What Trump Does in the Dark!

Oh it’s coming to the light! Like the Hydra, Trump can cut off one head of the investigation and two will take its place. The cover-up is in full blown attack mode but the revelations are just getting started.

You fired Sally Yates to keep her from following up on her revelations to the White House that Mike Flynn was compromised. You got Devin Nunes to disrupt her planned open session testimony to the House. Nunes ultimately fell on his sword yet Yates finally got to testify in open session for the Senate Judiciary Committee. She told us what the White House knew and we know they did nothing with the knowledge Mike Flynn was a potential Russian blackmail prospect. At the same hearing, James Clapper inferred Trump’s business ties to Russia are being investigated.

Now you fire James Comey the FBI Director at the direction of Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Sessions supposedly had recused himself from the Russia investigation because of his own lies about meeting with Russian officials. The alleged rationale for the firing was laughable. His concern for the reputation of Huma Abedin who had been incorrectly maligned by Comey’s testimony. They also say he’s now being fired over comments regarding Clinton E-mails made last July.

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The threads being pulled on that will ultimately lead to Trump are many. Whether it be his ties to Russian Oligarchs and the money they’ve funneled into his businesses. Whether it be his undeclared conflicts of interest in China, Turkey, Russia the Philippines and more. It may be collusion with Russia to win the Presidency. Even his staunchest defenders have to be aware of the optics of firing everyone that gets close to Trump and his Russian ties. Did the White House Chief Usher you fired stumble upon a meeting she wasn’t supposed to see? Did the White House Curator know so much he was forced to retire?

Unfortunately for you Donald. You can’t fire the free press in spite of your attempts to malign them as “fake news.” They see you Trump and they’re digging into every lead. You can’t fire your family. Ironically it’s two of your son’s who point directly to the business dealings with Russia you deny. Your daughter is dealing with countries while meeting in an official status with their leaders. Your son-in-law met with Russian banks and has dealings with an Israeli corporation believed to be corrupt. His sister has yet to return from China where she’s been selling her brothers access to you and a visa program you just renewed where the rich can buy their way into America.

Ultimately those judges you’ve shown such contempt for will start ordering the release of documents. And you can’t fire the public! Don’t feel bad Donald if you’re feeling a bit paranoid. Sometimes they really are out to get you! Ask not for whom the subpoenas come, they’re coming for you and yours. Lock him up!!!

Traitors, Spies and Lies, Lies, Lies!

Former Acting Attorney General Sally Yates testified today in an open hearing of the Senate Judiciary Committee. She said out loud what we already knew. On behalf of the Justice Department she warned the Trump transition team three times that Mike Flynn was compromised and could be blackmailed by Russia. He had been meeting with a known Russian spy, the Russian Ambassador to the United States. He had taken money from  Russian State-sponsored TV station. Media reports show him receiving half-a-million dollars from Turkey (with recent reports suggesting that money may have come from Russia as well).

Sally Yates

Yates told White House Counsel Don McGahn, that Flynn had been obviously lying to Vice-President Mike Flynn about his contacts with Russia. This was based on multiple statements by Pence to the public quoting Flynn which the Justice Department knew not to be true. McGahn called back the next day asking why the Justice Department cared about one White House official lying to another? He also asked if Flynn was the subject of a criminal investigation. Her answer to the first question was; they cared because Flynn could be subject to Russian blackmail because they knew he was lying. She refused to answer whether there was an active criminal investigation against Flynn which was an answer in and of itself.


The White House to this point has denied specific knowledge of Flynn’s trouble and suggested Yates only hinted at potential problems. Yates testified under oath that she walked McGahn through Flynn’s “underlying conduct” which was “problematic.” There can be no doubt that on January 26th and 27th the White House knew that they had a serious problem with General Mike Flynn. For reasons yet to be discovered, the White House did nothing until the Washington Post released reports of Flynn’s lies and Donald Trump fired him three weeks after the public discovered what they’d long known.

We also learned today that in their meeting on November 11, 2016. President Barack Obama warned Donald Trump specifically about Mike Flynn. On November 18th, Rep. Elijah Cummings sent a letter to Vice-President Elect Mike Pence, head of the Trump transition, asking for information about Flynn’s lobbying work and conflicts of interest. Pence’s lies about knowing nothing won’t likely withstand the bright lights to come.

On some future occasion I’ll go into the Russian ties of Jeff Sessions, Carter Page, Jared Kushner, Rex Tillerson, Paul Manafort and Donald Trump himself according separately to his two eldest sons. Members of the Trump administration and family have met with Russian spies like Ambassador Sergey Kislyak and banker Sergey Gorkov. Those suspected as being traitors depend on ones definition of the word. Those that certainly put their own financial interests ahead of their country (which meets my definition) include Mike Flynn, Jared Kushner and Paul Manafort. The lies about Russia have come from Mike Flynn, Jeff Sessions, Paul Manafort, very likely Mike Pence whose claim he knew nothing has never made sense and Trump himself.

When Sean Spicer takes the podium tomorrow at the daily White House Briefing. He will have to choose whether to speak honestly to the media and American people. Or continue the cover-up of Russian infiltration into this administration.

One thing to watch for. Observe the great lengths Republicans go to keep Mike Pence pure and untainted as the investigations roll on. Republican establishment powers might even be happy to see the erratic Trump go down if it meant replacing him with a more competent President on their same wavelength. A corrupt President can be replaced. What they can’t abide is a finding of collusion with a foreign power that might void the election itself. Stay tuned!

Monday Night Massacre: When The Attorney General Defies The President

“It is now more clear than ever that the Trump Administration is out of control. Donald Trump is a petulant, vindictive man who has already abused his power in office as demonstrated by the constant and building demonstrations against him all over the land.”

To comprehend the Friday Night Massacre that now defines the Trump Administration along with his outrageous Muslim Ban. You need to be aware of the Saturday Night Massacre that was the beginning of the end for Richard Nixon. In the middle of the Watergate investigation that ultimately led to the resignation of Nixon. The President wanted Special Prosecutor Archibald Cox fired. Cox had issued a subpoena for the secret Oval Office Tapes that Nixon recorded of visitors to his office. Nixon wanted to fire Archibald Cox but legally needed the Attorney General to actually fire him. The Attorney General at the time, Elliot Richardson, refused to do so and was forced to submit his resignation. The Deputy Attorney General William Ruckelshaus also refused and was forced to resign as well. Nixon finally found someone, Solicitor General Robert Bork who would agree to fire Cox and ultimately became acting Attorney General and did so.

In the present; Acting Attorney General Sally Yates, issued a statement about the Muslim Ban saying, “For as long as I am the acting attorney general, the Department of Justice will not present arguments in defense of the executive order, unless and until I become convinced that it is appropriate to do so.” The evening after posting her letter she was fired by Donald Trump and replaced by Dana Boente who apparently has agreed to enforce Trump’s Ban for him. It’s now reported Dana Boente was sworn in as Acting Attorney General as of 9pm, Monday January, 30 2017.


Photo: huffingtonpost.com

It is now more clear than ever that the Trump Administration is out of control. Donald Trump is a petulant, vindictive man who has already abused his power in office as demonstrated by the constant and building demonstrations against him all over the land. Trump himself tweeted,  “The Democrats are delaying my cabinet picks for purely political reasons. They have nothing going but to obstruct. Now have an Obama A.G.”

More people within our government will be called on to indicate where they stand. Will they support Trump or the Constitution. The people have already demonstrated thru their actions that they have already enough of this madman. The Senate will take sides with their yea or nay confirmation votes of Jeff Sessions who has supported Trump’s Ban in the past. Of Rex Tillerson who would have to pacify our allies like Iraq who is already placing restrictions against Americans as a result of Trump’s Ban. Donald Trump is not only a bull in a China Shop; he’s a bully in the White House. Who will stand with Sally Yates? Time will tell!

Featured Photo: nationallawjournal.com

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