Haters Gonna Hate! Facebook Group Tries To Drag Down “Black Panther” Reviews!

By all measures, the “Black Panther” film scheduled for release February 16th is a roaring success. It has outdistanced all previous superhero films in pre-sales by a wide margin. Early screenings have gotten fantastic reviews. Even the soundtrack featuring artists like Kendrick Lamar, SZA, Vince Staples, The Weekend, and Travis Scott is highly anticipated. Yet, someone is out there trying to spread the hate.

A Facebook group has sprung up, trying to organize people to flood Rotten Tomatoes with bad reviews of the film and hurt its success. Their stated reasoning was their “frustration with Disney for its treatment of franchises and fan boys.” They used hashtags like, #DCOverMarvel, and #BringDownDisney. They never suggested publicly that it was a resistance to a black superhero and a mostly black cast with themes of race and cultural heritage. Yet the inference is clear.

Facebook removed the groups events page saying, “People often use Facebook to challenge ideas, institutions, and practices.” Rotten Tomatoes said, “Such discussion can promote a diversity of perspectives and greater understanding. However, we’re opposed to hate speech and bullying, and don’t allow either on our platform.”

It will be hard to judge the success of the group’s efforts until more reviews come out. Rotten Tomatoes has posted their summary of the first 55 reviews with an average perfect score of 100, equaling the early scores of Wonder Woman and Captain America: Civil War.

There appears to be little that can derail this movie with an outstanding cast, director, soundtrack, cinematography, well… pretty much everything. It didn’t keep some people from trying. Haters gonna hate!

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