Yet Another Name, 15-Year-Old Jordan Edwards

Because I feel like I’ve written this story too many times. I just can’t gather myself to write about the shooting death of 15-year-old Jordan Edwards. The police initially claimed the car he was in was “backing aggressively” towards the officer. The 6-year veteran of the force was as always, “in fear for his life.” Video footage showed he lied and in fact the car he shot into was moving away from him. The unnamed officer has been placed on administrative leave with pay (vacation).

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I looked back to see that I’d written about  Bernard Bailey who I’d played basketball against and went to Fisk rival Tennessee State University.

I wrote about  Walter Scott,  Joe McKnight,  Alfred Olango,  Tyre King, Terence Crutcher and Keith Lamont Scott. I even wrote about What if it was me!

I’ll leave it to others to tell the story of Jordan Edwards. I’m just a little weary right now but I’ll get back up and take on the next one. Promise!

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Where Is The Truth?

Tyre King, Terence Crutcher, Keith Lamont Scott; the one undeniable truth is that these black males are dead. Killed by police. After that we have opinions, and lies, where is the truth?

Tyre King, a 13-year-old boy was killed by police who say he had a “realistic” BB gun with a laser sight. To make their story more convincing they showed us a picture of a different gun. A different gun. Yes, the picture they showed us looked very much like a real gun. It had no orange tip, no laser sight. Why not take a picture of the actual BB gun? Did it differ from the picture they showed us? Police say he pulled the BB gun and pointed it at them, leaving them no choice but to shoot him. An autopsy was performed with no results released. An independent autopsy was ordered by the family which said, “more than likely he was running away.” All three shots hit him in the back. Where is the truth?



Terence Crutcher had his hands up. Shot and killed by Officer Betty Shelby. Thru her lawyer, she said she shot when Terence was reaching into his vehicle. My view of the video and the reflections off the window indicate to me the window was up. A family attorney showed an enlarged photo showing the window rolled up making it impossible for Mr. Crutcher to have reached in. A “source” from within the Tulsa Police Department says the window was rolled down. Why is this even a lingering question? Surely there were hundreds of contemporary crime scene photos showing one way or the other. The Tulsa Police Dept. Could settle it all by making a statement with accompanying time stamped photos or videos. What is the truth? Thru her attorney, Shelby’s story has changed somewhat saying Terence Crutcher wore loose clothing and kept “reaching for his pockets which could contain a gun.” Where is the truth?



Keith Lamont Scott, a father of seven was waiting for his son to come home from school. Several witnesses say he was unarmed, he didn’t own a gun, he was reading a book. The police say they recovered a gun. What was its history? Where was it purchased? Was it a throwdown? We know the officer who shot Mr. Scott was wearing plain clothes and wasn’t wearing a body camera. What of the other videos? Why not release them? Recent police statements now say they issued several warnings. The story keeps changing. Where is the truth?


Part of the truth is that the initial police statements are almost always self-serving. And usually fact-free. They tell us to “wait until the investigation is complete,” and then selectively leak information to shape the narrative. Many times they don’t name the officers involved while they scurry to tarnish the victim’s name. In stories about protests in Charlotte, we hear about the number of injured police officers. There was no mention of the citizens harmed, estimated to be about the same number. Where is the truth? As I write this right now. Charlotte police wearing riot gear have fired tear gas into crowds. There are reports of bottles being thrown and broken windows. There is a report of a new shooting with life-threatening injuries. No other information is available. Where is the truth?

Terence Crutcher: The Narrative

The narrative is forming. One that gives those that will never accept the reality of what the video clearly shows them; comfort in their denial of this most recent injustice. They say the “suspect” failed to obey police commands. We know this because this is what the police tell us. We saw a man with his hands in the air, walk slowly to his car, and place both hands on his vehicle. They say he was reaching for something thru the car window. The window was closed. They say he reached for “something in his waistband” that he “lowered his right arm.” Some at least recognize the possibility that being shot with a taser might have caused his arm to drop. Others are certain the taser was fired simultaneously, despite police reports which indicate the taser was fired first.They place the blame “100 percent on Terence Crutcher.” One suggested if he were stopped he’d lie on the ground motionless; as if Charles Kinsey didn’t get shot in N. Miami for doing just that. I’ll let them speak for themselves:



Aebe Mac Gill·

North Powder, Oregon

Drew Adams That the man was refusing to follow an officer’s instruction is not enough reason to kill , it is that the suspect’s every move is a threat . ‘Race’ is a made up issue , the percentage of whites shot by cops is higher than for blacks , and blacks murder a higher percentage of cops than any other ‘race’ .

Validate your 2nd Amendment Rights….. Carry


David Steen

Nancy Terry he for one was not following the order of the cop. Why is it every person shot by the cops was on their way to college or something to do with it or was doing nothing wrong. That cop had no idea what he was planning to do if he was to get in his car. And they drew their guns because he wasn’t following her order. And then walked away then put his hands down. It’s clear in this video that he wasn’t going to comply with anyone


Stony Leibensperger·

Pope, Mississippi

just my opinion but maybe if the black community wasnt targeting officers who are just sitting in their cruisers or getting gas or walking to their cars they wouldnt bee as jumpy… not excusing what they did but in todays society its a statistical fact that a cop is more likely to be killed by a black male than any other race… if I told u that anyone in a green shirt was more likely to shoot you than any other person all yall would prolly be more jumpy around people with green shirts…thats why you comply… had he complied he wouldnt of been tased or shot…



Earl E. Reeves Jr

Don’t know if the shooting was justified or not. However, If I am ever confronted by an officer with a gun I intend to get down on the ground with my hands over my head. They wouldn’t have to tell me anything.



Brad Tennant·

Casper, Wyoming

Should have complied…


Joseph Davis·

Norwood, Pennsylvania

2nd Amendmentsimply not complying….



2nd Amendment

Robert Strauss If you drop your hands to your waist as Crutcher did after being non-compliant that six officers were rolling to your location along with an air unit, then yeah… you run a VERY significant risk of being thought a deadly threat and fired upon.


Seth Eisenberg

Unless something unknown to us is being held back, it seems like a lawful shooting. It’s unfortunate that some people feel that they don’t have to follow the orders of the police. So all you Google Law Graduates this is the potential outcome of not listening to a police officer.


Todd Mcgarvey·

Control Systems EngineeratSKM, Inc.

yes OBEY or be killed!!



2nd Amendment

Samantha WesleyYou’re sadly mistaken. There are numerous documented instances of a suspect reaching into a vehicle/home/bag for a weapon. When Crutcher ignored multiple officers, went to his vehicle, and lowered his hand towards either the door handle or his waist (I can’t tell which), officers had reasonable suspicion that he was attempting to acquire a weapon. This justifies the use of deadly force in all 50 states.


David Jones·

Works atCommunication

Lol bull crap the first thin an officer. Is trained to do is orden the man down on the ground he walked back to his car ….im sure they ordered that….I would of blown his head off too!!!


David Jones·

Works atCommunication

Good job Tulsa officers…if they wont listen dont take the chance…YOUR to important to those who do listen …especialyYOUR families…..


Corey Missildine

Din du Nuffin!!! salute to the female officer!!!!#BlueLivesMatter



Roger Anderson·

Owner of the Best Private Campground in Ludington,MIatSelf-Employed

How do you figure? He walked away, put his hands down, no compliance. This could have been so avoidable, but no these idiots continue to have a flagrant disregard for law officers.


Robert Allen Louviere·

Sulphur, Louisiana

I saw that he was pulling on the door handle in the street level video



Lily Martin

Shanna S. Henson
I believe it’s standard practice for them to run a check on a license number so that they know who they’re dealing with. This individual had a criminal record and previous conviction for having a concealed weapon and resisting arrest. This information would make an officer very cautious indeed.

When Crutcher did not obey commands by walking away from the police, not keeping his hands in the air, and appeared to be about to open his car door, it’s little wonder he was shot. With his past history, and his current attitude he could quite easily have been reaching for a weapon.

There are no second chances, in police work. They cannot wait and see if this big hostile black dude, who is refusing to obey orders, is going to shoot them or not. In this case, the use of deadly force appears to be justified.



David Jones·

Works atCommunication

Lmao sir you are an idiot …You have no argument libtard …a judge and jury are not at the scene to determine the outcome …are you really that stupid not to know that…They did enforce the law ..the law states if an officer runs into an idiot that does not comply and feel the need for really force …Boom …thats the law dumb ass😎


David Jones·

Works atCommunication

Are you saying Im deplorable because Cops lives matter😎who cares what you think …



David Jones·

Works atCommunication

Oh ya …as I feel the big eye roll upon on me from Hillarys kids…I wish none of this would of happened …This man might of had a wife kids etc…and im not a hick that wants blacks killed by cops or anyone else ..But the moral is to do what they say ..unless you work for hillary…then its a car ride off a dock nite all….❤



David Hood·

Works atSelf-Employed

That’s why the police train a lot with their guns and use low powerAmunitionthat shouldn’t go thru a person and still have enough energy to harm a bystander if the guy had made it back in his vehicle the risk to the public would have been far greater to innocent people possibly miles away from the scene.Hind sight is always 20/20. Ya shoulda used a taser. Maybe so but you know what maybe the preacher shoulda just done as instructed and the officers wouldn’t have felt as if they had no choice. I hope police departments get rid of tasers and pepper spray and use nothing but guns big guns then just maybe all the unruly idiots will get the hint. While officers need to use discretion. They need to also be given the respect of authority otherwise everybody can do what they want which would lead to individuals having to defend theirselves by any means necessary. And that would be going backwards in society


Final Note: Many of the alleged factual statements from the posters are simply not true. Also, I had to turn off spell check to keep from losing my mind. Not saying there’s a correlation between literacy and the views of those making the comments, or perhaps I am? To be fair, there were a number of people, including white people with dissenting views from the commenters listed here. Lastly, the initial police statement thru their spokesperson completely justified the shooting. That was before the world saw the video.

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