Roy Moore, Al Franken, and Donald Trump. How Do We Sort Out The Differences?

As of the time of writing, nine women have come out with accusations about the sexual conduct of candidate for Senate Roy Moore including that of being a pedophile, the worst of those being one of molesting a 14-year-old. Thirteen people have levied accusations against President Donald Trump, the worst being a 13-year-old claiming rape. (There’s no other kind of sex between a grown ass man and a 13-year-old). Now, a claim has been made against Senator Al Franken, saying he groped and assaulted a woman which comes with a picture of him appearing to fondle her breasts while she slept.

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All of these men claim to have a great respect for women. A lot of people (mostly men but not all) have been able to simultaneously claim their respect for women while attacking those that came forward. It’s clear that partisanship trumps respect every time and that we are able to ignore what these men have done if their views align with our politics.

Roy Moore and Donald Trump have adopted the strategy of denying every claim while shouting, “Fake News!” to the top of their lungs. There are known to be several videotapes of Trump on the set of, “The Apprentice” where he is alleged to have demeaned women and minorities, that people including Mark Burnett the Producer are keeping that information from being made public. By his own admission, he feels empowered to “kiss women” without consent and “grab ’em by the pussy.” Large subsets of people including a majority of “white women” and “white males without a college education” were able to look the other way and support Trump despite his known comments and alleged actions.

Roy Moore was banned from the Gadsden Mall when in his early thirties for cruising the mall trying to pick up young girls. He signed the yearbook of a 16-year-old girl he claimed not to know, in a restaurant he claims to have never been in. In a recent press conference, Roy Moore indicates his desire to “get back to the real issues” affecting Alabama, as if he were not one.

Signed Her High School Yearbook

The woman who came forward to recount her experience with Al Franken is named Leeann Tweeden, a radio personality in Los Angeles. Prior to that, she hosted fitness shows on ESPN including “Fitness Beach” where she gained the fame which likely got her invited on the USO tour where she met Franken. This isn’t going to turn into a, she traded her sexuality for fame and has to expect men to take certain liberties excuse. This is a, it doesn’t matter what a woman looks like, none deserve to be treated in a manner where their bodies and rights are subject to violation. For those who see it as “just a prank,” imagine it was your daughter. How funny would it be then?

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Make no mistake these men and these incidents are not the same. Franken’s behavior doesn’t begin to reach that of the other two. Yet if we accept his behavior, how do we retain the moral authority to condemn the other two?

As to what should happen to the three. I don’t want Roy Moore to be seated in the US Senate, even if he does win the Special Senate Election slated for December 12, 2017. I believed that even before the recent claims of him being a pedophile because he was also a racist and a homophobe.

I want Trump gone too, again though, the reasons are many. Racist, homophobe, potentially treason. That and risking nuclear war to prove what a big man he is, despite the small hands. He’s inarticulate, unintelligent and according to one tally, lies 5.5 times a day.

The question remains, what to do about Franken, whose transgression occurred 11 years ago. I must remember I gave Roy Moore no credit for 40-year-old crimes. The alleged rape committed by Donald Trump was 23 years ago. He doesn’t get a pass either. To his credit, Sen. Franken did not condemn his accuser, he issued an apology, which he added to later on Facebook. So when the sexual harasser is a friendly face, who I’ve admired as a Senator and shares my political views. What to do? In perhaps the first time I’ve ever wanted to paraphrase Donald Trump, “I like Senators who weren’t sexual harassers.”

In our response, as both Democrats and Republicans, we will indicate what we are willing to accept if it advances our political agenda. Is a Democrat looking the other way on Franken much different than Republicans ignoring Moore… Trump. Are we going to simply point fingers and say “what about” Clinton, Bush, Kennedy, and the entirety of the Congress who wrote rules that protect themselves when they are defendants and require the accusers to sign confidentiality agreements to seek redress? It is the culture that must be changed and looking the other way just won’t do. So as much as I have liked Al Franken in his service in the Senate. I think he must go.

My niece, Hayley, said something with which I can find no fault.

” Why are we acting as though there are not well-qualified politicians with our ideals, who have never assaulted someone??? Give his seat to that person.”



Roy Moore Signed The Girl’s Yearbook And Was Banned By The Gadsden Mall

Roy Moore, the 70-year-old Senate candidate from Alabama is convinced his supporters are stupid. He has vehemently denied the accusations of the initial four women that accused him of sexual harassment and assault, one of the girls was 14 at the time which even in Alabama was a crime. Moore was 32. The last time I dated a 17-year old, I was 19 and we were both in college.

Then a fifth accuser came forward, speaking publicly and volunteering to testify under oath before a Senate Committee should one have balls enough to have a hearing. She says she met him at the restaurant where she worked and that he was a regular customer. He says he’s never been to the restaurant and doesn’t know where it is. She describes various times she encountered him including when he offered her a ride home and tried to force her head into his crotch and finally literally threw her out of the parked car. He says they never met. She says he told her…

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“You are a child. I am the District Attorney of Etowah County If you tell anyone about this, no one will believe you.”

He alleges it’s all a liberal Democrat plot. She voted for Trump. Somebody is lying. If only there were some way to determine who was telling the truth. Oh, wait! He signed her high school yearbook! He indicated he knew her, indicated the restaurant they were at he’d swore he’d never patronized, reminded her he was the District Attorney.

“To a sweeter more beautiful girl I could not say Merry Christmas. Christmas 1977. Love, Roy Moore, D.A. 12-22-77 Olde Hickory House.”

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If that weren’t enough, dozens of people including in law enforcement indicate Roy Moore was banned from the Gadsden Mall for cruising teenage girls. Plainly spoken Roy Moore is a pedophile, stunted in his emotional development to where he could only communicate with those half his age, with little experience. It’s only a matter of time before more women tell their stories, #MeToo.

If you are one of those who still stand by Roy Moore in spite of all that you now know. If you are one of his surrogates who continue to condemn the women that have come forward, calling them liars and impugning their motives. If you are one of those who said, “Even if true” or “It was over 40 years ago” or suggested in any way that it really doesn’t matter. If your ideology would have you prefer a Republican pedophile whose already demonstrated his lack of respect for the law and court system, his bigotry, and homophobia than any Democrat. If you are so obtuse that simply proclaiming, “Fake News” is enough to erase any number of real and demonstrable acts. Fuck you very much!