The Trump Presidency: Who Knew “Bust” Would Be This Bad?

There were those who said if their candidate wasn’t the Presidential nominee, they would rather not vote. “Bernie or Bust” didn’t apply only to the supporters of Bernie Sanders but tens of millions of voters who sat out the 2016 Presidential Election, thinking it just didn’t matter. Politicians of either party were basically the same or those who wanted to see chaos, hoping something greater might rise from the ashes. I suspect now that we’ve actually seen a year of a Trump Presidency. Nobody knew it would be this bad.

It didn’t take long for signs to become clear. The very first White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer told us not to believe our lying eyes and that the Trump Inauguration was the largest ever. In spite of pictures, estimates from the National Park Service and any known measurement that said it wasn’t true. The administration continued to push the lie, hoping to wear the media and public down with repetition instead of facts.

Just before the inauguration, we heard of the Steele Dossier reporting secret meetings of Trump Campaign officials and Russian agents. It mentioned Trump’s attempts to do business with Russia. The White House denied all this but proof of several meetings had come to light along with evidence of Trump’s personal lawyer pushing the concept of Trump Tower Moscow.

24 days into the Administration, NSA Director Michael Flynn had to resign after being found to have lied to the FBI about his clandestine meetings with Russia. We later found he’d been an undeclared agent for Turkey, accepting undisclosed millions in payment along with his son. He later pled guilty to the charge and is a cooperating witness in the Mueller Investigation.

The Mueller Investigation exists because Trump fired FBI Director James Comey, later telling his Russian friends including the Russian Ambassador in the Oval Office that it, “takes the pressure off.” In the same meeting, Trump disclosed Top Secret information about another country’s intelligence resources, possibly risking lives.

All the while the lies kept coming, Sean Spicer soon lost his job after being parodied by a woman on Saturday Night Live. Trump was embarrassed by the portrayal so he had to go, leading to a string of Press Secretaries whose credibility ultimately ran out until we got to Sarah Huckabee Sanders who gave up any pretense of truth-telling and is America’s best comparison to Tokyo Rose. I’d be remiss to omit Kellyanne Conway and her, “alternative facts.”

Trump exited the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), ceding that area of growth to China. He dropped out of the Paris Accords, thumbing his nose at climate change. He most recently imposed steel and aluminum tariffs on a whim, most likely to change the headlines from the porn star he paid off to hide his affair. One of the things Stormy Daniels is prohibited from talking about is “paternity,” raising the question as to whether Trump impregnated her and whether she had an abortion, or there’s yet another Trump offspring roaming the earth.

He has yet to respond to Russia’s meddling in the 2016 Election, clearing the way for renewed attempts in 2018 and 2020. Congress authorized sanctions which he didn’t enforce. They allocated funds which he didn’t spend. It’s alleged that Russia vetoed Trump’s original choice for Secretary of State because Mitt Romney was too hardline against Russia. Instead, we got Tillerson who has gutted the State Department.

Well over a hundred people were working in the White House without security clearances. It took a man who has battered his two ex-wives to bring it to light and even then, it took a picture of one with a black-eye to get any action. Statements praising Rob Porter were issued by the White House, written by his present girlfriend (Hope Hicks) who had previously dated the former married campaign manager Corey Lewandowski less than a year before.

One of those without clearance was son-in-law Jared Kushner who has been doing personal business deals in the White House, negotiating over a half-billion in loans for his family business which he still partially owns. He is part of several undisclosed meetings with Russians and the Mueller Investigation appears to have him targeted as well.

When is the last time we went a day, let alone a week without new breaking news about one scandal or another? One Cabinet member is trying to explain replacing the doors in his office for almost $139,000. Inept Ben Carson spent $31,000 on an office dining room table. One flew almost everywhere on private or military planes. One took his wife to Fort Knox on his honeymoon (at the taxpayer expense) while another had the public pay for him and his wife to go to Wimbledon. Trump himself spends a third of his time on his own properties, charging the secret service to stay there and protect him and doubling membership fees, selling access to the President.

Trump has supported Neo-Nazi’s, white nationalists, skinheads, bringing some of them like Stephen Miller to work in the White House and write many of his speeches. While constantly tweeting his contempt for Jeff Sessions the Attorney General, he’s turned him loose to increase voter suppression and hyper mass incarceration in his attempt to Make America White Great Again.

Trump’s threatened war with several countries, nuclear war with some including North Korea who he’s taunted at every turn. He recently agreed to talks with the equally insane North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un, except even that is likely to fall apart because of Trump’s vacillations. It would likely be worse if the “great negotiator” actually met with Kim Jong Un and follows his history of being swayed by the last person he talked to. He managed to screw up Republican attempts to repeal Obamacare despite controlling all branches of government. What could go wrong?

This Presidency has never been about serving the nation and almost every morning we wake up to tweets which send politicians, psychologists, and English teachers scurrying.

I know I’m leaving out a lot, Roy Moore, 19 women claiming sexual assault and/or rape over the years, attacks on black athletes, horrible spelling and grammar, Steve Bannon, Omarosa… More thought on how bad things are will cause me to lose sleep. If ever any of you consider not voting because, “How bad could it be?” Remember Donald Trump.

Trump’s Wars: The Week in Review 4/14/17

Donald Trump is not a veteran. He attended the New York Military Academy where he was named a Captain for his Senior year. According to the Washington Post, after a month he was transferred to another position with no command responsibilities. Trump says he “got promoted because he did such a good job.” Other cadets said he, “delegated leadership responsibilities to others while staying in his room” which “allowed problems to fester.” It’s reported a hazing incident played a major role in the position change. Trump then, much as he does now, declared victory while moving to the new position. Trump has no actual military experience. He isn’t a General. He just want’s to play one on TV.

trump war


He doesn’t have the focus or the knowledge to make foreign policy decisions. Watching him is like seeing the movie “The Sum of All Fears” come to life. In this case we watch Trump playing at war in Syria, Afghanistan, North Korea and who knows where else. Trump isn’t the fictional Jack Ryan who is guaranteed to win at the end of the film. He’s a blustering, narcissist who is currently sabre rattling all over the world. He’s not speaking softly while carrying a big stick. He’s yelling at the top of his lungs, “I’m king of the world!,” which even the American President is not. Trump’s wars:

Trump's Wars



  1. In possibly a “Wag the Dog” move to distract from Russian collusion investigations. Trump unleashed 59 Tomahawk Missiles on an airport in Syria. He did it, “because of the beautiful babies” that he still doesn’t want in this country. He apparently doesn’t want them dying on national television from chemical weapons. It’s acceptable however for them to die from starvation, disease and barrel bombs. Syrian planes resumed flights the day after the US Strike and resumed bombing the remaining babies.
  2. The United States used for the first time the M.O.A.B. (Mother of All Bombs) in a remote location in Afghanistan which was a reported ISIS location complete with fortifications and tunnels. Some reports indicate 36 ISIS members were killed. A number often cited as the cost of the bomb was $314 Million putting the average price per terrorist killed at just under $9 million each. What appeals to Trump however is the ratings, and a news cycle not dominated by talk of Russian spies within his administration.
  3. Trump reacts to North Korea’s missile tests by sending an aircraft carrier and two destroyers into the Korean Peninsula. North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has threatened the United States with nuclear war if they continue. The United States has leaked they have a plan for a “first strike” against North Korea should it appear a new nuclear test be imminent. In a variation of John McCain’s statement. We have “two crazy fat kids” leading their respective nations. Each dreaming of being a general. What could go wrong?

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