Nice Things I Can Say About Sean Hannity

Nobody is all bad, not Sean Hannity, not Rudy Guliani, there may even be some redeeming value in Donald Trump although I’m not aware of it. As an exercise, I’m going to see how far I get saying only nice things about someone I pretty much only have contempt for. Here goes:

  1. Sean Hannity has demonstrated the capacity to be an excellent reporter. During Hurricane Katrina, at Fox News like every other network, it was all hands on deck when it came to hurricane coverage. Sean Hannity impressed me with his ability to do straight news. He processed information as he received it. He was concise and did as good a job as anyone in conveying the facts and updating the public as to what was going on.
  2. He is very good at what he does. He knows his audience and gives them what they want. He is an excellent provider of entertainment to those people that appreciate him.
  3. He’s a survivor. Despite the whirlwind of firings going around him at Fox. Hannity has not only survived but thrived.
  4. I tried for a fourth thing but I’ve got nothing.

I try to watch a little Hannity from time to time to keep up with what he’s doing. I usually can’t watch for long but next time I’ll try to remember these positive values and watch a little longer.

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