My Friend Donald Trump: The Final Chapter

I don’t often write about my “personal relationship” with Donald Trump. I first wrote about My Friend Donald back in 2012, I worried for him and the fall he was heading for. I wrote about him in 2016, prior to his surprising victory in the Presidential Election in Part Two. He surprised me with his will and determination, rising from deep humiliation. Although improbable at the time, I suggested what would happen should he actually become President and the inevitable sad outcome.

Now in the final saga in the trilogy, the end is near. Even sadder than I imagined. He roams the White House at night, unable to sleep. His lawyers have taken his phones, unable to tweet. He distrusts all around him and is even trying to resurrect the old gang including Corey Lewandowsky, one of it two former campaign managers who were forced out in controversy. Lewandowsky for assaulting a reporter (and lying about it) plus getting along with none but Trump. The other (Manafort) for his ties to Russia including millions in secret cash payments.

He now comes home from what he claims was a highly successful foreign trip where he managed to alienate all of NATO and is still in a nasty exchange of words with Germany. Waiting patiently like a faithful lover with open arms was the Russia Scandal which is growing ever closer and now consuming my friend’s every waking thought.

a departure


Son-in-law Jared Kushner is facing increased scrutiny regarding his previously undisclosed contacts with Russian banks and officials along with his slumlord past. Ivanka is giving him side-eye waiting for daddy to fix this, knowing this time it’s beyond his control. Melania won’t live with him, can barely muster up a smile even in public and refuses to hold his hand for show.

He’s shaking up his communications staff once again. Failing to realize it’s not the messenger it is he that’s the problem. People routinely question his intelligence, his judgment, even his sanity. He’s proposing to staff that the answer is to go to the declining number of places that support him and have more rallies. That’s it! Mo’ Rallies!

Escape From Air Force One


This is the way it will finally end for my friend. In the background, the House, the Senate and the FBI will continue their investigations. Every day there will be “Breaking News” with the latest bombshell revealing new acts of collusion, obstruction or self-dealing. The cries for Impeachment or resignation will grow louder. Trump will get less sleep and perhaps send a Secret Service agent to a 7-Eleven for several disposable phones he can hide throughout the White House for emergency tweets. He’ll have his rallies, lie about crowd size. When he can’t get supporters, he’ll order his staff to act as the crowd. Cheering on cue and chanting, “lock her up.” Just like old times.

a air forcee


And then his Presidency will be over. Whether he’s ousted by Congress, led off in handcuffs by the FBI, quits and waves good-bye ala Nixon. Trump Tower will be renamed, the brand destroyed. The Trump International in D.C. will become a Holiday Inn.  And if he’s able, Donald will still have rallies. Telling any that will listen how great election night was, how he surprised them all. He’ll tell them he, “Made America Great Again!” Rail against “Fake News!” His children will visit less often. Melania long gone. Sleepless nights. #sad

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