What If The Whole Federal Government Called Out Sick?

Airports, the FBI, the IRS, and more, are only still functioning because Federal Workers deemed “critical” are required to still work without pay. It is illegal for Federal workers to go on strike. Several employees like air traffic controllers have called out sick on an individual basis. The rate of call-outs has raised to an average of 7% up to a high of 10% last weekend.

What if government workers got serious about calling out sick? Picking one day the first week for everyone to call out. That would shut down airports, stop tax filing help, and force the President and Congress to deal with the situation. If the first sick day doesn’t work? Call out two days the next week, three the next, then four… What would the penalty be to workers that call out? They’re already not getting paid.

It’s true the President could end this crisis in a day. Congress could do so in a few days if they had the guts. Federal workers can also force an end to the shutdown. All it takes is the will