The Shadiest Administration Ever

In less than three weeks the Trump Administration has proven itself to be the shadiest of all time. Shadier than Nixon’s, Clinton’s, Andrew Johnson’s… Trump beats them all.



What Trump has that the others didn’t is a Congress and a Party base eager to look the other way until some unknown line is crossed when they can ignore it no more. Starting with Trump; he of the unreleased taxes, failure to divest himself of his businesses and clearly making decisions in the best interests of the family fortune. He is more interested in his brand than the nation. His wife was selling her jewelry on Inauguration Day. He is hosting foreign dignitaries at his hotel a few blocks from the White House. He just doubled membership fees from $100,000 to $200,000 at Mar-a-lago which he calls the winter White House. He is blatantly selling access to himself. Those who care aren’t in power. Those in power don’t care!

He has his sons running the family business yet attending meetings with foreign leaders with access provided by Daddy. His son-in-law has been made a top advisor. His daughter Ivanka allegedly stepped away from her business yet has sat in meetings with foreign leaders whose state owned banks she’s negotiating financing from. A White House spokesperson speaking in front of the Presidential Seal made an appeal to support Ivanka’s business. Donald Trump tweeted his contempt for Nordstrom’s that dropped Ivanka’s clothing line due to declining sales.



His Cabinet is being approved by a Republican Senate that has ignored situations where the Secretary is totally unqualified (DeVos and Carson), has a history of putting their profits ahead of the nation’s interest (Tillerson and Mnuchin), insider trading (Price) or racist (Sessions). Whatever their transgressions, the Senate just looked away and cast their “aye” vote.

For all the sins of those that had to be approved by the Senate. Trump’s political appointees are even worse. Bannon the White Supremacist. Kellyanne Conway, she of “Alternate Facts,” Sean Spicer the designated liar. Mike Flynn who we learn was discussing sanctions with the Russians even before taking office. There are those who say that wasn’t necessarily a problem. There is a problem with the fact that he lied about it, Pence lied about it, Spicer lied about it and of course Trump. Reince Priebus when RNC Chairman led the RNC effort to suppress black and minority votes.


There is not a single one that hasn’t stood in front of the cameras and lied to the public. They don’t even tell good lies, most are easily disproved. There’s a theory that they have so many lies being told at the same time that no individual lie gets any real attention.

Then there’s Russia. We know the former campaign manager Manafort had to resign because of the millions in cash he’d received from Ukraine. Flynn and Tillerson have close Russian ties. One of Trump’s sons bragged about the level of business the company did with Russia. Donald now denies it but we never did see those taxes did we?

We saw the video of Trump talking about his ability to “grab them by the pussy” when discussing women. The rumors about a tape with Trump paying Russian prostitutes to urinate on a bed may or may not ever be proven true. Still, we know that there are unreleased video’s of Trump debasing and/or assaulting women on the set of Celebrity Apprentice. Lawsuits are moving forward from some of the women who came forward to accuse Trump of sexual assault. His own words validate their claims. An ex-wife (who is not the only woman) accused Trump of rape.



Trump would be happy to know his Administration is record setting. Were it not for a Sessions in charge of law enforcement and a partisan Congress unwilling to investigate there would be more investigations underway than already are. Flynn and others are under FBI investigation for their relationship to Russia. Manafort is being investigated related to Russia. Kellyanne Conway is in theory being investigated for her comments urging people to buy Ivanka Trump’s products. Other investigations related to Russian hacking and influencing our recent election may yet snag some of the administration, possibly Trump himself. The smoke is billowing. Soon will come the fire. The shadiest Administration ever.

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