Ukraine is Important- Impeach Trump – Don’t Forget to Follow the Money!

Democrats in the House of Representatives have finally gotten traction against Donald Trump. Revelations of his conversation with Ukranian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy in which he requested multiple times Ukraine investigate Joe Biden and his son Hunter. Along with moving transcripts of that conversation along with those with Soviet leader Vladimir Putin and Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman, seems to have done the trick. The narrative was simple, Trump traded our national security for his personal political interest; holding up $391 million in military aid approved by Congress unless he “did us a favor” and investigated the Biden’s to hurt Joe’s bid as a contender in the 2020 Presidential Election.

Add to that, revelations that Trump in the Oval Office told two Russians he was “unconcerned” about Russian interference in the 2016 Election because “we do it all the time in other countries,” was simple enough that the White House has yet to issue a response two days later. Surrogates on the Sunday shows twisted themselves in knots trying to defend the President. Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy literally denied Trump said what the White House released transcript admitted he said. Stephen Miller pointed to the “deep state” and cited his vast knowledge after three years in government. Lindsey Graham forgot everything he learned in law school by discounting, “second-hand” information, forgetting his own reliance on Linda Tripp during the Clinton Impeachment.

Most of all, the public has reacted to the Ukraine information with a majority of Americans, 55% according to recent polls, now supporting an Impeachment investigation. Nancy Pelosi has indicated the focus of the investigation will be Ukraine and national security which is understandable, but it’s critical not to take their eye off the ball and ignore Trump’s finances which is what Trump clearly has been trying to keep from the view of Democrats and the American public.

As rewarding and the Ukrainian line of inquiry has been. Expecting Republican Senators to vote against Trump in an Impeachment trial based on moving documents to a different server and disobeying the Presidential Records Act is expecting more that they’ve demonstrated they should be credited for. Their ability to ignore the Quid Pro Quo in Trump’s suggestion Ukraine investigate Biden cannot be underestimated, especially after listening to Lindsay Graham, Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee put Tump above both Party and Country. What will be needed, is to remind the public, that not only is Trump a lawless traitor, he’s also a crook, which is why the ball shouldn’t be dropped on following the money.

AT this moment, Trump’s personal financial information and that of The Trump Organization is being sought by various Congressional committees, the State of New York, a Manhattan District Attorney, the State of California, and various private groups suing Trump. Trump has gone to extreme lengths to keep that information secret including ignoring subpoenas, instructing the IRS not to comply with rules about providing taxpayer information to the Ways & Means Committee. Trump has sued his banks and accountants to keep them from complying with legally issued subpoenas. He’s using the Malcolm X approach to keep his finances secret… “by any means necessary.”

We’ve heard testimony from Michael Cohen that Trump used fraudulent financial data to secure loans or get better insurance rates. Ivanka and Don, Jr had criminal fraud charges dropped after a Trump attorney visited the Manhattan District Attorney and later made a huge donation to his campaign fund. The Trump Foundation has been shut down as a fraudulent charity. The Trump Organization has been accused of money laundering, and there have been multiple suspicious real estate transactions Trump and his sons once bragged about with Russia and Saudi Arabia. There seems to be fertile ground to uncover illegal activity once the financial records are reviewed. This is no time to give up and chase the shiny Ukranian object.

Yes, Ukraine is important, Trump’s secret conversations with Putin and MBS equally so. But follow the money; in all likelihood it will lead to proof of multiple other crimes, equally understandable by the public and impossible for Republican senators to ignore.

Mueller to Trump, “Man You Been Set Up!”

In a 2007 episode of the television series, Monk, titled, “Monk and the Rapper.” Snoop Dogg played a character named “Murderuss” that was set up for the murder of his friend “Extra Large” by “Denny Hodges,” who planted a bomb under the limo Extra Large was driving. Monk solved the crime, but when he tried to rap the explanation of what happened. Snoop Dogg had to take his place and musically explain how Denny committed the murder.

Like Snoop Dogg, Donald Trump was set up… twice, by Robert Mueller, prior to submitting his written answers about the Trump campaign conspiring with Russians to win the election. The difference between Trump and Snoop Dogg is that Trump is most likely guilty.

First, Mueller waited for Trump to submit his written answers to the Special Counsel’s questions before revealing that he knew Paul Manafort was lying and leaking information back to Trump lawyers about what he was telling Mueller. Second, he charged Trump’s former personal attorney Michael Cohen with lying to Congress. Specifically about the Trump Tower Moscow deal that was still being negotiated long after Trump was publicly saying he had no deals of any kind in Russia. These two moves exposed Trump as a liar and brought an intense focus on the Collusion that Trump keeps saying never happened.

Because Trump thinks he’s a genius (instead of a pathological liar), he fell for the okey-doke, answering Mueller’s questions based on what he believed to be true; that Manafort had played Mueller for a sucker and Cohen hadn’t exposed that aspect of their conspiracy with Russia. Both Trump and Fox News were babbling in trying to explain away Trump’s lies and why we should determine they don’t matter.

With Mueller’s new charge against Cohen, he signaled that anyone else that lied to Congress is subject to prosecution. Accompanying documentation implicated not only Donald Trump (Individual 1) but also other Trump family members (Donald Jr, Eric, and Ivanka) of having been involved in the Russia negotiations. All of them are believed to have testified before Congress, denying the timeline of the Russia negotiations. Mueller is sending a message to any Trump ally that has lied before Congress to either lawyer up, change their story or both. Man, they been set up!

Trump: Surrounded By Rats!

Instead of the rats deserting the sinking ship, they appear to be circling the President, waiting to bite a vulnerable spot. It was ironic that Trump recently tweeted about Richard Nixon’s lawyer John Dean being “a rat” for his Watergate testimony that brought Nixon down. It was recently revealed that Don McGahn who serves in the same position John Dean did, White House Counsel, has given 30 hours of testimony to lawyers representing Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

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Michael Cohen, Trump’s former personal attorney of almost two decades is at this moment entering a guilty plea a plea deal on charges of tax and bank fraud which will result in him cooperating with Federal investigators. This is the man who was negotiating with Russians to build Trump Tower Moscow, during the 2016 Presidential election campaign. He also was found to have made tapes of the President and others without their consent, some describing events like arranging to pay off a Playboy Playmate who accused Trump of having a year-long affair with her.

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Reality star Omarosa has written a book making multiple claims about Trump, for which she has provided receipts in the form of audio tapes with as many as 200 more possibly to come including some with video. It’s hard to imagine her skulking around the White House with spy gear taping people but she’s already successfully taped John Kelly in the situation room so all bets are off.

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Others who have already testified before one of the Special Counsel’s grand juries or FBI investigators include former communications directors Hope Hicks and Sean Spicer. Former NSA Director Michael Flynn, Steve Bannon, George Papadoupolos, Carter Page, and more. The biggest rats might be those who have not yet been before the grand jury because they themselves are targets; Donald Trump Jr, Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump, Mike Pence and Roger Stone. Who among them is willing to go to jail and sacrifice themselves for this President?

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During Watergate, the question of the day was, “Who is Deep Throat?” The whistleblower who pointed the press in the right direction. In the Trump era, one needs a scorecard to keep track of all the people ratting out Trump both publicly and privately. Trump himself is in a panic and truly looks like a man with no way out. In reality, he actually has two… resignation or jail. If he waits too long, it may only be jail, we will see!

Russia’s Pretense That Black Lives Matter To Them

Russia has long involved itself in America’s racial affairs, often appearing to take the side of African-Americans. In 1931, when the NAACP was hesitant to get involved for fear of political repercussions. It was the Communist Party of Russia through its International Labor Defense organization (ILD) that took up the cause of the Scottsboro Boys who were falsely accused of raping two white women. The Russians didn’t do this for love of American black people but to appeal for membership and attract black people to the Communist cause. They had an ulterior motive and it has always been thus.

The Russians worked hard to recruit influential black voices and many flirted with Communism including Richard Wright, Paul Robeson, Langston Hughes, Ralph Ellison and Chester Himes. The promise of equality offered by Communism stood out starkly against Jim Crow. Most of the aforementioned influencers became disillusioned with the reality of Communism. Ellison’s “Invisible Man” was about his disappointment with Communism. McCarthyism and the Cold War greatly affected Communism’s popularity and memberships declined. By the 1970’s, activist Angela Davis was a member but there never was a strong relationship with the Black Panther Party. In the years since, there has always been an attraction for some but it appeared that a mass influx of black Americans to Communism was never meant to be.

Fast forward to the 2016 Presidential Election and Russian interference. Much of their social media efforts centered on causing disruption in American society. They attempted to stir up black people, highlighting incidents of police injustice and racial inequality. They also stirred up white people, appealing to their nationalism and prejudices. They flooded the Internet with memes and news articles both real and fake. Much of the disruption they were able to cause was from repeating the truth. No need to lie when the truth is sufficient. One of the largest purported Black Lives Matter twitter accounts was in fact Russian trolls,. This being America, there was plenty of source material to work with, alongside the lies.

Coming into the 2018 Mid-term Elections and in preparation for the 2020 Presidential Election, Russia is still busy trying to interfere in our elections and attempting to find weakness in our form of government and society itself. They will take all sides of any issue, their goal being disruption, not problem solving.

When on social media, there is a tendency to retweet, share, and like much of what we see that we agree with. I encourage everyone to be a bit more discerning as to the sources of information and motives behind it. Russian generated news may sound good, in some cases even be true, but they don’t mean Americans any good. Especially the black ones.

Note: The last two images in this post and the featured photo came from Russian troll sites.

“Pay No Attention To The Man Behind The Curtain,” It Was Just Me!

President Trump read some words to the press this afternoon. It can’t be called a press conference as no questions were allowed. He read from a script, probably written by someone else to keep his own words from the public.

Trump gave a glowing summary of the last week during which he claimed he raised “hundreds of millions” for NATO and everyone was pleased. He didn’t insult anyone like he did Angela Merkel when she was out of the room. He met with the Prime Minister of Great Britain and they got along famously (Trump tried his best to oust her from the government in a newspaper interview with one of Rupert Murdoch’s papers). The closest he came to telling the truth was when he mentioned he and the Queen of England walked in front of her honor guard. More accurately he stepped in front of the 92-year-old Queen, showing he has no respect for anyone or anything.

He finally came to his closed-door meeting in Helsinki with Russian President Vladimir Putin, claiming they resolved most of the problems of the world. They jointly stepped in front of press microphones and Trump claimed the Mueller investigation is “a witch hunt,” and of course, “there is no collusion.” Trump let us know Putin “strongly denied” meddling in the US Elections. And that Trump, “didn’t know why they would.”

In today’s “clarification,” Trump tried to say after reviewing the transcript and watching the video, he meant to say he “didn’t know why they wouldn’t.” And added for effect, it’s what you call a double-negative. To believe his new version, we would have to disregard everything he’s both said and failed to say about Putin and Russia since his campaign began. Even when he grudgingly acknowledged Russia did “attempt to meddle” in our elections. He couldn’t help but add, “it could have been others as well.”

When the statement ended, someone shouted three times, “Will you publicly condemn Putin?” Trump thanked everyone for coming and slinked away. It’s increasingly clear, that while Trump is publicly the President, Putin is the man behind the curtain pulling the strings.

Donald Trump And The Harry T. Upshaw Defense

Harry T. Upshaw (the T is for Tyrone) is a long time friend of mine. From time to time he would have the occasion to make the following statement, “If you didn’t put your hand on my shoulder while I was doing it… it wasn’t me!” His theory was that no matter the allegation, however strong the proof. If you weren’t an actual eyewitness that got his confirmation at the time that you saw him doing what he was doing, he would deny it. Donald Trump is doing his best imitation of Harry T. Upshaw after his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Trump is still unable to admit that Russians, under the direction of Putin, interfered in the 2016 Presidential Election. Last Friday, his own Justice Department issued 12 more indictments against Russian military officers containing extraordinary detail. It listed the twelve Russian officers by name, down to the level of which computer they used while transmitting funds or creating personas or coordinating with unnamed Americans to influence the results. Trump was briefed in advance about the pending indictments and still went out of his way to call the ongoing Special Counsel Investigation, “a witch hunt.”

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Immediately after the press conference in Helsinki where Trump threw his own Intelligence Agencies under the bus, saying he had no reason not to believe Putin’s denials. He also managed to say the words, “No Collusion” several times as if each subsequent repetition made it more believable. Not long afterward, a Russian woman, Maria Butina, was arrested in the United States with a new indictment spelling out her attempts to influence Republicans and funneling money through the National Rifle Association (NRA). The indictment refers to several unnamed Americans and represents the definition of collusion.

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Trump’s lies were never credible before, they were just something someone who believed in his agenda could hang their hat on as they ignored his words and deeds. We are now witnessing treason right before our eyes. Back to Harry Upshaw, that defense of his only worked if someone was willing to let it go. The question is, will the American public and in particular, the Republican Congress who thus far has been aiding and abetting, finally put their collective hand on Trump’s shoulder and remove him from office. The other option is to let Russia continue to call the shots.


The Other Steele Dossier: Putin Says Nyet To Romney

In January 2017, just before the Presidential Inauguration, Buzzfeed published the Christopher Steele dossier which alleged among other things; clandestine meetings between Russians and Trump campaign officials, Trump’s pursuit of real estate deals in Russia, and hookers engaging in activities involving urine in a Moscow hotel at Trump’s requested.

While the prostitutes peeing on a bed has never been proven true or false. Most of the other allegations have proved true over time. Multiple Trump surrogates had their secret meetings uncovered and we learned about plans for Trump Tower Moscow.

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We learned more last August when Sen. Diane Feinstein released transcripts from 10 hours of testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee of Glenn Simpson from FusionGPS that oversaw the research.

Now we learn of the existence of a second Steele Dossier. One written after Steele’s relationship with FusionGPS ended. Revealing more disturbing actions by Trump and his cronies.

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In this dossier, more of a memo actually. We learn that Russia vetoed the selection of Mitt Romney for Secretary of State, wanting someone less hardline towards Russia. As a Presidential candidate, Romney declared Russia, “our Number 1 geopolitical foe.” Romney who was being considered for Secretary of State by Trump during a lengthy courting process was suddenly dropped from consideration and just as suddenly, Rex Tillerson, former CEO of Exxon was named instead. Tillerson was the holder of the 2013 “Order of Friendship Medal,” personally presented by Vladimir Putin for his work on a deal between Exxon and Russian state-controlled oil giant, Rosneft. The memo does not allege that Russia selected Tillerson specifically, although that is not ruled out.

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When we look at what Russia got with a Secretary Tillerson? You got a State Department that failed (along with Trump) to implement the sanctions on Russia imposed by Congress. Tillerson failed to spend one dollar of the $120 authorized by Congress to target Russian interference in our elections. America has ceded Syria to Russian control and has done nothing to confront Russian interference in international elections in addition to our own. Sounds like they got a good deal!

Steele Dossier: Hookers. Collusion and Blackmail

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