D.C. Madam Phone Records Rise Again

For those that don’t recall. In 2007, a Madam in our nation’s capitol got busted and threatened to release all her phone records if she didn’t get a good deal. A couple names did come out including that of Sen. David Vitter R-LA who just lost the Governor’s race in Louisiana with his use of prostitutes being a major campaign issue.

The Madam was ultimately convicted however her records were never released because the judge placed a gag order on the records. Now a lawyer who allegedly has had possession of the records all this time want’s to release them because they contain information relevant to the 2016 Presidential Election.

His request to the original judge was denied. An appeals court has yet to respond and now he has made an emergency request to the Supreme Court because of the urgency of the situation. The lawyer has threatened that if the courts do not act within two weeks, he will release them anyway because “the People” deserve to be informed.

There was no indication as to who the alleged hooker patron is, but we’re down to just a few possibilities. We can assume because of the supposed urgency that the person is still in the race with a chance to become President. On the Republican side that would most likely be limited to Donald Trump, Ted Cruz or John Kasich. The visual of any of them getting busy is churning my stomach but I’d definitely want to know. On the Democratic side were limited to Bernie Sanders although it’s possible the lawyer with the records would consider Bill Clinton’s activities critical enough to the election that he’s willing to risk jail by releasing the records.

It’s very possible that one of the candidates is sweating bullets trying to figure out how to handle this news when it ultimately breaks.