Nice Things I Can Say About Sean Hannity

Nobody is all bad, not Sean Hannity, not Rudy Guliani, there may even be some redeeming value in Donald Trump although I’m not aware of it. As an exercise, I’m going to see how far I get saying only nice things about someone I pretty much only have contempt for. Here goes:

  1. Sean Hannity has demonstrated the capacity to be an excellent reporter. During Hurricane Katrina, at Fox News like every other network, it was all hands on deck when it came to hurricane coverage. Sean Hannity impressed me with his ability to do straight news. He processed information as he received it. He was concise and did as good a job as anyone in conveying the facts and updating the public as to what was going on.
  2. He is very good at what he does. He knows his audience and gives them what they want. He is an excellent provider of entertainment to those people that appreciate him.
  3. He’s a survivor. Despite the whirlwind of firings going around him at Fox. Hannity has not only survived but thrived.
  4. I tried for a fourth thing but I’ve got nothing.

I try to watch a little Hannity from time to time to keep up with what he’s doing. I usually can’t watch for long but next time I’ll try to remember these positive values and watch a little longer.

Five Things Sean Hannity Never Denied Or Forgot To Tell Us

Sean Hannity’s day went south when in a hearing about the disposition of records seized in the raid on Donald Trump’s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen. Sean Hannity was named as one of only three clients Michael Cohen had done legal work for in the past year. Hannity had gone to great lengths to keep from being named, telling Cohen’s and Trump’s lawyers to employ various threats, but ultimately, he was named as the third client.

The other two clients were Donald Trump, for whom Cohen made a $130,000 payment to silence her from going public about their affair, just before the election. Then there was Elliott Broidy, a Deputy Finance Committee Chairman of the RNC that paid a Playboy model $1.6 million for her to remain silent about their affair and the birth of their love child.

Once Hannity’s involvement was known, there was immediate speculation about whether his use of Cohen was similar to his only other clients, to cover-up extra-marital affairs. There was also great criticism that Hannity failed to disclose his relationship as a client of Cohen’s while doing nightly stories supporting Trump and Cohen and blasting the raid on Cohen’s office, which may contain his name on documents seized. Cohen has appeared on Hannity’s show at least seventeen times with no mention of their legal association.

Hannity began damage control with a series of tweets and statements. These are the most amazing things he either said or forgot to say regarding this matter.

  1. Immediately after Cohen’s lawyers named him as the third client, Hannity said, Cohen never represented him, “in any matter.” Thus denying he was Cohen’s client. He went on to say Cohen never represented him in relation to a third party (translate to; he never paid any women off for me) and we “almost” exclusively talked about Real Estate.
  2. Hannity claimed, “I never denied being represented by Michael Cohen.” A question no one knew to ask until he was named as a client. There are certainly millions of other things Hannity has never denied, some of them true.
  3. When lawyer Alan Dershowitz told him on his own show he should have disclosed his relationship with Cohen. Hannity said he, “was entitled to his privacy.” Anyone that’s watched a half-hour of Hannity, ever, knows he has no privacy concerns and if we didn’t already know, no ethics.
  4. Hannity himself is not unfamiliar with accusations related to women. Debbie Schlussel, a political analyst, said Hannity invited her to his hotel room after a show. She says when she refused, she was ultimately banned from Fox News.
  5. Sean Hannity is rumored to have been involved in sexual affairs with several women. an open question is whether or not and Cohen drafted Nondisclosure Agreements were seized in the raid?  As anticipated, Fox News is standing behind their man (and the advertising revenue his show brings in) and refusing to answer any questions about ethical concerns.
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