The Mueller’s and the Barr’s

By all accounts the Mueller family and Barr family areclose. Mueller’s wife, Ann Cabell Standish, and Christine Barr attend Sunday School together. Robert Mueller attended the weddings of two of William Barr’s daughters. “Bob” and “Bill” have been good friends, sometimes co-workers for over thirty years. During his confirmation hearings, William Barr said he told President Trump, “the two families were good friends and would be good friends when this was all over.” It’s beginning to look like there may be a bit of a strain in the long-term relationship. The “good friends” are headed for a confrontation where only one’s reputation will be left standing.

Robert Mueller was selected as the Special Counsel for the investigation of Russian meddling in the 2016 Presidential Election and whether there was any collusion within the Trump Campaign. He spent 22 months, indicted 13 Russian nationals, 12 Russian Intelligence Officers, garnered multiple guilty pleadings, obtained guilty verdicts against Trump Campaign Manager Paul Manafort, and has charges pending against Trump Associate Roger Stone and others. Mueller recently gave his report to the newly confirmed Attorney General Bob Barr, who inserted himself into the process, writing a 19-page memo to the FBI suggesting a President cannot be guilty of Obstruction of Justice.

After receiving Mueller’s report, Barr took two days and issued a Summary (which he later denied was a summary although he himself called it one) indicating there was no collusion and the President had not been found to have obstructed justice. In one of the few partial quotes, Barr included from the actual report. Mueller made clear his report, “does not exonerate the President.” Barr’s version… does so!

In Testimony before a House Committee today, Barr said he will not release an unredacted version of the Mueller Report to Congress. He will not ask the Judge overseeing the Mueller Grand Jury release any Grand Jury information. He also suggested if Mueller had done his job, making a prosecutorial recommendation on the Obstruction of Justice issue, he Barr, wouldn’t have had to.

Breaking with their almost two years of silence. Members of the Mueller team have begun leaking, basically calling bullshit on the Barr version claiming the President is off the hook and did no wrong. It’s expected Mueller will be called to testify before Congress and explain not only what was in his report, but whether or not he agrees with his good buddy William Barr. We can anticipate Barr will continue to defend his actions, justifying himself by continuing to blame Mueller.

Barr was asked if he’d consulted Mueller while drafting his 4-page summary of the Mueller Report and he said he had not. He indicated he did offer to show it to Mueller before its release but Mueller declined. That can be translated to.

Barr: “Please look at the summary I’ve written Bob? I ‘d like your concurrence it’s an accurate reflection.”

Mueller: “How many pages are there?”

Barr: “Four.”

Mueller: “I’ll pass.”

Barr: “Without your acceptance, it will look like I’m covering something up?”

Mueller: “Probably.”

Barr: “As long as we’ve been friends, you should know me better than that?”

Mueller: “Like Iran-Contra?”

I would love to be a fly on the wall in the next Sunday School class and see if Ann and Christine hug when they meet. Technically, Robert Mueller is still the Special Counsel and reports to his boss William Barr the Attorney General. I don’t expect a lot of hijinks and back-slapping are going on in the staff meetings. While we await the inevitable testimony, compelled by subpoenas. Friendships are about to be tested. Reputations possibly destroyed? We will see!

Trump’s Big Payback: After The Mueller Report

It’s not fair to portray the 4-page letter released by Attorney General William Barr as The Mueller Report. Until we see the actual report and the underlying facts. We don’t know what Robert Mueller has found? The Justice Department just announced it will “be weeks, not months” before “some version” of the Mueller Report is released to the public. Until then, we are left with Barr’s assertion that neither Trump of his campaign conspired with “the Russian Government.” Leaving open the possibilities that they conspired with Russian Oligarchs, the Russian Mob, or while drinking White Russians. Barr, a Trump political appointee, determined that Trump was not guilty of Obstruction of Justice, although Mueller specifically refused to exonerate him.

While the Democrat-led House passed a unanimous resolution requesting the full release of the Mueller Report to the public. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced his refusal to bring up a vote asking for the same thing. Some Republicans who had previously indicated the need for the full report to be publicly released, are now satisfied to know no more than what Attorney General Barr has told us, not wanting any of those pesky underlying facts to get out.

President Trump, never known for his composure and class, has begun his payback tour, coming after any and everyone he feels opposed him. Without regard to The Constitution, the law, or concern for the American people.

In the two days since the 4-page summary that Trump calls “total exoneration,” despite Mueller’s statement of the exact opposite, he’s announced his enemies list and started coming for them. By name, he’s called out Democrat leaders Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Eric Swalwell, the mainstream media, the FBI, and the Special Counsel he felt never had the right to investigate him. He and his lucky-not-to-be-indicted-yet son Donald, Jr have called for the investigators to be investigated. They have called for anyone who has claimed to have seen evidence of Trump malfeasance to be banned from the airwaves. Trump said his enemies that did “evil” and “treasonous things” will be “under scrutiny,” bringing Big Brother fully to life.

Senator Lindsay Graham, once known as the late Senator John McCain’s best friend. Emerged at Trump’s side, a couple of days after Trump spent a week lambasting a dead man, Graham’s one-time friend. Graham went on to infer he’ll be opening up his own investigations as the new Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, to help Trump in his assertion, “It was a false narrative, it was a terrible thing, we can never let this happen to another president again, I can tell you that. I say it very strongly.”

Almost lost in all the turmoil over the Barr Report (certainly not Mueller’s) was the Trump Justice Department instituting a new effort to kill Obamacare completely, throwing another 20–30 Million people off their healthcare plans. Doing away at the same time with coverage for pre-existing conditions without drastically raising rates.

There were some that hoped that Trump would take this opportunity to pivot and attempt to govern on behalf of all the people, taking on Infrastructure and maybe protecting our elections from future attacks. It’s clear that any hopes for bipartisan Trump, a figure that hasn’t been seen since taking office, will be dashed again, acknowledgment dawning that he never will exist. Perhaps James Brown said it best in his 1973 song, The Big Payback. To paraphrase:

“Trump don’t know karate, but he know ka-razy”

The Mueller Report: The Devil Will Be In The Footnotes

The highly anticipated report of the Special Counsel will not be all that some have hoped for. Robert Mueller has shown a willingness to defer not only to the internal Justice Department memo stating a sitting President can’t be indicted but also his mandate to focus on Russian interference in the 2016 Presidential election and possible involvement by the Trump campaign. There is the caveat that he can investigate, “any matters that arose or may arise directly from the investigation.” To the chagrin of many, Mueller won’t be bringing charges on the money laundering, fraud, foreign bribes, and other unrelated crimes that turn up under every rock Trump has touched along his life journey.

The Mueller report will certainly have highlights. Within his narrow scope, he will detail the interactions with the Trump campaign with Russians ranging from President Putin to the Russian mob. The list of his family and associates that have had secret dealings with Russia, and lied about them, is already long. We’ll learn much more than has already been reported. Whether that is enough to convince Republican Senators to vote to impeach Trump will still be in doubt given that they know these things to be true already and look the other way.

The contents of the Mueller Report will be scandalous, directly point out the treasonous behavior of the President of the United States and most of his family. It will list crimes that some will dismiss as “process crimes,” newly defined as crimes we’re willing to overlook because they inconveniently involve someone we like. The report will detail criminal behavior that is already built into their political consideration because the general information has been available for so long.

The real damage to come from the Mueller Report will not be from the body of the report, but from the footnotes. And if you’ve seen any of the documents publicly released by Mueller’s team. They’re some footnote writing sons (and daughters) of guns. The footnotes will detail what became of all the criminal behavior uncovered that Mueller chose not to retain for the Special Counsel to prosecute. We’ll see familiar names like Michael Cohen who was referred out to the Southern District of New York (SDNY) and ultimately pleaded guilty to eight felony counts not brought by Mueller. The charges against Cohen stemmed from the review of his financial documents which revealed things like the Campaign Finance Violations involving payments fro Donald Trump to Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal. Review of Cohen’s finances revealed crimes he wasn’t even charged with including acting as an Unregistered Foreign Agent. Keep in mind, Robert Mueller has seen all of Donald Trump’s finances.

Various court documents involving Paul Manafort, Michael Cohen, Michael Flynn, and others have been heavily redacted when released to the public because of their impact on “continuing investigations.” Rick Gates has his sentencing postponed because of his continuing assistance in “several” investigations as well. Although the Special Counsel is winding down his personal involvement and that of his staff. The footnotes will enshrine the crimes uncovered by Trump, et al, and what is being done in response.

The footnotes will tell us of all the referrals, some of which haven’t yet resulted in indictments, and some that perhaps never will. There is no way to look at Trump’s finances and not find money laundering, bank fraud, payments to women not yet identified (Steve Bannon suggested hundreds) and the crime that brought down Al Capone; tax fraud. Donald Trump Jr, Jared Kushner, Erik Prince, and others have lied to Congress. Crimes which Mueller might yet charge himself and turn over to others for prosecution. Trump’s multiple instances of Obstruction of Justice will be outlined for all to see.

While part of the report may never be revealed to the public due to national security or editing by Attorney General William Barr. The President may claim Executive Privilege to keep some parts of the findings secret. There can be no legitimate excuse to keep from Congress the footnotes indicating actions taken by the Special Counsel to refer cases to other jurisdictions. It will be a roadmap of criminal behavior will fuel House Investigations for the rest of the Trump Presidency, and it will all become public. Those Republican Senators will face questions on a daily basis about their willingness to overlook the criminal behavior of the President and his family, while eventually a Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) charge is levied against The Trump Organization. Those Senators will have to defend their equivalent of siding with the mob, siding with Trump will no longer be a viable option. The law defines 35 specific acts as constituting racketeering. Trump has to be good for at least 30 of them.

Why Trump Has Been Putin’s Bitch From Day One!

The bigger the lie, the bigger the backlash when you get caught. Especially if you tell those lies to the American public on national television… repeatedly. If you are going to tell a lie involving the actions of other people, and they can prove you wrong. You are dependent on them keeping quiet and not blowing you out of the water. They, on the other hand, own you until such a time as the lie is exposed and their silence has no more value.

Trump has stated again and again both during the Presidential campaign and after becoming President that, “I have no dealing with Russia.” Trump’s former personal attorney, Michael Cohen, pleaded guilty today to having lied to Congress on several details involving the Trump Tower Moscow project, all of which Russia knew about and had the ability to expose at any time.

One particular lie involved an Email Cohen sent to Putin spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, asking for help in getting a deal done. The lie was that the Email was sent to a general account and was never responded to. We learned today that the letter was followed up by a call from President Putin’s office and that efforts were ongoing to get the project off the ground. President Putin knew of the lies Trump was telling the American public. Trump had to know that he knew. Putin’s silence and Trump’s inexplicable subservience to Russia now have an explanation. Trump has been Putin’s puppet since at least then and we now know one reason why.

Adam Schiff (D-CA 28th District) is the incoming Chair of the House Select Committee on Intelligence. He promised at least twice today that he will investigate not only the Trump Tower Moscow project but also Russian money laundering into the Trump Organization, which Devin Nunes and the Republicans have refused to investigate. Special Counsel Robert Mueller is bearing down on Trump allies Roger Stone and Jerome Corsi and their coordination with Wikileaks to release the Podesta emails hacked by Russia.

The conspiracy case is becoming public before our eyes although Fox News keeps saying there’s nothing to see here. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. Before taking Air Force One to Argentina for a summit with world leaders. Trump gave a desperate impromptu press conference in which he called Michael Cohen “weak” and “a liar.” All the while trying to bluster through the fact that his own weak lies have been exposed.

Is this the beginning of the end?

The Uneasy Alliance Between Black America And The FBI

The FBI is not now and has never been the friend of black America. While the word “they” might be a little too inclusive. painting with a slightly too broad brush, there is not another word that fits better. “They” infiltrated the civil rights and students rights movements. Telling lies and fabricating evidence to inhibit their goals. “They” went undercover with the Black Panthers and according to many, conspired to assassinate 21-year-old Fred Hampton while in his bed. They don’t teach about Fred Hampton in the Chicago schools, yet as a result of his actions, many receive a free breakfast. An offshoot of the Black Panther programs. They penetrated the Nation of Islam and were possibly involved in the assassination of Malcolm X, perhaps they merely stood by and watched?

“They” spied on Martin Luther King Jr, even sending him a letter encouraging him to kill himself. “They” withheld evidence that would have convicted Sheriff Willis McCall of murdering one prisoner and shooting another outside Groveland, FL. He stayed in power another 21 years, killing other black men along the way. In 2017, “they” started cracking down on so-called, “Black Identity Extremists” until that plan came to light. There are undoubtedly good men and women in the FBI, seeking Justice For All and following the Rule of Law. This story is not about them, it is about “they” and the powers standing behind them.

Now we find ourselves in the position where we now know what the hell we had to lose with the election of Donald J Trump. Hyper Mass Incarceration is making a rapid comeback under Attorney General Jeff Sessions. All attempts to monitor local police forces have ceased. No new Consent Decree’s are being entered into, those that exist will not be enforced. The West (along with the South, East and North) is wild again. “Stop & Frisk” is being suggested as a need throughout the nation. America’s best and quickest hope of being rid of this menace… is the FBI.

Trump loyalists have taken up the tactic of demonizing the FBI in an attempt to derail the Mueller Investigation which may well lead to Impeachment of Indictment of the President. Those most loyal include white nationalists, skinheads, and the Klan. The enemy of our enemy under normal circumstances might be considered a friend. But “they” are not our friends, nor have they been ever.

Activist Shaun King has been catching hell of late for his support of the FBI. Much of King’s career has been spent focusing on police brutality and unequal justice under the law. He came under sharp attack for showing support of the FBI on Assata Shakur’s birthday. She is a Black Liberation Army member who was found guilty of murdering a New Jersey State Trooper, there is evidence she may have beet set-up by the FBI and after escaping from prison, was granted asylum in Cuba. I didn’t know July 16th was her birthday, perhaps Shaun King didn’t either? Maybe we could spend less time tearing down each other and instead on solving problems that affect us all?

I propose on this one thing, the investigation of Donald Trump, we can let the FBI continue unfettered. We can even stand in the way of those who would have the probe simply go away. In at least this one thing, “We” and “They” may share a common goal.

We still haven’t forgotten about COINTELPRO, Fred Hampton, Martin Luther King Jr, and all the rest. When this is done, you still may be who we think you are; overwhelmingly Republican, predominantly white-males, predisposed to view African-American’s as perpetrators first and not citizens. Maybe some relationships will be forged and things will improve? But that’s skipping way too far ahead. In the meantime, do this one job, and we’ll have your back.

I Beg Your Pardon… Dad

“So Dad, if I get indicted for some of the stuff I did for you, will pardon me?”

“It’s not as simple as that Junior. If I pardon you, my lawyers tell me it will almost certainly lead to impeachment against me? It will look like obstruction.”

“But I was doing what you told me to do?”

“I know son… it’s complicated. Just believe I know what’s best.”

“I’ve heard you say the same things to Paul and now he’s in jail?”

“You’re different, you’re my son, I’d never let you down.”

“You once practically disowned me, you didn’t speak to me for a few years.”

“You started it.”

“I was a kid, and you were blasting my mother in the tabloids during your divorce.”

“That was just tough negotiating, I had to get the alimony down.”

“Because your kids might have too much stuff?”

“No, because your mother doesn’t have the head to manage so much money.”

“So it was for her own good?”


“So what about my pardon?”

“I told you it’s complicated.”

“You pardoned fucking Joe Arpaio and won’t pardon your own son?”

“Did you do it?”

“I didn’t write that letter you dictated on Air Force One. I just stuck to the story you made up. Now I’m about to be charged with lying to the FBI.”

“You should never lie to the FBI. You should have just done like me and refused to talk to them.”

“All of us don’t have that option.”

“I’ve screwed up my life trying to support you.”

“I didn’t tell you to mess up your marriage by having an affair with that woman from The Apprentice. I told you to ‘cut it out’ as a matter of fact.”

“Oh, do as I say and not as I do! Your whole life has been an example to me.”

“I think you’d better watch your tone, son.”

“Or what? You won’t pardon me?

“Pretty much.”

“Good talk dad.”

Why Trump Must Fire Mueller

Trump really has no choice, the Mueller investigation is slowly but surely closing in on him and what little hope he had that his financial crimes, his obstruction, and even collusion will go undetected is quickly fading. Pick your metaphor from “The Tell-Tale Heart,” Whether Mueller is the man with the clouded, pale, blue, vulture-like eye who distresses Trump to the point where he has to destroy him, or he’s like the heartbeat under the floorboards. Growing ever louder while others seem not to notice, driving him slowly insane.

a a a a a a a a a fire mueller

Trump is getting little sleep, he wanders the halls of the White House at night, shouting at televisions, calling his increasingly short list of friends as they try to distance themselves from the inevitable. Each day news breaks about new uncovered relationships or meetings, a handwritten letter to Putin that only someone very close could have disclosed, or Putin himself? There’s no one to trust. Even Jared might sell him out to protect himself. Isn’t that what he would do in the same situation after all?

a a a a a a a a melanniiaaa

Trump’s always been a risk taker. Never discouraged by failure even after watching several businesses go belly up. Like the Phoenix he always rose again, finding someone else’s money to launch a new venture. Cheating one person and not paying another. That Russian money was a lifesaver after no reputable bank would touch him. Now the chickens have come home to roost.

Mueller is closing in. He’s got the Deutsche Bank records, the Trump Organizations records, his damn taxes he never intended anyone to see. Now there’s a subpoena for more records, going right to the heart of the crimes Trump knows he’ll find. He hasn’t interviewed Donald Jr yet, will his son stand by his side or turn on him too, Et Tu Junior?

a a a a a donalala

Firing Mueller is the only answer. He would do it better than Nixon, whose similar plan didn’t work for him. The odds are that Congress will scream and howl, but ultimately do nothing. Ryan and McConnell will take what he dishes out as they always have. His base will stand by him, he thinks he really could shoot someone on 5th Avenue with no consequences.



Yes, there will eventually be a replacement Special Counsel appointed, but one he could control, unlike Mueller. Working under the new sycophant that replaced the weak Sessions who never should have recused himself anyway. The new Special Counsel will pretend to toil away for a few months and close up shop, filing a report that the Justice Department will never release. That’s the plan, he has to do it, because to do nothing is to wait for the day when they come for him, and they will unless he fires Mueller. What could possibly go wrong?

Jail ages Trump

Trump Word For The Day: Subpoena

The New York Times reports that Special Counsel Bob Mueller has officially subpoenaed records from Donald Trump involving his businesses, some involving Russia. Despite Trump’s claims during the campaign that he had no business interests in Russia and was has, “no dealings with Russia.” It came out last year that his lawyer, Michael Cohen, had pursued on his behalf a “Trump Tower Moscow” and was negotiating with a sanctioned Russian Bank.

What this means to Trump is that the investigation will not be over for months as it will take time for Trump to comply with the request and more time for the Special Counsel to review them. It means that despite Trump’s warning that his finances were outside the purview of the investigation. They are looking very closely at his dealings and not only how much Trump is invested in Russia, but how much Russia is invested in him including money laundering and bribes.

In the “Word For The Day,” we’ve gotten away from the Urban Translation but management feels it’s time for a return.

Urban Translation: Mueller is coming for Trump’s ass. He’s turning over every rock, looking in sewers, and going everywhere he might expect to find a snake. He’s following the money and the little bitch that wouldn’t release his taxes is wishing right about now he’d never run for President. He and his sons have made statements over the years about his access to Russian money and the chickens are about to come home to roost!


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