Strange Bedfellows: Black America and the FBI in the War Against Trump

Black America finds itself in the strange position of pinning its hopes on the FBI which has never been our friend. The FBI throughout its history has done far more to harm Black America than to help it. We’ll give them credit where it’s due, were it not for FBI infiltration of the Ku Klux Klan, their reign might have gone on far longer than it did and the limited justice that was meted out might not have been. That does not offset the damage they’ve done historically done and continue to do in the Jeff Sessions led Justice Department.

The FBI has conducted covert counterintelligence operations against domestic organizations since its inception. They conducted often illegal programs designed to surveil, infiltrate, discredit, and disrupt any group or individual they deemed disruptive. And for any organization geared toward self-help, advancement, or advocating civil rights for Black America… that meant you. Ranging from the Black Panther Party, Black Power Movement, Civil Rights Movement, NAACP, Martin Luther King, the Nation of Islam, student organizations, and the Freedom Riders. The FBI was right there disrupting, discrediting, and often turning the other way when local law enforcement violated their civil rights, up to and including murder.

fbi 2

And then came Trump… We have begun to discover exactly what in the hell we had to lose.

Now it seems the only immediate hope for the removal of the President that has done more to cultivate racial animus than even the President’s once in the Klan (Truman and allegedly Harding), is the FBI led Mueller probe, investigating Trump and his campaign/administration for Obstruction of Justice and other high crimes and misdemeanors. With the Republican-led attacks on the Mueller investigation and the FBI and Justice Department in full effect. Black America finds itself in the position where the enemy of my enemy becomes my friend, we must support the FBI which has never loved us.

fbi 1

It’s important to note that the FBI’s transgressions against Black America are not limited to the past. In 2017, the Bureau produced a report on, “Black Identity Extremists,” warning of black domestic terrorists and making thinly veiled references to organizations like, “Black Lives Matter.” We cannot be under the illusion that the support we might offer the FBI relative to the Mueller Investigation will be in any way reciprocated when this moment has passed.

While we may want and need the FBI do to this one thing in terms of bringing down Trump, and his minions. It would do us well to remember that there are still scorpions among them, and tigers whose stripes haven’t changed.

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