Tipping Point! When Republican Senators Turn On Trump

The Republican-controlled Senate is all he has left. Once the House of Representatives was lost to the Democrats in the November mid-term elections. The question about Impeachment went from if to when with only timing in doubt. Democrats appear to be wisely waiting for the Mueller report to be issued, possibly combined with separate actions from the US Attorney from the Southern District of New York (SDNY). Providing all the damning evidence needed to begin the process.

House Democrats already have the simple majority of votes required to Impeach the President and send the matter to the Senate for trial. The question has always been, “What will it take to get enough Republican Senators to join Democrats to get to a two-thirds vote to remove Donald J Trump? What will be the final straw?

Trump has already survived “final straws” which would have been sufficient to undermine most others even while he ran for President. The Access Hollywood video where Trump described his ability to sexually assault women and infamously, “grab them by the pussy,” should have been enough. Yet he survived and went on to win the election. Since then he has been exposed as a serial liar, admitted to making payoffs to two women that alleged sexual relationships with Trump, and acknowledged long-running negotiations with Russians to build a Trump Tower Moscow while continuing to run for President. He’s obstructed justice in plain view and still, he stands.

Republican Senators have continued to lower the bar as to what is acceptable to accommodate Trump and for now would refuse to convict him despite what already appears to be overwhelming evidence the President has committed crimes, some while in office.

Reaction from Republican Senators has ranged from diminishing the seriousness of campaign law violations, ignoring the evidence of additional crimes, and waiting to see what other shoes drop before deciding which way to turn. New reports confirm that Republicans are already discussing at what point do they run away from Trump, whether it should be done sooner than later? Thus far though, they are standing firm in supporting Trump, fearing their future is tied to the Trump base. They are waiting for the public to lead them rather than the other way around. So what will it take?

Senate Republicans will be oblivious to each new days release of, “Breaking News” when we learn one more new thing to add to what they already know. The eventual release of the Mueller report will send them into hiding for a few days, avoiding reporters and cameras. Eventually, Fox News will provide them a narrative although it may not pass the smell test. Only when their constituents let them know they have no hope of reelection as long as they continue to stand by a criminal that has committed treason against their country will they begin to listen.

The other thing that will cause them to act is timing. As they watch their own brands being tied to Trump’s and realize the Senate will face devastating Republican losses in 2020 unless something changes. Someone will produce the narrative that if they could get rid of the Trump anchor, they could salvage their reputations with President Mike Pence.

If they wait too long… it won’t matter. If Pence also finds himself embroiled in conspiracy charges… it won’t matter. When all the soundbites are played of them standing with a liar and a crook… it won’t matter. Truth is, they’ve already waited too long. Any pretense of the country first and not the party is long gone.

Finally, they will go to Trump in secret and tell him as their predecessors once told Nixon, “You don’t have the votes!” Trump is less likely to resign than Nixon unless it’s tied to the freedom of his children. The Senators will eventually have to go public in standing against the President. Finding nerve in numbers as they were afraid to stand alone. It will happen, but way too late.

The Man That Will Bring Down Donald Trump

There is a lot of speculation as to who will be the person to bring down Donald Trump? Besieged on all sides, Trump watchers are watching frantically watching new information this week about Michael Flynn’s 19 interviews with regard to three separate investigations, Michael Cohen’s latest admissions and revelations regarding Trump Tower Moscow and the soon to be revealed depth of Manafort’s crimes and lies. The media is laser-focused on each new shiny object while forgetting the man who will be the most damaging to Donald Trump. The man that knows it all.

For a few days back in July, the man made headlines when he testified before a Federal Grand Jury in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York in the Michael Cohen investigation. In late August, the man was granted immunity by Federal prosecutors. While media speculation is rampant about what Flynn, Cohen, and Manafort might know. This man knows everything about the Trump Organization, the Trump Foundation, FEC violations, payoffs to Playmates and Porn Stars. He can document any and all of Trump’s trips to Moscow. He has the still unseen Trump tax returns. Somehow forgotten in the constantly moving media frenzy is Allen Weisselberg, longtime account for Trump and involved in his business operations since the 1970s.

Allen’s name first came up in the Cohen tapes describing the $150,000 payoff to Playmate Karen MacDougal to keep her story of an affair with Trump out of the papers. Weisselberg is one of the three people in charge of the Trump Foundation which is facing civil and potential criminal charges in New York related to fraud and self-pay. Trump himself hasn’t contributed to his own foundation in decades, although he has allowed it to buy portraits of himself to hang in his golf courses.

More seriously, Weisselberg knows all about Trump’s mafia ties, fraudulent business practices, failure to pay contractors, money laundering and more. Red flags should have gone up when Allen was granted immunity. While we haven’t heard a peep out of Weisselberg since. We can be certain the 72-year-old accountant has no desire to spend his final days in jail. We can also be sure Robert Mueller now knows everything Weisselberg does about how Trump does business.

We can watch with great anticipation, every tidbit involving Flynn, Manafort, and Cohen (the free $50 million condo to Putin was a good one). But it’s the testimony of his accountant, Allen Weisselberg, that will do Trump in!

Why Isn’t Voter Suppression A Crime?

Voter suppression is illegal, but is it a crime? Voter intimidation is a crime; threatening, coercing, or attempting either is punishable by fine, imprisonment for up to one year, or both. Voting illegally could get you sent to jail, depending on your color and who you were voting for.

Terri Lynn Rote, a white woman, was given two-years probation and a $750 fine for trying to vote twice for Donald Trump in Iowa. Crystal Mason, a black woman, was sentenced to 5-years in prison for attempting to vote illegally. Ms. Mason says she didn’t know she was ineligible to vote after her name was removed from the Texas voting rolls after a felony conviction for which she’d served her time. While voting illegally is definitely a crime, the only penalty for suppressing votes seems to be a greater likelihood of winning an election.

In a go big or go home strategy, Republicans in recent years have done all they could to suppress votes on a major scale. The Republican National Committee (RNC) was just freed from a Consent Decree forbidding them from coordinating with State Governments and Secretary’s of State to enforce their, “Ballot Security” programs which involved not so subtle intimidation of minority voters in crucial precincts. When Mike Pence announced in early 2016 the Republican Party would be performing that type of coordination he had to quickly renounce his statement and pretend it wasn’t true. That was before the Consent Decree was allowed to expire. Now Pence, Trump, Republican-controlled state governments, and Republican Secretary’s of State in Florida, Georgia, Kansas, and elsewhere are free to suppress away. From time to time they may be restrained by judges from imposing their will, but nobody is going to jail.

We just watched Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp use myriad strategies to suppress minority votes in his successful bid to become that state’s Governor. Despite being ordered by judges to halt several efforts, nothing was done to restore the rights of the hundreds of thousands of voters he’d managed to remove from the rolls during his term as Secretary of State. His efforts paled when compared to the millions Governor Rick Scott was able to remove in Florida. In Kansas, Dodge City residents who are primarily Hispanic saw their only polling location moved out-of-town to a suburban location with no bus stop, making it harder once again for minorities to vote.

Republicans are suppressing votes out of necessity. The Party is dwindling as a percentage of the population and their ability to win elections depends more and more on their effectiveness in suppressing votes. Historically, Democrats have been perhaps more guilty of voter suppression and intimidation but this cycle belongs to the Republicans. They do it because it’s effective, and the penalty is not severe.

So, why isn’t voter suppression something that leads to prison and excruciating financial pain? I don’t recall even any attempts to impose the kinds of penalties to give people pause when coming up with the strategies that prevent people from voting. Can it be that Republican and Democrat legislators are complicit in this scheme which keeps an ever-growing minority population from exerting more control in elective government? I’m going to give that question a little more thought.

If there are no laws imposing the types of penalties to significantly reduce voter suppression. It must be because legislatures don’t want them to exist. Instead of playing whack-a-mole when new suppressive laws and policies pop up. Let’s make real laws against voter suppression and start sending people to prison when they do so. If Cynthia Mason can get 5-years for trying to exercise a right she didn’t know she’d lost. Someone taking away the rights of hundreds of thousands ought to get life in prison. Bet it would stop then!

“The Most Bullied Person On The World”

I try not to come down too hard on Melania Trump, she no doubt is experiencing some kind of personal hell, wondering if her husband will barge into her separate bedroom and demand his due. He used to satisfy himself on the outside but that’s gotten a little tougher lately given the constant media presence and the lawsuits and all. She might be experiencing Stockholm Syndrome where the hostage develops an alliance with her captor. But she wasn’t taken captive, she volunteered for that shit, trading her self-esteem for riches. Lending her support to perhaps the biggest bully in the world.

She was right there adding her voice to the birthers. Even when claiming to support #MeToo she made sure she also said you can’t just go around believing the women. She stood by her man after Charlottesville, she stood by him as he supported Roy Moore. She stayed silent while Donald mocked a sexual abuse victim, a disabled reporter, wives of other politicians. By standing mute at his side, Melania cosigned onto everything Trump did and now complains about what people say about her.

In her interview with Tom Llamas of ABC NEws, she did allow that maybe she was just “one of the most bullied” after first saying she was the most. Understandably, she spends as little time with her husband as possible. First refusing to move from New York to Washington for several months after Donald was elected. She then started playing “Where’s Melania,” being in Florida when he was in Washington and taking an extended tour of Africa, knowing Donald wouldn’t follow her to “shithole countries.” The only problem is that we the public are spending millions for her to try to escape her husband. People try to give her credit for slapping away Donald’s attempts to hold her hand and for silently suffering public humiliation as the details of her husband’s dalliances with porn stars and Playmate’s occupy the news on a regular basis.


Melania may feel bullied and picked on, but if she wants to be appreciated by the public. She needs to do something the public respects. That might include leaving his ass, making public statements denouncing his bullying, and disowning his misogyny, racism, and xenophobia for starters. Whatever the difference is between your current allowance and whatever your prenuptial agreement allows can’t be worth it. Don’t whine about being bullied… leave!

Letter From The Democrat Plantation

I argue on the Internet with what I’ll lump together and call Republicans. Most of them are indeed registered Republicans although some prefer only to be called Conservative or Libertarian. As far as I know, I’m the only black regular among the group but being the Internet, you can’t say for sure.

They are that Trump base we hear about, finding themselves in agreement with everything he says and does, even if they would have considered it heinous had anyone else done it. Some of our discussions are civil, I have perhaps even found one friend in the group although our views are extreme opposites. Mostly, by the third round of exchanges, the discussion has devolved into them resorting to personal insults as they no longer have facts to support their argument. The other constant is that they say, “if only you’d get off that Democrat Plantation and see the light.” Their presumption being that I’ve volunteered for slavery to the Democrat Party and if I had any sense I’d consider the value of an alternative.

Those with a bit of historical knowledge tell me that Republicans are the “Party of Lincoln.” They were formed with the intention of ending slavery and that it was Abraham Lincoln, a Republican, that made the Emancipation Proclamation and fought the Civil War to end slavery. I give them partial credit for their initial good intentions. Lincoln himself was rather ambivalent toward slavery and while he said he wouldn’t personally own any. He’d have been just fine with slavery’s existence. He also would have sent the slaves back to Africa if given the chance. That Emancipation Proclamation didn’t free any slaves from states that didn’t secede from the Union. It was about hurting the South economically and winning the war. Any credit they had they lost in the Compromise of 1877 when they traded for the Presidency in a contested election, granting the removal of Federal Troops from the South which effectively ended Reconstruction and opened the floodgates for Jim Crow laws.

Failing to convince me of the merits of their own Party, they move right along to attacking the Democrat Party. They attempt to enlighten me by linking Democrats with the Ku Klux Klan and a racist past. Ever helpful, I readily agree, pointing out examples of massacres perpetrated by Democrats related to voting rights, one in Ocoee, FL just a few miles from where I presently reside although it isn’t taught in the history books. I also mention the numbers of Democrats that fled the Party, joining the Republicans after Democrats grudgingly passed Civil and Voting Rights legislation in the 1960’s. I mention Lee Atwater and the Southern Strategy which gave us George H.W. Bush on the back of Willie Horton. And then I bring up the single issue that will keep me from ever considering the Republican Party as long as the policy exists which is voter suppression.

They howl in denial like stuck pigs at the mention of voter suppression. They say there’s “no such thing” while simultaneously arguing about hordes of illegal voters, no instances of more than a few they can prove in a nation of hundreds of millions. They ask for examples and I provide quotes from panels of Federal Judges using words like “surgical precision” to describe Republican efforts. They ask, “what’s wrong with requiring an ID which you need for several other things?” I surprise them and don’t disagree about ID if it’s actually free and timely and doesn’t translate into an Unconstitutional poll tax. I then ask about all the other laws that always accompany a Voter ID law, ones that reduce early voting days and times, ones that don’t recognize certain State-issued ID used by students. Reduction in polling places that translate to long lines in urban (minority) districts whereas rural voters are in and out.

They point to the overwhelming percentage of minorities that vote Democrat and ask, “what do you get for that?” They point to urban areas like Detroit and Chicago with Democrat leadership yet high crime and murder rates. I separate the two as they are unique circumstances. Detroit had lost its ability to govern itself through the “Emergency Manager” law where the State (Republicans) took over the management of several Michigan cities including Detroit and Flint. The Detroit manager sold off many of the city’s assets like the Silverdome at bargain basement prices, working like Robin Hood in reverse, taking from the poor and benefiting the rich. In Flint, they made a decision to use river water and have been poisoning the citizens for years with no true end in sight. In Chicago, which they tout as having some of the strictest gun laws in the nation but a high shooting rate, they are surrounded by municipalities with some of the weakest laws, making access to guns no problem. My general answer though is that no city lives in a vacuum and it is often the case that urban tax revenues go to support rural and suburban causes.

They never stray from their denials about the existence of voter suppression and I never tire of proving it with court decisions and statements of politicians indicating it was precisely what they intended. Then we get to mass incarceration. Their defenses take different directions as some claim the whole concept to be a myth while others blame it wholly on the Clinton’s and the crime bill passed under Bill’s leadership. I don’t let Clinton off the hook altogether but the Republican Congress would have forced something even worse down America’s throat had he not compromised. I give them half a point but then insist we take a look at the present. Out of one side of his mouth, Trump says he, “doesn’t have an Attorney General.” Yet, Jeff Sessions when not being lambasted by the President for recusing himself from the Russia Investigation. Has single-handedly brought back mass incarceration, filling for-profit cells with minorities and immigrants which is just what Trump wanted.

I would not mind if the Republican Party presented a viable alternative. The Democrat Party is a jumble of various constituencies and it often meets the needs of one over another. They do sometimes take black voters for granted while not addressing some of our needs as a community like I’d prefer. I could recite the failings of the Democrat Party as well as many Republicans yet you offer no better alternative, in fact denying my people the right to fully participate in the process of Democracy by inhibiting our ability to vote.

Lastly, I watched you “plow through” the confirmation process of Brett Kavanaugh using that sham of an investigation as a pretext. When you claimed to respect the women and then supported Trump when he mocked one of them. You showed us nothing has changed. Black unemployment is down, following the trend already established by the Obama administration. Yet that increase in jobs is primarily low-paying and wages are stagnant. Where is the influence of black people in your Party, what voices do you listen to? Kellyanne Conway couldn’t name one black person in the administration. Ben Carson is busy taking care of his family, helping them receive no-bid contracts and picking out fancy furniture on the government’s dime. What does it say about you that the most influential black Republicans are Diamond and Silk?

I sent off my early ballot today. I had the opportunity to vote for the first black nominee of a major Party for Governor of Florida in my lifetime. Hopefully, it won’t be the last. Many of the offices I voted for were non-partisan like Judges, at least Judges used to be non-partisan but we see from Kavanaugh, that’s no longer true. When I had no clear preference in a partisan race, I did my research on the candidate’s values. There was an instance where there was still little separation, I considered voting for a Republican, and then I remembered voter suppression, mass incarceration, women’s rights, and the trade war for good measure. Call it the plantation if you like, I looked you over and couldn’t stomach what you have to offer.

little white lies…

“I swear by Almighty God that I will tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.”

Brett Kavanaugh uttered those words before his testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee in 2004, 2006, and twice in 2018. He swore under penalty of perjury that he would not lie. In each instance, he lied to make himself look better, make confirmation for office more likely, and to cover up crimes.

Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah), a friendly face, asked Kavanaugh, “When did you first hear of Ms. Ramirez’s allegations against you?” Kavanaugh indicated he hadn’t heard of the charges related to exposing himself and causing unwanted contact with his penis, until after an article ran in The New Yorker magazine. NBC broke news that Kavanaugh knew weeks before about the upcoming allegations and was persuading Yale friends to coordinate their testimony and discredit Deborah Ramirez.

This is just one of the many lies Kavanaugh has told under oath, often with the protection of Republican Senators and two Republican White House administrations. In 2004 he lied about his involvement with torture programs when he worked for the White House. In 2006, he lied about receipt of, and the use of stolen materials from Democrat Senator Patrick Leahy. After his 2006 testimony, Democrat Senators sent a referral to the Justice Department regarding his false testimony but the Bush White House refused to act on it. In 2018, Republican Senators and the Trump White House tried to keep the e-mails proving Kavanaugh lied, from ever being seen by the public.

In his 2018 testimony at a 2nd hearing, after specific charges of sexual assault. Kavanaugh was called upon to answer questions about his drinking which was at the center of many of the allegations against him. He was believed to be drunk when he allegedly attempted to rape Christine Blasey Ford, he was drunk when he assaulted Deborah Ramirez. He was close friends with Mark Judge, who wrote a book about his drunken behavior at the all-male Georgetown Prep High School both attended. Judge told his girlfriend about a train of boys having sex with a drunken, incoherent girl, a claim similar to another charge against Kavanaugh by Julie Swetnick, who claimed to have seen Judge and Kavanaugh standing in line at parties, waiting to have sex with a girl.

Kavanaugh was asked to explain several entries in his 1983 yearbook which are very hard to accept as credible. In his responses, he appeared to have lied about his drinking, his throwing up which he blamed on a “sensitive stomach” and his relationship with girls including why 14 boys listed themselves as members of the “Renate Alumnius,” Renate being the first name of a girl at a nearby school. When she heard about the reference, 34 years later. She said, “I learned about these yearbook pages only a few days ago. I don’t know what ‘Renate Alumnus’ actually means. I can’t begin to comprehend what goes through the minds of 17-year-old boys who write such things, but the insinuation is horrible, hurtful and simply untrue. I pray their daughters are never treated this way. I will have no further comment.”

That Brett Kavanaugh is an attempted rapist, guilty of sexual assault and group rape may not be provable beyond any reasonable doubt after as much as 36 years in some instances. That he is a mean drunk is backed up by a steadily growing number of witnesses and that he has committed perjury in a televised hearing which much of the nation watched is abundantly clear. What is also clear is that the vast majority of Republican Senators, capable of confirming Kavanaugh’s nomination with no Democrat support, simply don’t care. What remains to be seen is if the Republican women in the Senate and any Republican male will allow it to matter?

Mueller vs. Trump: The End Game (Part 3 Mueller Strategy Session)

Andrew Weissman said, “When do you think he’ll fire you?

Mueller replied, “Either right after the midterms or when the next round of indictments is announced? I want to go over today the plans, under the assumption that at some point I won’t be leading these meetings. Let’s go around the horn and report on where you are with your assignments. Andrew, you go first.”

Weissman said, “I’ve been working along with the New York State Attorney General Barbara Underwood. If we have a problem, she’s ready to go with multiple indictments against Don Jr and Ivanka for the real estate fraud case that never got charged. Money laundering against The Trump Organization with the President as an unindicted co-conspirator, and New York State tax evasion against the company and the family members except for the President who’ll again be an unindicted co-conspirator.

Michael Dreeben said, “Her term expires in January, what happens to those cases then?”

Weissman said, “That depends on who wins, we have every reason to believe the Democrat, Letitia James will be all in to continue the cases. The Republican, Keith Wofford, doesn’t look like he’ll win but in any case, he’d be hard pressed to drop those cases once they’re made public. We go to the grand jury ourselves seeking sealed indictments for the relevant Federal charges, to be made public after the midterm elections. Even if you’re fired by the President, the cases will already be on the books and made public once Donald Jr, Ivanka, Jared, and Eric are charged and arrested. New York is continuing with their own case against the Trump Foundation.

Mueller said, “Where are we at with the bribery and money laundering cases in Toronto, Panama, and Asia?”

Greg Andres said, “The money trail is solid, these guys didn’t even try to hide anything. They were so arrogant they thought they’d never get caught. We’re ready to go with the sealed indictments against the usual suspects. Trump’s accountant Allen Weisselberg was very helpful in filling in the few blanks we had. Does he have to go to jail too?”

Mueller said, “We won’t ask for much, he’s an old man, but everybody has to do at least some time. Jeannie do you have something for us?”

Jeannie Rhee said, “I’m following the civil actions in all the cases involving women. We’re paying close attention to the Summer Zervos case. The President has to respond to written questions by the end of this year. We’ll get copied on his deposition and as a ‘friend of the court,’ we might be able to help her attorney with some perjury counts. If I might ask sir, what’s the end game?”

Mueller said, “We want Trump’s resignation and the rest in jail. Our own version of shock and awe. We want him hit from so many fronts on so many charges that he’ll have little choice. We may deal with the length of the kid’s sentences a little if he goes quickly, if not we press the Russia angle and go all the way for treason. He sold out America’s interests to make a little more money. Let him tweet about that! There are a few more Americans to round up as well that participated with Russia, whoever takes our place will have to finish the job. Sounds like we have everything about covered, anybody have anything else?”

Uzo Asonye said, “Will we be notifying the defendants of the indictments?”

Mueller said, “Glad you brought that up, we’ll have James Quarles notify Guiliani the day before the election of the pending charges. If he fires me, Sessions, or Rosenstein, we’ll bring all the obstruction charges with that as the topper. Thanks, everyone for the hard work. Unlike their slogan, you really are helping to make our country great again.”

Next: Part 4 Trump Strategy Session

Note: Parts 1 and 2 are mostly facts with some opinion. Part 3 and beyond are speculation based on fact. Every scenario described has a factual basis.

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Mueller vs Trump: The End Game (Part 2 The Trump Team) Send In The Clowns

Trump doesn’t have a single centralized team of lawyers like Mueller. He has compartmentalized groups of lawyers with specific functions, sometimes working against the goals of the others. While Mueller’s team almost never speaks, letting their actions do the talking. Trump’s lawyers almost never shut up. He has personal lawyers, corporate lawyers, a White House Counsel, impeachment lawyers, and television lawyers whose only purpose is to provide distractions and appease his base.

Not to say there are no good lawyers in the group. Emmett Flood who is handling the Russia investigation is an excellent lawyer who represented Bill Clinton during his impeachment and served as Special Counsel to George W Bush during his second term. He knows the Constitutional issues and will fight for every inch of White House territory when Mueller comes for Trump. The President is allegedly considering removing Flood from his current position, making him his White House Counsel to replace the departed Don McGahn. McGahn and Flood were close and McGahn has already provided over 30 hours of interviews to the Mueller team. Moving Flood to White House Counsel would make Trump weaker, not stronger, he would work for the people, not the President and have no attorney/client privilege. Don’t expect Trump to make a wise decision, just one that feels good.

The best thing you can say about the rest of Trump’s lawyers is that they are an upgrade from who he had before. The poor performance of the previous batch is not entirely their fault. They made the mistake of believing their client when your client is Donald Trump, that’s a foolish mistake. Trump told them “he’d done nothing wrong.” His lead attorney at the time, Ty Cobb, advised full cooperation to bring the inquiry to an early end. They turned over hundreds of thousands of pages of documents and emails. Something Flood never would have done without a subpoena. Cobb had to spend his year of service to Trump looking over his shoulder, regularly rumored to be replaced by some lawyer(s) Trump saw on Fox News.

John Dowd once headed up Trump’s Russia probe team. An example of his efficiency is that he personally donated more than the legal limit for campaign contributions. When asked if he knew he’d violated the law, he responded he was, “not aware.” Cobb and Dowd were once overheard discussing strategy in a public restaurant by a New York Times reporter at a nearby table. Dowd eventually resigned from the team after disagreeing with Trump on strategy.

Jay Sekulow’s background is in Constitutional law with almost no criminal law or white-collar crime background. Unfortunately, much of the team on the other side is well-versed in uprooting criminal enterprises and uncovering fraud and money laundering. Initially hired to support Cobb and Dowd, he found himself temporarily in charge of the Russia probe prior to Flood coming on board.

No summary of Trump’s lawyers should omit the married couple whose hiring was announced and then they declined to take the job because of “conflicts of interest.” Trump found Joseph diGenova and Victoria Toensing watching Fox News and liked “how tough they were.” Trum announced their hiring without letting his other lawyers know. After internal discussions, the duo indicated they could not accept the position because of conflicts with other clients they represent.

And then there’s Rudy. Always an egomaniac but once a fine prosecutor. Rudy Guiliani hasn’t been a real lawyer in some time but now does play one on tv. Rudy’s apparent job is to send the media chasing after his ridiculous comments and occasional admissions of something Trump previously lied about. You could make the case he destroyed his reputation with his behavior with his wife and mistress while Mayor of New York. Now nothing else he does matters, simply happy to be back in the limelight.

There are two main reasons that the best defense lawyers for the job are working for Jared Kushner and others currently or formerly with Trump’s administration or campaign. 1. Trump was apparently slow to realize he was in trouble and stood idly by while everyone else lawyered up. 2. Trump has a reputation for not paying his lawyers and few would work for him. Some like former personal attorney Michael Cohen found ways to make money by being in Trump’s orbit and performing illegal tasks at Trump’s direction. Cohen can currently be found begging Mueller to be a cooperating witness against Trump and hoping for a light sentence after pleading guilty to 8 criminal counts in Federal court.

Trump’s team is outwitted and overmatched. They’re also outnumbered as he’s having to fight on several fronts. In addition to the having to fight the resources of Mueller, the FBI, and Justice Department. Civil suits are piling up including cases by pornstar Stormy Daniels, represented by the ubiquitous Michael Avenatti. There’s Playboy Playmate Karen MacDougal who alleges a year-long affair. Under the radar is Summer Zervos who has already won the right to depose the President before year’s end. Much like Trump, his squadron of attorneys seem to lack focus and direction. After the November midterms, the battle will begin. Mueller’s team is ready. Trumps?

Next: Mueller Strategy Session

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Mueller vs. Trump: The End Game (Part 1 The Mueller Team)

Mueller vs. Trump: The End Game (Part 1 The Mueller Team)

Many of their names you don’t know unless you work in the upper echelon of criminal law. Michael Dreeben, the Deputy Solicitor General, has appeared before the Supreme Court over 100 times. Andrew Weissman was singled out by the Trump team as someone that would not be allowed to interview him. He’s prosecuted the Mafia, took down Enron and knows how to follow the money. He’s a specialist in uncovering fraud and foreign bribery.

Jeannie Rhee served as Deputy Attorney General under Eric Holder during the Obama administration. She advised the White House on criminal law matters. James Quarles is the point man in discussions with the various White House and Trump lawyers as they come and go. He was an Assistant Special Prosecutor during the Watergate probe, he’s been here before. Aaron Zebley was a former FBI agent that turned prosecutor. He specializes in cyberterrorism.

Greg Andres was added to the team because of his expertise in foreign bribery. He took down several members of the Bonanno crime family, prompting one to solicit a hit on Andres. He convicted a Texas billionaire of running an $8 Billion Ponzi scheme. Zainab Ahmad had a record of 13–0 in prosecuting terrorists before joining Mueller’s team. Aaron Zelinsky spent three years working under Rod Rosenstein in the Baltimore State Attorney’s office. He has clerked for Supreme Court Justices appointed by both Republicans and Democrats. Kyle Freeney specializes in money laundering, most recently working on the “Wolf of Wall Street” case popularized by the movie.

Andrew Goldstein, Elizabeth Prelogar, Brandon Van Grack, Adam Jed, Scott Meisler, Ruth Atkinson, Brian Richardson, Ryan Dickey, and Uzo Asonye round out the squad. You might not have realized there were so many. If you weren’t paying attention, you may not have known how much their collective expertise focused on organized crime, money laundering, foreign bribery, and fraud. It seems as though they have a clear idea of who their foe is and how to take him/them down. They don’t brag on Twitter or do press releases or make televised statements. Their communications are through court documents. Their statements are there wins, they’re currently undefeated in court and in obtaining guilty pleadings. The preliminaries are over, now the planning is for the end game and the desperate tactics Trump will employ to obstruct them.

For all practical purposes, these are the Avengers. Not facing an invincible all-powerful foe like Thanos. Rather an inept egomaniac with only the support of a complicit Congress keeping him afloat. Not that he is without power, his position grants him much though he doesn’t know how to wield it. For various reasons, both sides have an implied truce until the midterm elections. Afterward… the war will begin.

Next: Part 2 The Trump Team: Send In The Clowns

Don’t Fall For The Hype of Facebook Likes & Comments

I wrote a politically related story, referred to below, and forwarded it as usual to the Facebook groups I belong to who typically share (or oppose) my views. The feedback was instantaneous. Hundreds of likes and other reactions, dozens of comments, some shares. Then I look at the Medium statistics and see at present; 14 views and 6 reads.

There are only two conclusions I can reach:

  1. Medium somehow fails to capture a high percentage of viewers/readers that felt strongly enough to comment or react to the stories.
  2. People are so locked into their own views that they find reading unnecessary and simply comment and like, love, wow, sad, angry based on the title alone without taking in information that might inform their view.

I’d like to believe it’s the first possibility yet find the second prospect far more likely. If a writer posts a story and people only pretend they’ve read it. Does it make a noise?

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