Racism: A Clear and Present Danger




  1. 1: a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race
  2. 2a: a doctrine or political program based on the assumption of racism and designed to execute its principles

           2b:  a political or social system founded on racism

  1. 3: racial prejudice or discrimination


Racism isn’t something that simply used to be. It’s here now, perhaps more prevalent than ever. The only people that some acknowledge are racist. Are those that point it out.

People that are racist don’t want to be identified that way. It makes them look bad. They find ways to change the definition so that it doesn’t apply to them. There are two tests of racism that will make it clear whether one is racist or not. Thoughts… and actions.

Racists convince themselves because they have disabused themselves of some notions. They must not be racist. If they don’t believe in an inherent inferiority of other races. Don’t credit themselves with greater intelligence or superior logic. Not racist. People can convince themselves if their thoughts are pure enough, they cannot be racist. They would be wrong. Because the second test is actions. If your actions knowingly lead to a discriminatory result. Guess what? Racist!

If you support a Party whose future existence is dependent on Voter Suppression. You can claim it’s only about prevention of fraud but you know that not to be true. Only the willfully obtuse believe the current rhetoric about “rigged elections” and “widespread voter fraud.” The only reason these laws are pursued and only by one political party looking for an advantage is to suppress minority votes. Racism!

If you support a candidate who promises to apply unconstitutional methods to screen immigrants, check for papers and institute Stop & Frisk in “certain communities.” Racist! If you heed his call to watch the polls for irregularities in segments of Philadelphia or Chicago or St. Louis. Racist!

We’ve gotten well past the point of dog whistles. We have policies and platforms that make clear the intent. We have a “Southern Strategy.” We’ve watched a strategic elimination of protections from the Courts including the Supreme Court. A Voter Right’s act with no teeth is close to useless.

It might have been possible to ignore the racism in our politics previously. But then came Trump. He isn’t politically correct you say. Surrogates spend news cycles trying to explain what he meant as opposed to what he said. He tried for years to delegitimize the nation’s first Black President. He refers to “The Blacks”, and “The Hispanics” in case you didn’t understand them to be significantly other. His Black casino employees have been hidden from him when he passed by. He “doesn’t want Blacks counting his money” preferring Jews instead. He had policies not to rent to Blacks in his apartments. Marking applications “C” for Colored. In case you didn’t know. Racist!

To those who still support Trump despite being spectacularly uninformed and lacking any self-control. Please ignore all the apologists outlining the reasons you’re able to support the most unqualified candidate in our lifetime while distancing yourself from his racist comments and past. There is no distancing yourself if you still support him. Supporting him is an action with a knowingly racist result. Look closely at the third definition of racism which includes “Discrimination.” Supporting Trump is supporting discrimination. By that definition… Racist!


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