Trying To Give Candace Owens The Benefit Of The Doubt

Candace Owens is a public figure, she worked hard to make a name for herself as a black conservative, she just got more than she asked for. A white supremacist terrorist cited her as an inspiration for his role in the murder of 49 people at two mosques in New Zealand. Her first response began with LOL and a laugh emoji, followed by a statement that she’s never created any content espousing her views on the 2nd Amendment or Islam. Twitter went on to bash her for her response and it is here I’m trying to give her a pass.

Despite her public figure status, nobody expects to wake up and be named as an inspiration for mass murder. There is no playbook with instructions as to how you’re supposed to respond. If there were one, it might be to speak to a Public Relations professional, craft a response that shows empathy for the victims, denounce the attack and white supremacy and show remorse for anything you might have done to inspire this madman as it was never her intention.

The part that Candace missed, was to consider the possibility that there is anything she might have done differently or change in the future. Her position is to deny that she was an inspiration for a mass shooter when the shooter himself named her in a 70-page manifesto. Like it or not, she was an inspiration for a killer. She issued a later statement saying “black conservatism” wasn’t an inspiration. I agree, the killer didn’t name black conservatism, he named her specifically.

I knew who Candace Owens was before this incident, I’ve seen her on Fox News and read some of her statements. I pretty much disagree with everything she says but I can empathize with the situation she found herself in unexpectedly. She might take a moment to consider how her writings/speech/conduct might have inspired the hate it took to kill innocent people at a mosque and decide whether to continue on her same path? Don’t follow the Trump philosophy of never apologize and double down. How about, do better?