Ted Cruz to Donald Trump: “Did You Forget I Was a Scorpion?”

Say what you like about Ted Cruz, he stays true to his values. When he doesn’t like the direction of the government, he shuts it down. He doesn’t give a damn about the perception of his fellow Senators. And he doesn’t kiss the ass of the man who attacked his family in ways never seen before.

Trump linked Cruz’s father to the assassination of JFK. He attacked his wife’s appearance and her character. Trump being Trump, he wanted fealty and total submission from his vanquished foes and he was generally successful. Despite a number of speeches where Trump’s name was barely mentioned. He got Scott Walker, Newt Gingrich, Ben Carson and Chris Christie to kiss his ring and he somehow thought he’d force Cruz to submit to his will as well. Cruz had other ideas.

Not only did Cruz not endorse Trump. He gave all his supporters permission to “vote their conscience” which means vote for anybody but Trump. He went well over his time kicking Mike Pence almost out of Prime Time and he ruined another news cycle for the Convention which already wasn’t doing well in that respect.

Because you may never again in life give me cause to say this. Thank You Ted Cruz! You made my day.


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