Jemele Hill: “Undefeated” And Set Free!


Jemele Hill has been catching hell for staying true to herself, even if that meant taking on the President of the United States, who she called a “white supremacist,” in a Tweet. Fighting with one hand tied behind her back. She had to recognize the dictates of her employer, ESPN, where she co-hosted Sports Center-6 with Michael & Jemele, with good friend Michael Smith.

Although white ESPN personality Katie Nolan called Trump, “a fucking stupid person” and was not penalized. When Jemele Hill made her Tweet, it was met with calls for her firing from the President himself. She ultimately was suspended by ESPN for two weeks after a second incident where she spoke the truth about resisting Dallas Cowboys owner, Jerry Jones.

Rather than spend the rest of her career walking on eggshells, waiting for the next offended party to come for her after speaking her mind. Jemele requested a move which now encourages her to speak her mind on race and politics instead of being stifled. Hill will be moving within ESPN to, “The Undefeated,” one of ESPN’s digital properties, focusing on the intersection of sports, race, and culture. When asked about the change, Hill said the following:

““There is an old adage that says, the heart wants what it wants. I started at ESPN 11 years ago as a columnist and while I have worn many hats in the time since, my true love always has been writing, reporting and commentary. While I have grown in every way imaginable this last year on the 6 p.m. SportsCenter, deep down I knew it wasn’t my calling. I approached (ESPN Executive Vice President, Content) Connor Schell recently and asked if they would consider re-thinking my role. And as has been the case throughout my 11 years at this company, ESPN graciously worked with me to determine the best way for me to continue to do meaningful work.”

Jemele now has a forum where she can speak her mind freely on all the things some would rather she didn’t. Looking forward to seeing what her new freedom looks like?