Bannon’s Gone… So What?

Steve Bannon was effectively fired by Donald Trump today. While many rightfully celebrate the departure on one of the main “deplorable’s.” The basket is still quite full along with the man who gleefully assembled them. As long as Donald Trump is still President, Jess Sessions is Attorney General, Stephen Miller, Sebastian Gorka, et al have influence, there can be no sigh of relief.

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Bannon is already back at Breitbart News where his racist, xenophobic message, will carry more weight than before. Just because Trump is allegedly rid of Bannon, it doesn’t mean he won’t still be whispering in Trump’s ear, or that Breitbart won’t replace The National Enquirer as Trumps main published news source. We saw Corey Lewandowski leave, yet return at crucial moments and act as if he never went away.

The White House will be no less ___________ than it was before Bannon’s ouster. No policies have changed. No change of heart by Trump on any subject. The likely reason Bannon was fired was not pressuring from the outside to remove white supremacists from Trump’s sphere. If that were the reason, stopping with Bannon would leave the job barely started. It was giving an interview where Bannon acknowledged his power to make changes in the State Department which made Trump look weak, meaning his jealous master had to be rid of him.

Too Little Too Late

It is reasonable to be glad Bannon is gone. Don’t even think about slowing down the resistance because nothing has changed, So we must press on!



We Think Trump’s In Bed With Russia, We Know He Is With White Supremacists!

The Mueller investigation will turn up all we need to draw a fact based conclusion about Trump’s ties to Russia. We don’t have to wait to know whether he colluded with White Supremacists. He’s given them offices in the White House.

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When Steve Bannon was head of Breitbart News. He proudly referred to Breitbart as the “platform of the Alt-Right.” They have an even bigger platform now. Bannon whispers in Trump’s ear. Stephen Miller writes his speeches and Jeff Sessions enforces his laws. Sebastian Gorka is always willing to promote the White Nationalist agenda and defend Trump about never denouncing them.

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The number of people associated with the Trump campaign and administration who have retweeted Neo-Nazi memes and White Supremacist statements even exceeds the number who had undisclosed meetings with Russia. They include both of the Trump sons and the son of Michael Flynn. They include Trump himself.

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We have always known who Trump was in his twenties when he was involved in housing discrimination and sued twice by the Federal Government. We knew of his desire to see the innocent members of the Central Park 5 executed. When proven innocent, he begrudged them their settlement. We knew him when he encouraged crowds to attack black protesters and offered to pay their legal fees.

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I personally do not require Trump to explicitly denounce the hate groups that were already publicly aligned with him. The Klan, Neo-Nazi’s and White Supremacists are not his enemies. They are his base. If he belatedly comes out with some words that have no sincerity. Nothing will have changed. He’ll still be exactly who we thought he was. Racist in Chief!

Making America White Again

They never really pretended to be anything other than we thought they were. Trump, Sessions, Bannon, Flynn, Miller and the Trump sons. They all gloried in their “nationalism” and catered openly to the alt-right, alt-light and straight up white supremacists. The Neo-Nazi memes they loved to retweet. They are who we thought they were.

Despite the assertion that the Trump Presidency has accomplished next to nothing. In a couple areas they’ve been highly effective. They definitively answered the question he once asked Black people, “What the hell do you have to lose?”

The reason that the right-wing base of the Republican Party is in an uproar over the potential firing of Jeff Sessions is that he’s been doing exactly what they hoped for. Sessions has effectively reversed the efforts of the Obama administration to fight voter suppression. In Texas, where a Federal Judge found an intent to discriminate against minorities and possibly invoke even the weakened Voting Rights Act. Sessions made it go away and the Justice Department is basically saying, “no harm, no foul.” Texas did promise to rewrite the law and make it nicer while still suppressing minority votes.

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Sessions also promised to stop providing Federal oversight over local police forces. He will no longer pursue consent decrees and negotiate with local cops to do better. He even tried with no success to void the existing consent decrees in Baltimore and Ferguson.

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Not done yet, Sessions is ramping up to sue Colleges and Universities over their Affirmative Action programs. Many of these programs have in effect put a ceiling on minority enrolment and only exist because minorities once couldn’t get into those schools at all. The base cries of “reverse-racism” have found receptive ears in the Trump Administration. These Federal attacks won’t be handled by the career lawyers that normally monitor these matters but by the political wing that needs to accomplish something given the failure to impose the strict Muslim Ban and take millions off healthcare.

Every time Trump suffers a political defeat he comes after the people his base dislikes to distract from his failures. Right after the healthcare failure came the Transgender Ban from military service. Given the daily leaking news about Russia matters; the attacks on minorities, gays and immigrants will be fast and furious.

With the relaxation on EPA rules and failure to regulate pollution. If you live in a Black community whose water is contaminated, good luck getting Federal help. Stop & Frisk is still on Trump’s agenda and that Voting Commission Trump empaneled means minorities no good. With the signing of the Russian sanctions bill that Congress forced on him. Trump came back with an immigration policy favoring “English speaking” people. A reporter called Bannon acolyte Stephen Miller out on an immigration policy that basically favors England and Australia.

America was never a white country but the power has been held by white people for quite some time. Changing demographics where the relatively near future will see white people become a minority is causing some to use every trick in the book to hold that power. Gerrymandering, redistricting, voter suppression, immigration policy and a Supreme Court willing to bless it all. This is why that Trump base that sticks with him no matter what, rises above their shame and backs him. It’s because they’ve asked themselves… what do we have to lose.

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Trump’s Day In Review: 2/12/2017

  1. Congratulated his spokesman Stephen Miller for going on the Sunday news shows saying voter fraud kept him from winning New Hampshire, “people bussed in from Massachusetts.” He also said, “The President’s powers are beyond question.”
  2. Bragged about the “big crowds of supporters” lining the road as he left Florida. All reports of demonstrators against him are “Fake News.”
  3. Goes to the media to complain about Sen. McCain and others going to the media.
  4. Starts Twitter war with Mark Cuban because there’s so many other things he doesn’t want us to pay attention to.
  5. Watches the Grammy’s and begins a new enemies list.



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