Trump Word(s) For The Day: Nepotism

As part of my patriotic duty I will begin sharing the word(s) of the day to help our President prepare for what’s coming. Because he doesn’t seem to attach the same meaning to words like honesty, news, Constitution and transparency. I feel that if given a little time to consider the actual meanings of words he can do better. I will provide both the common definition and when applicable the urban translation. Today’s word: Nepotism

a a nepotism


Definition: The practice among those with power or influence of favoring relatives or friends, especially by giving them jobs.

a a nepotisssm


Urban Translation: Hiring your inexperienced son-in-law with no relevant experience and putting him in charge of half the functions of our government. Putting your miscreant sons in major campaign roles where their job apparently consisted of retweeting Neo-Nazi and skinhead memes. Giving your daughter an office down the hall where she can rest in-between meeting with the heads of state of countries she’s trying to do business with. Ignoring all of their unexplained and unreported connections to Russia and giving security clearances to people only concerned with self-interest.

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