Is America Prepared to Leave a Pedophile in the White House?

It’s not such a far fetched question. Once a long time friend of Jeffrey Epstein, recently charged with one count of sex trafficking of minors and also a conspiracy to commit sex trafficking of minors. President Trump has had a lawsuit filed against him by a woman who claimed Trump raped her while she was a 13-year-old. “Jane Doe” claimed Trump and Epstein repeatedly raped her in Epstein’s New York apartment. That lawsuit was dropped, then refiled and later dropped again after an announcement the plaintiff was receiving death threats. A book has been written about that episode but America has been reticent to demand an investigation to get to the truth.

At last count, Trump has been accused by 22 separate women of sex-related crimes including sexual assault, harassment, rape, and attempted rape. A recent charge of rape by E. Jean Carroll that Trump raped her in a 5th Avenue department store was initially reported by the New York Times, not on the front page but in their book section as it was disclosed in a newly released book by Carroll. A defamation lawsuit by Summer Zervos forges ahead in the courts and Trump will soon have to give depositions after calling her a liar regarding her claims of assault on the set of The Apprentice.

Despite Attorney General William Barr’s assertion. Robert Mueller indicated in his report that a Department of Justice opinion prevented the indictment of a sitting President. He apparently felt that it is the duty of Congress to deal with crimes of sitting Presidents thru the vehicle of Impeachment. But how far are we as a country willing to let that opinion stand? One that determines that during a four to an eight-year term of office. The President of the United States is above the law.

Jeffrey Epstein is charged with operating a sex ring and apparently liked sharing with his rich friends. He allegedly flew many of them on his private planed (dubbed the Lolita Express) to his private island, in addition to inviting them to his mansion in Palm Beach and New York penthouse. Names that have come up in association with Epstein and minors are former-President Bill Clinton, England’s Prince Andrew, and Attorney Alan Dershowitz, and Donald Trump. Bill Clinton just released a statement disassociating himself with Epstein. Clinton says he only took four trips on Epstein flights, all on Clinton Foundation business and he never visited Epstein’s island. Investigative journalist Conchita Sarnoff says Clinton was on at least 27 flights, many without the Secret Service protection given former President’s.

Dershowitz, one of Epstein’s former lawyers, vehemently denies involvement with underage women. Virginia Giuffre has filed a defamation suit against Dershowitz based on his claims she perjured himself when claiming she assaulted her. Trump claims to have fallen out with Epstein 15 years ago. There are reports he threw Epstein out of Mar-a-Lago after Epstein approached a member’s young daughter. Whoever it turns out molested and raped young girls; despite their prestige, political ties, and titles, let them burn. But what if that person is President?

“I’ve known Jeff for 15 years. Terrific guy. He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side.” — Donald Trump

Is it okay for a pedophile to remain the President of the United States? Certainly, an accusation isn’t enough, it must be proved like against any other defendant. It would require that the Justice Department no longer be held hostage to an opinion preventing the Indictment of a sitting President, or that Congress muster the political will to Impeach a President accused of high crimes and misdemeanors.

The Justice Department opinion should immediately be rewritten to make clear no one is above the law. This is not simply to expose Trump to prosecution but to protect the country from any future President that might seek protection from their crimes through holding the highest office in the land. It is preferable that crimes be handled by the Courts as opposed to by Congress which is too often politically motivated. But it isn’t acceptable to allow the leader of the country to be a criminal. Richard Nixon famously said, “I am not a crook.” Let no future President be able to say, “I am a crook but because my Party holds one branch of Congress, you can’t touch me.”

If this President, or any President, is guilty of the rape of children. Is there any circumstance under which they should be allowed to stay in office, not facing charges as long as they remain? Trump is already speaking openly about possibly serving longer. It probably is a slippery slope that if we consider prosecuting some crimes when committed by a President, where do we stop? While I’m of the opinion we won’t need to stop anywhere, a crime is a crime. We ought to at least start with raping children. A lot of evidence is being collected in the prosecution case against Jeffrey Epstein. The mood of the nation is for no more cover-ups and naming names of everyone involved in the sex ring no matter who. If one of those names is Trump, as already suggested in one lawsuit. What are we prepared to do?

A Woman Shares #MeToo

I was sitting in alone in a small workplace breakroom, at maximum it will comfortably hold 8–10 people, often it is empty. I had been there alone for a few minutes when an elderly white woman joined me, sitting not quite across from me but in the next seat over. I knew her name as we’d often said hello in passing. I knew nothing of her life. Her body was betraying her, she had a slight hunch and varicose veins. She seemed like she might be working past retirement age, I guessed in her late 60’s or early 70’s but I had never inquired about her circumstances. We worked in the same building but in different departments, I might see and speak to her once or twice a month.

I was checking the news on my cell-phone when she asked, “Have you been following the Kavanaugh hearings?”

I said, “I have, very closely as a matter of fact.”

She said, “I watched as much as I could of Dr. Ford’s testimony before coming to work. I believe her!”

“I do too.”

Bt then I’d looked up from my phone, she wasn’t looking at me but rather off in the distance. She didn’t say anything for a while and I went back to the news. A couple minutes passed and she spoke again.

“I told my daughter yesterday for the first time what I experienced, I remember it now as if it were yesterday. What happened to me was over 40 years ago and I could tell she was telling the truth. I’d never told anyone before but I had to tell someone so I told her.

The last time I saw the man was when he preached my father’s funeral. He was the pastor and everyone loved him. I loved him too as a preacher.”

She told me how he was always getting young girls in a position where he’d be alone with them. She wasn’t explicit, often saying, “if you know what I mean” or “he would do his business.” I made some acknowledgments along the way that I heard her but nothing I said was of any importance. I’m not usually at a loss for words but my role at this time was more about listening rather than talking.

She rose to leave, looking directly at me for the first time.

“The first time I ever spoke about this was yesterday, and now I’ve told you.”

Then she walked away.

Mark Judge and Brett Kavanaugh meet in a bar.

Mark Judge said, “Glad you could make it Brett, I hoped we could get together and have a chat after everything that’s happened.”

Brett Kavanaugh said, “I don’t think there’s much to say. Who’d have thought everything we did in high school would come back to haunt us?”

“I just wanted to be sure we were cool Brett? We’ve been best friends for almost 40 years.”

“Yeah, there were a couple times back in September I wish I’d never heard of you.”

“You’re blaming me? You seemed pretty appreciative back in the day to be my friend. I got you your first piece of ass and you were giggling about it for the next three days. It wasn’t me that told you to whip out your dick and slap someone in the face with it while at Yale? Or press up on someone outside a DC bar in your thirties.”

“It all seemed pretty funny at the time.”

“I just wanted to tell you how sorry I am you didn’t make it on the Court. How’s your wife dealing with it?”

“Ashley’s pissed, embarrassed to be around her friends. There’s a move to have me impeached from the Federal bench but it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. She hasn’t mentioned divorce, mentioned going back to Texas once. We aren’t really talking that much.”

“Me and my significant other are taking a break, at least you had people vouching for your character. I was made out to be Marquis de Sade.”

“I’m sorry for what happened to you as well, when the press gets you in their sights, they can find out everything in your whole life!”

“What are you drinking Brett, your usual?”

“I’ll pass, I promised Ashley no drinking, in fact, I need to be getting home, I don’t want her to worry.”

“That’s a first, no drinks for Kavanaugh? Hey! Check out the brunette at the end of the bar, she’s pretty hot.”

“Sorry Mark, with my luck she’ll be a reporter. In fact, let’s not meet in public anymore? We’re still buds and all but until things cool down, I don’t need more publicity.”

“Sure Brett, I understand, we did have some good times though didn’t we?”

“Damn straight we did, do you remember the time we got that girl drunk at Henry’s party and…”

The Mixed Messages of Bill Cosby, Brett Kavanaugh, and Donald Trump

Bill Cosby was just sentenced to the maximum sentence allowed after the judge in the case, Stephen T. O’Neil, consolidated the three felonies he was convicted of into one, fairly standard for Pennsylvania. He sentenced Cosby to 3–10 years which will be served in State prison, also declaring Cosby was a Sexually Violent Predator (SVP) and a continuing threat to the public despite being 81 years old and virtually blind.

Bill Cosby has been accused by over sixty women of having drugged them and having various degrees of sexual contact with them ranging from rape to digital penetration to other forms of sexual assault. The victim in this case, Andrea Constand was the only woman whose rape in 2004 was within the statute of limitations, had she not prevailed in the earlier trial. Cosby would be a free man, although several civil suits are still pending against Cosby for slander and defamation of character.

Many of Cosby’s accusers were present at the sentencing, some had testified at his trial as “prior bad act witnesses.” They gathered outside the courthouse in a pouring rain giving statements like, “this proves no man is above the law,” and, “finally, justice for women,” and, “women are going to be listened to from now on.” One woman felt “liberated,” saying, “there is justice.” Gloria Allred, attorney for several of the woman said, “women are finally getting justice.” Yet, we know through other public cases, justice is situational, not applying to Brett Kavanaugh or Donald Trump.

At the same moment as cameras were lined up in the hallway of the courthouse to glimpse Bill Cosby being led away in handcuffs and outside to see him driven off to state prison. Brett Kavanaugh is preparing for a Thursday Senate hearing where he’s expected to deny charges of sexual assault and attempted rape. Kavanaugh is seeking recommendation by the Senate Judiciary Committee for an open Supreme Court Justice seat, to be followed by a confirmation vote by the entire Senate. In his case, there is little interest in justice, and the women are literally not being heard as the Senate will not allow any corroborating witnesses to back up the story of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford about an event that transpired while they were in high school together. Ford alleges Kavanaugh with the assistance of his good friend, Mark Judge, pulled her into a room and attempted to pull off her clothes, covering her mouth to muffle her screams while Judge turned up the music. The eleven white male Republicans who sit on the Judiciary Committee have no interest in hearing from Judge who was in the room. They will not hear from other witnesses who heard about the event contemporaneously. They don’t even want to be seen asking tough questions of Dr. Ford and assaulting her character. Instead, they are hiding behind the skirts of a female staff lawyer who will do their dirty work.

Since the initial allegation by Dr. Ford, another accuser has come forward, this time a Yale classmate. Deborah Ramirez says Kavanaugh assaulted her at a party, pulling out his penis, putting it in her face and causing her to unwillingly touch it as she pushed him away. She named several witnesses to the event or that heard of it contemporaneously. Deborah did not come forward on her own, she was contacted by reporters that got wind of several Yale students discussing it on the Internet. The Senate has shown no interest thus far in hearing from Deborah Ramirez, they only want to vote, using their majority to push through the nomination, “plow through” in the words of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. President Trump has had a few words to say about the second accuser. He calls her story, “totally unsubstantiated” despite the number of witnesses. Trump says Ramirez was, “totally drunk,” forgetting that Kavanaugh was alleged to have been drunk during the incidents with Ford and Ramirez.

There are additional allegations as well. Attorney Michael Avenatti says he has a client who will come forward before Thursday’s Senate hearing with stories about Kavanaugh and Judge. He implies they arranged parties at Washington area homes where girls were given drugs and/or alcohol and boys gang-raped them, running “trains” on the girls. Kavanaugh writes in his 1983 yearbook of the Keg Club for which he was treasurer, “100 Kegs or Bust.” He writes about a woman he suggests he had sex with, along with several other classmates in the book. Despite all the allegations against Kavanaugh, it appears there will be no investigation, no corroborating witnesses in the Senate hearing. No additional accusers heard from, and Kavanaugh will be given a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court. While Bill Cosby is still in an SUV on the way to prison. Kavanaugh faces no criminal charges, the worst currently contemplated is that he doesn’t get appointed to the Supreme Court but stays a Federal Judge with a lifetime appointment. What will he think about when he ends today’s practice session and watches Cosby on the news?

Back to Trump… Donald J. Trump has been accused by 19 separate women of charges ranging from rape of a 13-year-old girl to sexual assault, to sexual harassment. He’s facing possible charges related to FEC campaign finance violations associated with his payoffs of a porn star and a Playboy Playmate. He’s bragged of sexual assault, saying he can just kiss women and “grab ’em by the pussy.” An ex-wife once accused him of rape. Most of this was known before he was elected President, and people didn’t care. He has never met a Republican accused of a sex crime he didn’t support. From the biggest soapbox in the nation, he never believes the women, finding them not credible for doing what women do, not immediately reporting their assaults for the verifiable reason that they won’t be believed, among others.

While cheers are still ringing in a Pennsylvania courtroom where Cosby was sentenced to 3–10 years in prison. It’s way too soon to declare victory for #MeToo. Bill Cosby is rich and famous, well-known for his philanthropy. His image as a family man supplemented by the role he played on tv, Cliff Huxtable. There’s hope for #MeToo to see this type of man receive jail time for his crimes. But how many others have gone to jail? What of the messages being sent by the United States Senate and the President of the United States who say don’t believe the women, they were confused or mistaken? Or those that outright call them liars, part of a Democrat plot.

For justice to matter, it can’t be just an occasional thing. What applies to Cosby should apply to Kavanaugh, Trump, Weinstein, and all others where credible evidence is found and presented against them. The concern can’t only be for the future of the man and the impact on their life. If we’ve learned nothing else, it’s that these events stay with the women forever. Until the culture changes, and those that justify, excuse, or ignore bad behavior, pay a penalty for doing so. The behavior will continue. Can it really be the only high profile person prosecuted, convicted and sentenced is the black man? That sends a message as well.

Bill Cosby: Guilty!

In Norristown, PA today, Bill Cosby was found guilty on three counts of Aggravated Indecent Assault in a Montgomery County courtroom. He was found guilty specifically of a January 2004 assault of Andrea Constand, a Temple University employee, who claims Cosby gave her three blue pills and a sip of wine. She awoke to find Cosby digitally penetrating and groping her, forcing her hand on his penis, according to her testimony.

Five other women testified at the trial corroborating similar stories of being drugged by Cosby, including model Janice Dickenson. All but one claimed they were sexually assaulted by Cosby after being drugged. Entered into evidence was a deposition of Bill Cosby taken between 2005–2006 where he admitted having given women Quaaludes for the purpose of having sex.

“Q: You gave them to other people?

A: Yes.

Q: Did you believe at that time that it was illegal for you to dispense those drugs?

A: Yes.

Q: How did (the doctor) know that you didn’t plan to use [them]?

A: What was happening at that time was that, that was, Quaaludes happen to be the drug that kids, young people were using to party with and there were times when I wanted to have them just in case.

Q: When you got the Quaaludes, was it in your mind that you were going to use these Quaaludes for young women that you wanted to have sex with?

A: Yes.

In the deposition Cosby acknowledged having sex with several other women after giving them drugs and sometimes making cash payments through Educational Trusts from his foundation or otherwise. It is fair to mention that the deposition was never intended to be made public and that Cosby’s understanding is that it never would be. It was a condition of a settlement he might not have agreed to had he known the testimony would ever see the light of day.

By August of 2016, 60 women had come forward to accuse Bill Cosby of sexual assault… 60. There are those who claim this was all a set up to bring down a powerful black man who was rumored to be attempting to buy NBC. There are those that claim “all the women are lying” in an attempt to make a name for themselves or get paid.” Some say, “it’s all a conspiracy.”

I think we can all agree that it’s sad that a man of Cosby’s age and poor health is looking at possibly spending the rest of his life in prison. Each of the three counts he was found guilty of carries up to a 10-year-sentence which if added together would be thirty years, Cosby is presently 80-years old. Cosby’s lawyers promised an appeal and it’s very possible he could fight the case until his death and never serve a day of time? But poor health is not the same as not guilty.

I’m thinking of a 71-year-old white man who has been accused by 19 different women of sexual abuse and in at least one case… child rape. Many that like Cosby but dislike this man would have no problem finding the other man guilty based on the combined weight of credible testimony. That man has made separate payments of $150,000 and $130,000 to keep his dalliances quiet and a recent raid of his lawyer’s office may reveal many more. If you would see the white man that you dislike strung up for his crimes, what then of Cosby whom you once admired? 60 women!

I grew up idolizing Bill Cosby, more so as a serious actor for his groundbreaking role in, “I Spy,” which was already in re-runs when I discovered it. I liked him as a comedian and for what I knew of him as a man. Yes, it’s true that people are using this case and Cosby’s conviction to advance their own purposes and careers. Some may be looking to make some money off of Cosby’s ordeal. These things being true have nothing to do with Cosby’s guilt or innocence.

By his own words, Cosby gave young women drugs for the purpose of having sex, with them often not knowing what they were. The piper was a long time in coming, but must be paid!

Oprah Kicks Russell Simmons To The Curb After Rape And Sexual Assault Allegations

Last October, Oprah Winfrey published a book, “The Wisdom of Sundays,” offering spiritual advice, featuring multiple contributors including; Deepak Chopra, Elizabeth Gilbert, Shonda Rimes, Arianna Huffington, and formerly Russell Simmons. Russell’s advice was removed from future editions in a reaction to multiple women coming forward accusing him of sexual misconduct, including rape! Simmons was also cut out of another self-help book by “Shark Tank” judge, Daymond John.

This may well be the least of Russell Simmons problems as the New York City Police Department has opened up an investigation against him and he is now the target of multiple lawsuits from his accusers. It may well be safe to say that the #MeToo movement is pointing fingers and #HimToo is taking a hard look at alleged sexual harrassers.

Insincere Apologies

Matt Lauer is “embarrassed and ashamed” and has, “no words to express my sorrow and regret” for the pain he caused women he now professes to admire. Lauer said, “Some of what is being said about me is untrue or mischaracterized…” and “I regret that my shame is now shared by the people I cherish.

a a a a apologies

Russell Simmons experienced, “great anguish” when he learned how Jenny Lumet recalled a night with Simmons in 1991. He made clear in his so-called apology that he’d, “never been violent” but had been, “thoughtless and insensitive” in many relationships over decades and, “humbly apologized.”

a a a a apologieee

Harvey Weinstein is, “trying to do better” and has hired a tutor to assist him in that effort. He spoke of the culture when he came of age in the 60’s and 70’s when we are to assume that everyone was doing it. He’s since learned, “that’s not an excuse.”

a a a a apologyee

Roy Moore and Donald Trump both claim to be victimized by the dozens of women that have come forward with all too similar tales. They say the women are all liars.

There are two narratives being pushed that I find fault with. The first is that we should feel the pain of these men who have been hurt so badly by their own actions. Except for Mark Halperin who claims to have realized he had a problem while he was at ABC News, got treatment, and didn’t repeat his behavior according to him. None of the rest seemed to be experiencing any of the overwhelming guilt, pain, and anguish, until the day their stories were made public. Their actions demonstrated a total lack of concern for the women then and their self-serving shaping of the stories show they don’t care now. These men are not to be pitied, but ostracized and in some cases jailed.

The second narrative is that this is primarily the province of powerful men. Bosses and those with great sway in close-knit industries. Sexual assault, pedophilia, harassment, rape statutory and otherwise, is more widespread than the narrative would have you believe. Those that mumble, “I believe the women” while demonstrating that they do not are trying to be seen as the solution but are part of the problem.

While the account of the relative, a family friend, co-worker, pastor, teacher, is always considered to have more credibility than the woman or child, this will go on. As hard as it is to speak out against powerful people, it is no less hard to speak out against those whose only power is that they gain from abusing you.

a a a a apologiesss

One of the constant deflections used to defend the accused is the time elapsed since the harassment or abuse. “Why didn’t they come forward then instead of waiting?” They suggest their stories would have been more believable had they been contemporary. The truth is, women weren’t believed when the events were 40 years old, 4 years old, or 4 days old. In addition to the apologies of those who committed these heinous offenses, maybe society owes the women an apology for refusing to believe them nearly enough.

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