The Moral Failings of Those Who Surround Trump

For each member of the Trump administration. There will come a time if it hasn’t already when their character will be tested. A moment when you have to decide whether anything matters more than your job, or kissing the feet of the man who requires your worship. For the Jewish members of his staff. One of those moments came in the aftermath of Trump’s statements after Charlottesville. He equated Neo-Nazis shouting “Jews won’t replace us” with protesters. He gave validity to the Klan and white supremacists. Gary Cohn who heads the President’s National Economic Council came closest to growing a pair. He allegedly prepared a letter of resignation and went to Trump to voice his displeasure. Trump has continued to double-down on his statements yet Cohn still remains. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchen said nothing. Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law, stayed out of sight on vacation. Now in Israel allegedly negotiating world peace, I wonder if the Israeli’s questioned his failure to speak out.

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Elaine Chao the Secretary of Transportation, is married to Mitch McConnell, bless her heart. After weeks of having her boss blast her husband publicly, she finally responded. “I stand by my man… both of them!”

Ben Carson whom I’m coming to believe must have been some kind of idiot savant to be able to perform brain surgery but do nothing else well. He’s stood and watched as Trump suppresses the votes of Black people. Trump and Sessions are bringing back mass incarceration and Trump has tried to take away healthcare from millions of Americans. You would think Dr. Carson would have noticed but he stood two paces behind Trump in Phoenix at his latest rev up the racist’s rally.

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When Trump announced he was pardoning Sheriff Joe Arpaio, I had to search for any high ranking Hispanic officials. I found a Helen Aguirre Ferre who’s the White House Director of Media Relations. Helen used to work for Jeb Bush and had often denounced Trump before going to work for him. I guess having sold your soul the first time, it gets easier after that. There’s also a Carlos Diaz-Rosillo, a Director of Policy of some kind that advises the President. How’s that working out?

Sarah Huckabee Sanders clearly is a victim of body snatchers. Kellyanne Conway has gone to the bullpen, coming on in relief to tell the really big lies. Since his 10-day stint at the White House. Anthony Scaramucci has become the most honest person to publicly talk about Trump, now that he needs a book deal to make up the lost income.

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The Generals have let Trump push the Transgender Ban he just signed, down their throats. Rex Tillerson has stood by while Trump gutted (technically refused to appoint people to positions) the State Department and now that he’s on the verge of war with North Korea, Syria, Russia, and Venezuela in addition to actual wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. There’s almost nobody remaining except Rex (and the ubiquitous Jared) to talk us out of these situations. Trump may already have planted the seeds for a war between nuclear powers India and Afghanistan with his remarks in his recent Afghanistan speech.

The entire Cabinet went around the table, sucking up, praising Trump and saying how happy and blessed they were to be working for him. The House and Senate, for the most part, have overlooked Trump’s ties to Russia and can’t be counted on to impeach him. The question as to whether anyone will legally rid us of this meddlesome President may already have been answered but there’s still hope.

Evidence of the financial misdeeds and collusion with Russia of Trump and several of his staff are slowly coming to light. Pressure is being applied to Manafort and Flynn, neither of whom seem so loyal to Trump that they’d prefer jail. Jared might do the calculations about whether to sing or rot in jail? There are a lot of figurative fat ladies warming up for the grand juries out there.

Despite the moral failings of all those who surround him. Trump’s time is getting shorter and he acts very much like a man that knows it. When all this is over, and it will be soon. We can all begin to breathe normally again.

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