Stacey Dash: Sorry You Had To Find Out The Hard Way

As mug shots go yours wasn’t bad. I never did understand people that smiled or laughed when being booked. I suspect you might have been suffering disbelief at the fact that during a dispute with your husband of one year. You called 911 but it was you that got arrested. It may be sinking in that the fact your husband is white and you are black just might be a factor in why the officers found him to be more credible.

I thought your demeanor during the arrest was admirable. You were cooperative, polite, you didn’t cry which would have made it an awkward situation for everybody. I sincerely hope you and your husband get past this though the publicity won’t help. I wrote about you in January 2018 after you were fired by Fox News. I shamefully say I wasn’t very forgiving of you for all the times you had negative things to say about black people (Oprah, President Obama, etc.) and wholeheartedly took the Fox party line. I acknowledged I was being petty but I’m sincerely saddened you now find yourself in this situation.

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Regarding your arrest, it must have been confusing after you called 911 and got taken to jail. The officers took one look at the scratches on your husband’s arms and determined you must have been the aggressor. It’s completely reasonable that he could have gotten scratched while you were acting in self-defense, but the police didn’t see it that way. They took the word of your white husband over you.

According to the 911 call, he put you in a chokehold, took pictures of scratches she said she didn’t cause. You said he instructed the children how to lie when the police arrived. They were in the background along with the husband at various points beating you.

It must be hard after all those years as a Fox commentator, always taking the side of the police, then one day finding the cuffs being placed on you. Even as your hands were behind your back and they were snapping them on you asked, “Am I being arrested?” Yes, Stacey, you were.

I wasn’t there and don’t know what happened. I wish you the best in all future endeavors. I do wonder what you thought about on your ride in the back of the patrol car? When you were having your mug shot taken? Placed in a cell? You likely thought you didn’t deserve to be arrested. You were innocent. Why didn’t they believe me?

You were quite fortunate in that black men and women have been shot under similar circumstances. Arrest notwithstanding, you seemed to have been treated with respect and will live to see another day. You claimed you couldn’t afford a lawyer and asked for a public defender. Your husband eventually bailed you out after two days in jail.

This is a side of life you haven’t been exposed to before and it had to make you at least wonder if race played a role in the outcome? This education may have been painful, what lessons are learned will be up to you. Good luck.

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