The American President vs. Israel

Israel says they have proof. They’re not going to tell you what it is but they will tell Donald Trump and he will tell Americans what they need to know. I’ll say that again, “Donald Trump will tell us what we need to know.”

Not for the first time despite how it’s being portrayed. A resolution was passed by the United Nations condemning Israel and its continuing to build settlements in occupied Palestinian territory. Like many issues involving Israel, there are multiple sides to every story.One true thing is that the past several US Presidents have opposed additional settlements and Israel has ignored that and kept building. Previously the United States has used its veto power as a member of the Security Council to block most resolutions against Israel. This latest resolution like some others, the United States abstained from while 14 countries voted for the resolution. It’s fair to say that in reaction, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu went ballistic.

He and many others in the Israeli administration have publicly accused the Obama Administration, one report naming Joe Biden in particular of having orchestrated the resolution including drafting the wording and forcing its passage. None when questioned would directly call President Obama a liar when he vehemently denied this, but would go on to imply just that. Israel has stated they have “absolute proof” which they refuse to provide.

We might remember that long before Russia was accused of taking sides in the Presidential Election. Netanyahu was accused of the same thing in pushing for Mitt Romney vs. Obama. It would be most unusual for American politicians to take sides with a foreign leader against our own President. Had we not gone through eight years of  Republicans trying to obstruct everything this President did and an election season where Trump promoted Putin as the stronger leader. Even Democrat elected officials have attacked the Obama and taken the word of a foreign leader against our own. Trump has said, “Barack Obama is the worst thing that ever happened to Israel.”

I can only speculate as to what it is that makes this particular President so easily disbelieved? I would certainly require proof before taking what should be construed as a treasonous stand. There is a theory that the United States Constitution is strong enough to survive the administration of any President. As Republicans prepare to try to dismantle all the accomplishments of the first Black President. Taking healthcare away from millions. Reneging on an agreement with Hispanic youth that came here as young children. Dismantling LGBT rights and protections for women. Overseeing a policy of voter suppression. I can’t help but wonder.

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