The Trump Effect: I Was Told To Go Back To Africa

It was just a matter of time although it was sooner than I expected. To be fair, it was more of a suggestion, put to me as if it was for my benefit.

“ Given your hatred of America, you do have choices like just being African. It is a win-win situation for you. You will thank me once you assimilate there. For you see you are the winner by returning to Africa”

I confess I edited this quote to add a comma and hyphen because… punctuation. The person that shared this bit of advice is a regular commenter on a legal forum we both visit. He’s anonymous as are many of the cowards on the Internet who are suddenly emboldened in the Trump era.

I’m not upset about being told to go back to Africa. It’s not news there are racists out there that will say on the Internet what they wouldn’t in person. It’s the other part that equates disagreeing on policy or criticism of Donald Trump with a “hatred of America.”

I checked some of his earlier posts and saw:

“ Stop hating America or leave it. Pretty simple”

How easy it must be to justify hatred by turning everyone that disagrees with you into someone who hates his/her country. This same person wipes away facts by discrediting the source, a convenient way to not face reality.

It’s no surprise there’s racism on the Internet. What’s disappointing is that among a bunch of regulars, the ones that would take great umbrage at being considered racist. stood by and said nothing. I’ve reached the point where I’ve concluded you’re either with racists or against them. No middle ground.

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This is Trump’s America. His former Chief Strategist, Steve Bannon said:

“Let them call you racist … Wear it as a badge of honor.”

Trump followers are equating racism with patriotism. The crowd in Greenville, NC that chanted, “Send her back.” After preening at the moment and disavowing them the next day. Trump came clean and called them “Patriots,” never finding a racist moment he didn’t like. And now, anyone that criticizes him is unpatriotic, and if you’re a person of color, you should leave.

I don’t know how this ends, or even if it ends. Even if Trump loses the 2020 Election, it will be hard to put the genie back in the bottle. It’s not only okay to be racist but to randomly start telling people of color to go back to their country. The President does it after all, and people of color I don’t agree with hate America. In my opinion, it shows more love of this country to stand up and say something when you see things going wrong. Attacking other Americans is what’s unpatriotic.

My anonymous friend goes by the screen name Estovir. The motto of the Agrupado Mission is “Esto Vir,” it means, “Be a man.” It asks them to follow the call of God and be a beacon of light for the world. Somehow he misunderstood God’s meaning.

To the Black People that Chanted, “Send Her Back!”

I saw you! Not just the #BlacksFor Trump guy (Maurice Symonette) that shows up for all the rallies. He, along with Diamond & Silk have made supporting Trump their hustle (bless their hearts) and it isn’t them I’m concerned about. Let me also say I don’t begrudge black Republicans who have joined the Party for whatever reason. In my opinion, traditional Republican values like reducing the deficit have given way to going along with a despot to avoid angry tweets but if black Republicans wish to try to effect change from the inside, more power to them. I’m speaking to the black people who attended the Trump rally July 17, 2019, in Greenville, NC and chanted, “Send Her Back,” to accompany Trump’s verbal attacks on a US Citizen who immigrated as a child from Somalia, Congresswoman Ilhan Omar.

If I had a chance to talk to you, I’d inquire as to what you were thinking at the moment? When you were part of an almost all-white mob, calling for literally sending Omar back to Africa. What was on your mind? Don’t you realize that the people in that crowd weren’t limiting their call to send her back to Representative Omar? Given the least opportunity, they would send you with her, along with your family, your black friends, and anyone that looks like you.

Since before the end of slavery, there have been calls to send blacks back to Africa and it wasn’t always the usual suspects. Thomas Jefferson in his, “Letters to the State of Virginia,” called for sending slaves to Liberia, having earlier expressed that whites and blacks couldn’t live together peaceably. Abraham Lincoln considered sending them to Africa and also using freed slaves to colonize Central America. Donald Trump is nothing new, just more crude and disgusting. But I already know who Trump is, I want to know about the black people chanting, “Send Her Back!”

Did you sense any hesitation? Did you wonder if your foremothers and forefathers were rolling over in their graves? Did you once wonder if you were doing the wrong thing; supporting a racist and attacking someone you once might have called your sister? Or maybe you’ll wait for Fox News to offer an explanation to hang your hat onto to explain away your despicable behavior? Trump is Trump and he is who he is. I’m wondering about you, how will you explain this to your children, or are you very proud? I’d love to hear back from you.

The day after… Trump tried to distance himself from the chant. He says he started talking right away (actually 13 seconds passed while he basked in the moment). He distanced himself only after Republican leaders went to Vice-President Mike Pence and begged him to get Trump to disavow the racist chant and not tie the Republican Party to racism once again. Trump has not apologized, surrogates Kevin McCarthy lied and said, “it was a small group off to the side.” He added, Trump “didn’t call the Representative by name.” (he did). But again, I know what has become of Republican politicians, they have sold their souls. My concern is for my black brothers and sisters however few that chanted, “Send Her Back!” The next chant may be about you.