Babz Rawls Ivy: Shadow Warrior

“Never mess with a badass woman. Her Pen. Or her guitar.” – Fee Thomas

As far as I know, Babz Rawls Ivy doesn’t play guitar? If she did she’d no doubt be badass at that as well. There are words in the dictionary that she doesn’t quite understand the meaning of; impossible, can’t, and failure. The word that replaces each of these is magic, which she believes makes all things possible.

She doesn’t understand the concepts of not having enough time, resources, money, talent, or energy to accomplish her goals. Any attempt to explain there are but 24-hours in a day will be time wasted you’ll never get back. She believes she can do it all… because of magic.

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Life for her ain’t been no crystal stair. I’m not talking out of turn because she tells all of these things herself. She lives her life in public and has no secrets. She was molested in her childhood which informs much of who she is. She was left unable to have children of her own as a result, so she adopted four. She spent 29 days in the Danbury Federal Prison Camp. She was branded a felon. It made her stronger.

Shadow Warriors like Babz are my attempt to recognize others for what they do. In this case, for what she does and what she is able to get others to do. She helps people see and accomplish their own visions. Giving them the strength to do what they otherwise might not. I stumbled across a young poet named Fee Thomas and immediately recognized her talent. I might write an occasional poem but it isn’t my medium. I put Fee in touch with Babz and… magic. Fee’s book, Owning the Color Blue was bound to be published one day, her talent was that obvious. Babz made someday… now. I have a book heading towards publication that would never have happened without her. She pushes, demands, hounds, and has on more than one occasion demanded my soul, to make me better. She should spend more time on herself, Seed and Source Literary Group, and Earth Seed Publishing, her new ventures. She keeps devoting time to others before herself.

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Babz is an activist, she throws herself into too many causes because she alone has unlimited time. She keeps getting asked because she get’s things done. She keeps saying yes too. She often names boards of directors she intends to get off of, “soon!”Civil rights, human rights, education, politics, she’s well informed (and opinionated) on all of these. Talk to Babz you can’t simply have a position, you have to defend it and show how serious you are.

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Babz Rawls Ivy has held political office, is consulted by office holders and in New Haven, CT her opinion matters. I’ve failed to mention her role as Editor-In-Chief of the Inner-City News and host of a call-in radio show. I did mention those four adopted children along with adopted authors and poets that she nurtures to maturity. Babz Rawls Ivy is this month’s, Shadow Warrior. Never bet against black… or magic!


I’ll end this piece with the words of another:

“Of Babz, she has the entirety of the wild horses in her heart and when they run, they part the sky.

It’s the most beautiful sound, surpassing all others.

The very first time I heard it,

I knew I was sent to her by The Divine just so I would know what the sound of authentic power sounded like; she in the whole of her Truth.

And the sound of home.”

Fee Thomas

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