In Mueller’s Game of Musical Chairs; Trump, Jared, and Donald Jr are the Losers

The music stopped playing and Paul Manafort claimed the final chair, agreeing to a Cooperation Agreement with the Special Counsel, presumably flipping on Donald Trump. Manafort was in the infamous Trump Tower meeting along with Jared, Donald Jr and a contingent of Russians in June 2016. This was the meeting nobody involved disclosed, and when uncovered, everyone involved lied about including the President dictating a false summary of what the meeting was about.

Manafort is also responsible for the Republican Party changing their platform at the Republican National Convention to adopt a Russian friendly, pro-Ukraine position. No one has provided the answer as to how that switch came to be but Manafort can now tell us.

Michael Cohen, who had already claimed his chair when he pleaded guilty to eight charges. Is now talking to the Mueller team in hopes of getting a deal of his own. Not only does he have the details on Trump’s payments to women but he was also the one trying to negotiate for a Trump Moscow during the 2016 election season.

The list of people that have made deals and grabbed one of Mueller’s chairs include; Michael Flynn, Rick Gates, George Papadopoulos, and Allen Weisselberg, the head accountant for The Trump Corporation. Mueller has also spent as many as 30 hours interviewing White House Counsel and interviewed many former White House staffers including Hope Hicks and Steve Bannon.

The bottom line is that if you aren’t talking to Robert Mueller. He’s probably coming for you! What remains to be seen is if Mueller will place one more chair in the center of the room, open for Jared or Donald Jr to testify against Donald J. Trump. The “J” stands for Jailbird!

What Happens When Trump’s “Children of the Corn” Run A Charitable Foundation?

In the 1984 movie, “Children of the Corn,” based on the Stephen King novel. Children were convinced by a demon (Donald of course) that everyone over the age of 18 must be killed. They succeeded in killing all the adults in a fictional Nebraska town (deep in Trump country), where they serve their false God, “He Who Walks Behind The Rows.” Suppose the Children of the Corn existed in real life?

Inevitably, the children leaders approach age 18 themselves and naturally don’t want to be sacrificed. They make a deal with the demon to pose as his own children and assist him in reaching his goal of molding the world in his own image. One of the ploys used to appear to do good was the establishment of a charitable foundation. When the demon reached the first plateau in his quest for world dominance. He placed, The Trump Foundation in the hands of his now adult children; Ivanka, Eric, and Donald Jr.

Because the demon was obsessed with hoarding money, in 2008 he stopped contributing his own funds to the foundation and relied solely on outside contributions. The trust contributed to such worthwhile endeavors as a 6-foot tall portrait of the demon and separately a 4-foot tall portrait. These were displayed at the demon’s golf courses of which he owns several. Coming out of the cornfields he must maintain a close relationship to the soil that spawned him and he has yet to spend more than a week or two without going back to a golf course to replenish his energy. In his time away from golf courses, he exists primarily on McDonalds.

The Trump children were made board members of the Foundation, pretty much because Trump trusted no one else, save the family accountant that had always served the demon, Allen Weisselberg. None of the children paid attention to the goings on at The Trump Foundation.

Ivanka established a career as a model and then started a fashion line, paying workers in a Chinese sweat shop less than a dollar-an-hour for 12-hour days. They did get 2 days off per month. She and brother Donald Jr escaped prosecution on fraud charges related to a real estate venture when the District Attorney was persuaded by a top donor to drop the charges.

Eric has never worked for anyone except his father. He did create the Eric Trump Foundation which got into trouble for siphoning off funds raised to treat cancer patients and funneling them into the demon’s businesses. Eric said the funds were “re-donated” which no doubt relieved those who may have thought their donations were misused. Eric is often mocked as being “the stupid one,” probably because of the words that come out of his mouth.

Donald Jr tried to break away from the demon and worked as a bartender for a year, living in a truck. Eventually his need for money brought him back and he’s served the demon ever since. In 2016, he was interviewed with white supremacist James Edwards. The Trump campaign initially lied (surprise) and said the interview didn’t take place, Don Jr later claimed it was “inadvertent.” Junior continues to tweet White Nationalist meme’s from time to time lest anyone be confused about his beliefs. His wife recently left him after an affair with an entertainer was discovered (If only Melania had the guts) and is now dating a former Fox News personality, Kimberly Guilfoyle.

The Trump Foundation, with the children actively looking away. Spent donors money on political activities including paying off state attorney generals (Pam Bondi-FL and Greg Abbot-TX) to not pursue charges against the fraudulent Trump University. They paid off lawsuits related to The Trump Organization and made promises to veterans organizations which weren’t fulfilled. They made donations to groups that rented Trump Organization facilities (self-dealing) and to organizations that helped the demon politically.

On September 13, 2016, the State of New York announced an investigation into The Trump Foundation. Seventeen days later they issued a “Notice of Violation.” On October 17, 2016 the state ordered them to cease fundraising operations. The Trump Foundation indicated they would cooperate and tried to dissolve the foundation, hoping that would end its troubles. The State of New York said they weren’t permitted to dissolve until these matters were cleared up.

We recently learned, under the children’s alleged watch. the Trump Foundation was use to make payments to silence women who slept with the demon. In a sordid tale which involves rats and flippers. The demon’s personal attorney, accountant, and tabloid publisher friend have all agreed to testify against the demon, two of the three after accepting Federal Immunity against all charges. It is still presumed a sitting President (the demon) can’t be indicted but those three adult children have no such protection. Last week the State of New York subpoenaed the demon’s attorney, Michael Cohen, regarding the activities of The Trump Foundation and he’s in a talking mood.

At the end of the Children of the Corn movie. The demon is seen burning up along with the cornfield, with the remaining children now aware it was a demon that led them. In real life, the demon may well sacrifice his children to save himself? Will it be the State of New York or the Justice Department that starts indicting the children first? How will the demon react? It’s about to get real ugly!

Trump: “The Only Reason I Picked …”

Donald Trump, despite his claims that he would bring in, “the best people,” seems to have used some of the worst reasons for selecting his staff, Cabinet members, lawyers, and girlfriends.

He said about Jeff Sessions, “The only reason I gave him the job is because I felt loyalty. He was an original supporter.” That doesn’t seem to be much of a reason to be appointed the top law enforcement person in the nation. To be fair to Trump, Sessions shared many of Trump’s views regarding immigration, voter suppression, and people of color. The fact he was deemed “too racist” to become a Federal Judge earlier in his career was probably a plus rather than a negative.

About Omarosa, who’s out peddling her book running down Trump, his administration and family members. He hired her because, “She only said great things about me.” He added, “She never made it, never will. She begged me for a job, tears in her eyes. She was vicious, but not smart. I would rarely see her. But heard really bad things.” She also was apparently the only black person qualified for a senior position in the Trump administration. At least the only one Kellyanne Conway could remember.

Lets look at the likely reasons Trump appointed several other members of his administration or Cabinet. Besides saying very nice things about Trump.

Wilbur Ross: “He ran the Bank of Cyprus which is the greatest bank ever for laundering money. I could learn great things from Wilbur”

Ben Carson: “I called him a psychopath during the campaign but didn’t really mean it. He’ll do what he’s told and really knows his place.”

Hope Hicks: “She’s a nice piece of tail.” Again, striving for fairness, Trump didn’t say exactly that about Ms. Hicks. What he did say to her when she expressed concern about press treatment of her married boyfriend Corey Lewandowski, then Trump’s Campaign Manager. “You’ve already done enough for him. You’re the best piece of tail he’ll ever have.” Hicks is alleged to have run from the room after Trump’s comment.

Ivanka Trump: “Don’t you think my daughter’s hot? She’s hot right?” or “If she wasn’t my daughter. Perhaps I’d be dating her?” or “My daughter Ivanka. She’s 6 feet tall, she’s got the best body. She made a lot of money as a model… a tremendous amount.” or “Yeah, she’s really something, and what a beauty, that one. If I weren’t happily married and, ya know her father…”

Note: These are not hypothetical quotes. Trump actually said all those things.

Paul Manafort: It is unclear as to whether Trump hired Manafort based of recommendations from potential future defendant Jared Kushner, potential future defendant Roger Stone, or the Russian mob. There are unconfirmed stories suggesting all of the above. It hardly matters which is true.

Mike Pence: Selected by convicted felon Paul Manafort.

Stormy Daniels: She “spanked that ass,” what’s not to like about that?

Why Nixon’s Pardon Set A Bad Precedent

The parting shot we usually see of Richard Nixon is of him boarding a military helicopter, hands raised with big smile. Coming from him, his hand gesture was far more likely a “V for Victory” as opposed to a peace sign which gained popularity during the resistance to the Vietnam War. His wife Pat had gone ahead, Nixon boarded and turned with his big wave, followed by his daughter Tricia and her husband. That morning, President Nixon officially signed his letter of resignation, he said good-bye to his staff, and boarded the helicopter with new President Gerald Ford and many officials on the White House lawn, waving him off.

Less than a month later, President Ford issued a full pardon for “any crimes Richard Nixon may have committed,” so that “the country may heal.” Given that precedent, the only deterrent to any future President contemplating any future crimes… is the embarrassment of having to leave office. Taking a nationally televised perp-walk, with all their wealth intact. What happens when the President has no shame?

Whatever you may think of Nixon, he did through his attorneys agree to accept subpoenas from the Supreme Court and handed over his secret recordings of conversations in the Oval Office. When confronted by Senate Republicans informing him he “didn’t have the votes” to fend off an Impeachment guilty verdict, he resigned rather than subject the nation to the ordeal. He ultimately recognized the authority of the other branches of government to perform their duties. With Donald Trump, there is no reason to believe he will adhere to any subpoenas whether to testify before a grand jury or provide any documents requested by the courts. The President has already nominated a Supreme Court Justice who believes a sitting President shouldn’t be investigated for crimes and gives wide deference to Executive Power. If anyone is relying on shame to deter any self-serving actions to avoid justice by this President, they must not know Donald Trump.

We keep saying in our country that, “No man is above the law.” There is evidence to the contrary that the very rich often avoid punishment for their crimes and the apparent guaranteed way to avoid justice is to become President. It seems clear that the Mueller investigation is investigating potential financial crimes committed long before Trump’s election. He has the taxes Trump never intended to show America, he has witnesses to the business affairs of the Trump Organization including secret tapes made by Trump’s personal attorney, Michael Cohen. There is documentation of Trump payoff’s to porn star Stormy Daniels and Playboy Playmate Karen MacDougal. These are only some of the things we know Mueller has.

A man of few values that aren’t highly flexible, we know by his immigration policy where Trump has stripped children from their families, some permanently. Trump believes in the value of a deterrent. A world in which the worst thing that could happen is that he gets to play more golf and do less work is no reason not to commit crimes. There needs to be a credible threat of jail time for this and any President that commits crimes, including those committed before attaining office as becoming President shouldn’t become literally a “Get Out Of Jail Free” card. It would also rein in Presidents that might consider committing crimes while in office. The penalty should be much harsher than no longer having to do one of the hardest jobs in the world.

In the event Donald Trump resigns, with the promise of a full pardon for “any crimes he may have committed.” He won’t slink off quietly into the next phase of his life. He’ll leave on a Trump branded helicopter, phone in hand ready to tweet divisive messages and ensure the good of the nation is not a consideration.

The Trump Presidency: Who Knew “Bust” Would Be This Bad?

There were those who said if their candidate wasn’t the Presidential nominee, they would rather not vote. “Bernie or Bust” didn’t apply only to the supporters of Bernie Sanders but tens of millions of voters who sat out the 2016 Presidential Election, thinking it just didn’t matter. Politicians of either party were basically the same or those who wanted to see chaos, hoping something greater might rise from the ashes. I suspect now that we’ve actually seen a year of a Trump Presidency. Nobody knew it would be this bad.

It didn’t take long for signs to become clear. The very first White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer told us not to believe our lying eyes and that the Trump Inauguration was the largest ever. In spite of pictures, estimates from the National Park Service and any known measurement that said it wasn’t true. The administration continued to push the lie, hoping to wear the media and public down with repetition instead of facts.

Just before the inauguration, we heard of the Steele Dossier reporting secret meetings of Trump Campaign officials and Russian agents. It mentioned Trump’s attempts to do business with Russia. The White House denied all this but proof of several meetings had come to light along with evidence of Trump’s personal lawyer pushing the concept of Trump Tower Moscow.

24 days into the Administration, NSA Director Michael Flynn had to resign after being found to have lied to the FBI about his clandestine meetings with Russia. We later found he’d been an undeclared agent for Turkey, accepting undisclosed millions in payment along with his son. He later pled guilty to the charge and is a cooperating witness in the Mueller Investigation.

The Mueller Investigation exists because Trump fired FBI Director James Comey, later telling his Russian friends including the Russian Ambassador in the Oval Office that it, “takes the pressure off.” In the same meeting, Trump disclosed Top Secret information about another country’s intelligence resources, possibly risking lives.

All the while the lies kept coming, Sean Spicer soon lost his job after being parodied by a woman on Saturday Night Live. Trump was embarrassed by the portrayal so he had to go, leading to a string of Press Secretaries whose credibility ultimately ran out until we got to Sarah Huckabee Sanders who gave up any pretense of truth-telling and is America’s best comparison to Tokyo Rose. I’d be remiss to omit Kellyanne Conway and her, “alternative facts.”

Trump exited the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), ceding that area of growth to China. He dropped out of the Paris Accords, thumbing his nose at climate change. He most recently imposed steel and aluminum tariffs on a whim, most likely to change the headlines from the porn star he paid off to hide his affair. One of the things Stormy Daniels is prohibited from talking about is “paternity,” raising the question as to whether Trump impregnated her and whether she had an abortion, or there’s yet another Trump offspring roaming the earth.

He has yet to respond to Russia’s meddling in the 2016 Election, clearing the way for renewed attempts in 2018 and 2020. Congress authorized sanctions which he didn’t enforce. They allocated funds which he didn’t spend. It’s alleged that Russia vetoed Trump’s original choice for Secretary of State because Mitt Romney was too hardline against Russia. Instead, we got Tillerson who has gutted the State Department.

Well over a hundred people were working in the White House without security clearances. It took a man who has battered his two ex-wives to bring it to light and even then, it took a picture of one with a black-eye to get any action. Statements praising Rob Porter were issued by the White House, written by his present girlfriend (Hope Hicks) who had previously dated the former married campaign manager Corey Lewandowski less than a year before.

One of those without clearance was son-in-law Jared Kushner who has been doing personal business deals in the White House, negotiating over a half-billion in loans for his family business which he still partially owns. He is part of several undisclosed meetings with Russians and the Mueller Investigation appears to have him targeted as well.

When is the last time we went a day, let alone a week without new breaking news about one scandal or another? One Cabinet member is trying to explain replacing the doors in his office for almost $139,000. Inept Ben Carson spent $31,000 on an office dining room table. One flew almost everywhere on private or military planes. One took his wife to Fort Knox on his honeymoon (at the taxpayer expense) while another had the public pay for him and his wife to go to Wimbledon. Trump himself spends a third of his time on his own properties, charging the secret service to stay there and protect him and doubling membership fees, selling access to the President.

Trump has supported Neo-Nazi’s, white nationalists, skinheads, bringing some of them like Stephen Miller to work in the White House and write many of his speeches. While constantly tweeting his contempt for Jeff Sessions the Attorney General, he’s turned him loose to increase voter suppression and hyper mass incarceration in his attempt to Make America White Great Again.

Trump’s threatened war with several countries, nuclear war with some including North Korea who he’s taunted at every turn. He recently agreed to talks with the equally insane North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un, except even that is likely to fall apart because of Trump’s vacillations. It would likely be worse if the “great negotiator” actually met with Kim Jong Un and follows his history of being swayed by the last person he talked to. He managed to screw up Republican attempts to repeal Obamacare despite controlling all branches of government. What could go wrong?

This Presidency has never been about serving the nation and almost every morning we wake up to tweets which send politicians, psychologists, and English teachers scurrying.

I know I’m leaving out a lot, Roy Moore, 19 women claiming sexual assault and/or rape over the years, attacks on black athletes, horrible spelling and grammar, Steve Bannon, Omarosa… More thought on how bad things are will cause me to lose sleep. If ever any of you consider not voting because, “How bad could it be?” Remember Donald Trump.

The President Can’t Read! | ENIGMA IN BLACK on

There are three minimum requirements to become President of the United States:

  1. One must be at least 35 years of age.
  2. One shall have resided within the United States for 14 years.
  3. One must be a “natural born Citizen.”

There should be a fourth; 4. One should be able to read with comprehension. We have a President that cannot read.

While he reads well enough to realize that Spot is running and can differentiate between Dick and Jane. He is basically semi-literate, and the world knows.

When left alone with the four-page Republican memo, he had to be interrupted three hours later because he hadn’t finished. His recent State of The Union speech was the longest ever. Not because of its great length or amount of applause. He was reading as best he could from the teleprompter, remembering what he could from “Hooked on Phonics,” to plod his way through.

We recently learned he’s the first President in modern history that doesn’t read his daily briefing about what’s going on in the world. He likes pictures and graphs. He said himself, “I like bullets or I like as little as possible. I don’t need, you know, 200-page reports on something that can be handled on a page. That I can tell you!” Think about that.

He gets his information from, “Fox & Friends,” “Hannity,” his rich friends, and several of those he had to let go from the Administration because of their misconduct but still remains close to anyway.

Donald Trump is what happens when a perfect storm of social promotion in schools, rich parent donors, and a willfully obtuse political party allows this dunce to become, and remain, President of the United States.

While there is a mechanism grinding along to rid us of this menace (the Mueller investigation). We still need to act in a responsible manner to make sure our next Presidents have the basic capacity to read with comprehension, putting some minimum standard in place in order to attain the highest office in the land. Let’s Make America Read Again, starting with the President.

Originally published at on February 10, 2018.

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