, presumably against a bigger target. Should Jared wish a similar sentence, there’s only one larger target in the White House. His father-in-law, Donald Trump.

Donald Trump and Donald Trump, Jr

a a a a fathersssss

It’s not a compliment, but Donald Jr is seen as the brighter of Trump’s sons. Not bright enough to have kept from arranging and attending clandestine meetings with Russians. Some including Michael Flynn and Jared Kushner. “Donnie” has a habit of saying the wrong thing at the wrong time and the likelihood that he hasn’t lied to the FBI already is slim indeed. He strikes me as having the arrogance and pretentiousness to believe he’s too smart to get caught. I think I’ll bet on Mueller. His father has been able to cover up his son’s poor judgment in the past. Bad real estate deals in South Carolina, homophobic comments and more. In what seems like a trend, he’s also retweeted Neo-Nazi and skinhead memes to his like-minded followers.

The question is, will his father be willing to make the same kind of sacrifice that Michael Flynn made for his son? Is there any suggestion that Donald Trump has that kind of love for anyone besides himself? My bet is that Trump will let every member of his administration including sons, daughter, and son-in-law, take a bullet before he acknowledges any wrongdoing. It’s not in his DNA.

a a a a fatheeee

The tempo of the Mueller investigation has picked up. Fathers and Sons are having to make choices they’ll have to live with for the rest of their lives. After pleading guilty in Federal Court, Michael Flynn went directly to his son’s home. Jared Kushner and wife Ivanka, have silently left Washington, DC and returned to New York. Mueller knows where they are. Donald Trump, Jr has been silent today as has his father. The elder Trump skipped a meeting with the press and is reportedly fuming in the White House over Flynn’s betrayal. He hasn’t tweeted a solitary thing. Family bonds are being tested, another type of bonds, bail-bonds, may soon be needed as well.




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