Omarosa Fights Back, With Tapes To Back Her Up!

Let’s get out of the way the fact that Omarosa Manigault-Newman is not the most credible person in the world. She’s self-promoting, conniving, vicious, and as goal-oriented as anyone you’d ever want to meet. This was a perfect set of skills to operate in a reality show environment… and the Donald Trump White House.

Then she got fired, depending on which version you believe possibly dragged out of the White House kicking and screaming. Her 15-year relationship with Donald Trump, come to a bitter end. Prior to the separation, Omarosa was offered a consulting job with Donald J. Trump For President, Inc., paying $15,000 monthly, provided she signed a non-disclosure agreement demanding she says nothing negative about Trump, Mike Pence, or any of their family members and companies. She also would not be able to assist any other campaign. Omarosa refused to sign the agreement after being fired from the White House, instead, she bet on herself, writing the tell-all book, “Unhinged: An Insider’s Account of the Trump White House.

The official response to her book, well before it came out, was to brand her a liar. Of concern to publishers was that Omarosa has no base of supporters. She has been ostracized by Trump loyalists who might have bought her book in droves had she praised him. She has few (if any) friends on the left, who remember her saying they would “bow down” before Trump. Even black people suspect her newfound affection for her people is motivated by profits and nothing else. She may well be one of the most disliked people in America, she was branded a liar with few in her corner. Several publishers doubted the viability of her book and passed. Omarosa seemed to stumble out of the gate with conflicting information about whether or not she had personally heard audio of a tape of Trump using “the N-word” during outtakes of “The Apprentice.” Attacks were fast and furious, then she struck back.

Omarosa blindsided Trump by announcing she had audio tapes of members of the Trump administration including Trump himself. She says she has documentation for everything said in her book including that Trump is a bigot,a misogynist, and mentally unstable. She first released a tape of John Kelly firing her in the Situation Room, seeming to make veiled threats should she not go with the program. She provided a tape of Trump on a phone call to her, claiming he knew nothing about her firing and didn’t love that he was gone. She dropped a bombshell, in seeming contradiction with her book when she claimed she’d heard the tape of Trump using the word “nigger” on the set of The Apprentice. She even claimed White House communications staff discussed a plan to respond to the tape should it be released including Katrina Pierson who is also African-American and Lynn Patton. The people involved said no such call ever took place and again called Omarosa a liar. Fox News dedicated segments to brand Omarosa as a pathological liar with absolutely no credibility. Then Omarosa produced a tape of those individuals discussing how to handle the situation including one of the women inferring Trump had acknowledged it. In response to Omarosa’s claims, Trump has called her a “low-life” and “a dog!”

Omarosa’s book came out today. It debuted #5 on Amazon book sales in her category but sales are not comparable to previously released books on this Administration. Omarosa is out doing all the news shows hyping her book. She is shameless, focused on hyping her book, making questionable statements without documentation, yet there’s one thing going for her… she’s got more tapes. Whatever you think of Omarosa, she’s giving as much as she’s getting and not backing down. We will see!

Omarosa Wrote A Book… “Unhinged: An Insider’s Story of the Trump White House.”

You knew it was coming if nothing else, Omarosa Manigault Newman is a hustler and writing a book about her White House experience was a natural progression. It remains to be seen how well-received her book will be. Sean Spicer has had to cancel early stops on his book tour and been heckled at others. Omarosa may well face opposition for her book from the right and left, each feeling she betrayed them.

There’s no doubt she has a story to tell, it may pale however to the daily breaking news about Russia scandals and leaked information from Trump’s personal fixer who is preparing to tell tales of Russian collusion or his accountant who has been subpoenaed to testify before a grand jury. Omarosa’s tale about being shut out and having her role minimized isn’t likely to capture the news cycle. Her stories about how she stood up for black people behind closed doors and how she was mistreated won’t gain much sympathy either.

There is no escaping that she was a mouthpiece for Trump, repeating his lies and making up some of her own on his behalf. She treated her opportunity to influence White House policy like a reality game. And when the time came, she was fired, allegedly dragged out of the White House, trying to reach Donald to correct what must have been a grievous mistake. After her firing, she tried to fit in at the National Association of Black Journalists on a panel, but she didn’t want to talk about Trump and it didn’t go well. Evidently she couldn’t go home again.

Perhaps Omorosa knows some things the world needs to know? Publishers feared to give her a big advance because they fear her book won’t sell. She is a hustler though and may prove everyone wrong. She’ll do the talk shows, offer some tidbits, and for another 15 minutes, recapture some fame. “Unhinged” is published by Gallery Books and is due in bookstores on August 14th.

Raj Shah: Welcome To The Donald Trump Jungle

Sarah Huckabee Sanders had the day off (allegedly planned well in advance) and the daily press giving was given for the first time by Raj Shah, the Principal Deputy Press Secretary. The bulk of questions were about recently resigned Staff Secretary Rob Porter, who despite strong initial support from Chief-of-Staff John Kelly, quit under fire after allegations of physical abuse of his two ex-wives came out.

a a a a a a rajja

Shah read an initial statement about the government process for doing background checks and the length and sanctity of the process. He then opened it up for questions from the press, and it all went downhill from there. It was likely only coincidental that a split-screen showed the last half-hour of the Stock Market results which were steadily dropping as he spoke. The press conference and the stock market closed at approximately the same time, with the final result being a loss of 1,032.52 points in the market and a comparable drop in White House credibility

What we can ascertain from his responses were that the allegations were known, but people are claiming not to have seen the pictures that caused the public to focus on the situation. We also found that when hired by the Trump White House, you can handle classified materials first and get your security clearance at some indefinite time later… if ever. We are to believe that the investigation was still ongoing and that the credibility of Porter’s denials was just as important as the claims of the women.

a a a a a a hopeblack eye

Perhaps the lowlight of the press briefing was when asked about Omarosa, who made comments about her term at the White House on “Celebrity Big Brother,” including, “it’s sad.” Shah responded, “We fired her four times,” including three stints on “Celebrity Apprentice” as if they were the same as her role at the White House. He said, “She had limited contact with the President then… and none now.”

a a a a a a rajj

When Raj Shah gets his evaluation, he’ll learn he wasn’t nasty enough to the media, took too many follow-up questions, appeared to be a pushover, and didn’t lie enough, leaving impressions embarrassing to the White House. Welcome to the jungle!

Omarosa: Watch Your Back Girl!

Multiple news outlets are saying you might have secretly taped people in the White House and you’re now trying to find a lawyer to either;

  1. Protect you if you get called as a witness by the Special Counsel
  2. Negotiate a book deal
  3. Fend off lawsuits from your former friends’ associates

What you need now isn’t a lawyer. You need Jesus!

Suggesting you have audiotapes has put you smack dab in the middle of the Mueller Investigation, Italian Mob, Russian Mob, White Supremacists, and the Religious Right (In some cases also white supremacists). Which of them do you really want coming for you?

a a a a a amorrosaa

Your best bet would be the Mueller Investigation because they will probably only come for you with subpoenas although in case you forgot. You’re still black. You’ll have to spend over $100K on that lawyer and if you lie, even if just to promote your next project, you’re going to jail. You may also have forgotten. YOU DO NOT HAVE A JOB! Maybe they can take up a special collection for you at your new husband’s church but I suspect they really aren’t feeling you like that.

a a a a a amaaoure

Maybe you aren’t old enough to remember that Trump has been associated with the Italian mob since his early days as a New York real estate developer. They’ve been overshadowed by their Russian counterparts but Trump has been busy taking care of his friends since assuming office. He fired all the US Attorneys and personally interviewed the ones he wants to take their place in the New York Districts. He turned the whole focus of the Justice Department towards black people, legal marijuana users, and rivals MS-13. They don’t want you messing up their good thing and removing you might be the easiest fix for their problem.

The Russian mob (not distinguishable from the Russian government) has billions of dollars tied up because of US sanctions they’re depending on Trump to remove. They need Trump to be around long enough to do that and they don’t play.

White Supremacist now have a hero in the White House, saying out loud that, “all Haitians have AIDS,” and “Nigerians won’t go back to their huts.” And that was just a couple weeks ago. All along he’s been trying to ban Muslims, deport the Mexicans who only sent us “their criminals and rapists.” You think they’ll let you be responsible for taking down their Kommander-in-Chief?

The Religous Right doesn’t really like Trump any more than anyone else. He’s put them in a position of supporting a heathen that cavorts with porn stars and had everyone scrambling through their bibles looking for, “Two Corinthians.” What they do want is an orderly transition to their preferred choice, Mike Pence, who he and they believe is, “on a mission from God!” If they think you have any tea on Pence, it’s you they’ll be coming for.

a a a a a amarosaa

I’m not mad at you Omarosa for trying to figure out a way to come out on top after your embarrassing dismissal from the White House. You got too comfortable and forgot who you were for a minute which could happen to anyone. Now let’s try to keep you alive the next year and maybe you’ll get to write that book after all, although you should probably think hard about leaving out some parts. I need you to run, not walk, to the nearest microphone and announce, “I don’t have any tapes!” Send a signal to everyone that you aren’t going to expose anyone and it was all just a big misunderstanding. Maybe they can even find you a little cash for your trouble? Trump’s attorney set up an L.L.C. to pay off a porn star ($130,000), surely what you know is worth something.

In summary, deny the tapes, lay low, keep quiet, and accept anything they offer you. Kenny Rogers sang, “you got to know when to fold ’em… know when to walk away… know when to run!”

Don’t Think “The Apprentice”, Think “Survivor”

It has become fashionable to think of the Donald Trump campaign as a reality show. On in which Donald is plotting how to win a ratings battle, which will result in him winning the prize at the end of the show in November. He won among 17 contestants by being louder, nastier, and simply bullying all the others off the show. His strategy was to tag his opponents with labels that stuck to them; “Low Energy Jeb”, “Little Marco”, “Lyin’ Ted Cruz.” Because his attacks sucked up all the oxygen in the room. None of the other contestants had a chance to breathe and none ever got a chance to get out of the gate. The judges in this case ,were a rabid Republican base who backed their contestant early on which in a large field, even without a majority was enough.

a repub candidates

Having won the Republican nomination, the game, and the rules have changed and Donald is doing the thing he has always done. When I say always I mean his whole life because ironically, the game he’s played has always been rigged. He went to military school yet maneuvered his way out of military service by getting five deferments. Son of a rich man, he attended an Ivy League school and later Wharton (I’m told both school’s are ashamed) and began in the family real estate business of real-estate. He decided to make a mark of his own taking on Manhattan with the blessings and funding from his father. Not long afterwards they found themselves pursued by the Justice Department for discrimination against Black rental applicants and despite, his rhetoric, settled with them for over a million dollars. Not the first or last time Donald or his father’s money bought himself out of a situation that might have derailed others.

a donald and fred

During the campaign, the battle to develop a working strategy is coming apart because the candidate always falls back on rabid attacks which have extended to Hispanics, Blacks, LBGTQ, the Disabled, Prisoners of War, Women, Educated People and pretty much everyone except uneducated White Men. Because demographics dictate that strategy will ultimately fail. The new game of Survivor is being played out within his own campaign staff as the players are looking to survive with their own brand intact while watching Donald sink his own. Dragging them along by forcing them to support racist, xenophobic and misogynist positions.

Paul Manafort the current chief of staff, (the old one was kicked off the island) is trying to maintain his brand as THE advisor to foreign dictators. Having once served Ferdinand Marcos until he was disposed of and the pro-Russia President of Ukraine while he was looting his country for millions on his way out. He has demonstrated his value by getting the Republican Party to loosen their support for Ukraine and propose ways to weaken NATO. Yes, he was uncovered to receive $12.7 million in cash payments. His response was that he “never received any cash.” Perhaps he made them get a money order.

a paul manafort

Ivanka Trump saw her brand rise by doing an excellent job of reading at the Republican National Convention although there was that questionable pat on the ass from her father before heading to the microphone. She told a story of a Donald Trump that was highly supportive of women, highly loyal (except to his wives), charitable giver (undocumented) and great businessman (sued more for failure to pay his bills than pretty much anyone in history). She was staying above the fray in the campaign but now the reports of her own business failing to provide maternity pay for women was a hit. She was strategically silent when Donald was attacking Gold-Star Parents while forgetting how his cowardice in avoiding service.

a ivanka trump

Katrina Pierson has come a long way from her meager upbringing. She turned herself around after a conviction for shoplifting at twenty from JC Penney’s. She say’s it motivated her and turns it into a redemption story for which I find no fault. She ran for Congress and failed but latched onto first Ted Cruz and the Tea Party and now worked her way “up” to being the spokesperson for Donald Trump. Her strategy appears to be going all in and telling the most outrageous lies hoping nobody will notice. If she were a better liar she might have walked away from that shoplifting charge?

a katrina

The rest of the Trump kids. Republican’s have tried to prove Trump’s character because of his wonderful kids is nonsensical once you take a close look as them. Donald, JT’s tweets are as vile as his father and Eric is no better. In their defense, they were born into that situation and their allowance (figuratively and literally) depends on staying in their good graces. Except for young Baron who I exclude from this conversation. They’ve seen what happened to their mothers.

a donald jr and eric

Omarosa… I just can’t.

a omarosa

As long as the campaign continues to deteriorate it will be fun to watch as the real infighting intensifies and they begin to protect themselves instead of adopting the Trump line, however crazy.




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