Reg E. Cathey: “House Of Cards,” “The Wire,” Gone Too Soon At 59

Everybody is going to have their favorite Reginald E Cathey role, I can understand that some will have come to know him in, “House of Cards” as Freddy, Frank Underwood’s favorite BBQ joint owner. It seems in all his roles he was someone who could speak truth to power, whether it be President’s, Mayor’s, or Police officials.

For me it will always be, “The Wire,” where as Norman Wilson, he could cut through all the madness and laugh at the foolishness around him. Producer David Simon cast him in all of his films and series. Every single one.

The true testament to his greatness was the impression he made on those that worked with him. He was witty, loyal, brilliant, and a dear friend. His battle with lung cancer ended Friday February 9, 2018 surrounded by family and friends. His legacy will go on forever.

Trump: Nowhere to Run, Nowhere To Hide

In the brilliant HBO Series, “The Wire,” when they yelled out, “Omar’s coming!” You knew to run, hide, throw him whatever you had he wanted, and hope he’d have mercy on you. There’s another cry echoing throughout the White House. “Mueller’s coming!” He’s methodically working his way through the administration, finding out, what did they know and when did they know it? Of course, in many cases, he already knows having pumped cooperating witnesses like Michael Flynn and George Papadopoulos.

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Mueller’s team has worked their way through the lower echelons of the campaign and administration staff. They’ve talked to Reince, Sean, Hope Hicks, Trump’s longtime assistant Rhona Graff, and others. Flynn had long said he “had a story to tell,” and now he’s telling it. Omarosa might have a thing or two to tell, I’m pretty sure Ben Carson knows nothing.

The ones left on Mueller’s list are down to Donald, Jr., Ivanka, Mike Pence, Jared, and the President himself; Donald J. Trump.We now learn the Special Counsel’s team is negotiating for The Donald to testify and his lawyers are desperately trying to prevent it, or at least minimize the damage. Precedent is not on his side. The Supreme Court has previously held that even a sitting President cannot ignore a subpoena. Other Presidents have sat down in front of Grand Juries or given interviews to investigators. Trump’s lawyers have requested they give written responses only to questions submitted in advance and that they only answer those questions they deem relevant. I suppose it’s their job to ask, knowing in advance the answer will be NO!

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Their panic is manifesting itself in many ways. Trump surrogates are attacking Mueller, the FBI, Clinton, Obama, Huma, and anyone and anything they think will distract from the Russia probe. They claim the investigation has exceeded its authority by digging into Trump’s finances, although the Special Counsel authorization specifically gives him the authority to investigate any crimes they uncover. Senate Republicans have asked the Justice Department to file criminal charges against the one person who contacted the FBI about Trump team interactions with Russia. Despite all their attempts to claim, “Fake News,” or derail the investigation. Mueller is still coming. It’s reported his interview with Trump is just a few weeks away. Watch and see all the remaining Trump stooges start doing whatever they can to save themselves from Mueller and the Federal charges he brings with him. Mueller can administer fines and jail terms. Trump can make promises but he always lies. Which side do you imagine the remaining witnesses will try to please? Mueller’s coming, he’s been on his way for a year now, and he’s about to arrive.

Six Things Stringer Bell From “The Wire” Could Have Taught Michael Flynn

Stringer Bell (played by Idris Elba) was the 2nd in Command of Avon Barksdale’s criminal organization in the fictional TV series, “The Wire.” Unquestionably one of the top-five television series of all time. Watching the current situation of retired Lt. General Michael Flynn play out. There’s a number of things he could have learned from Stringer and here’s six of them:

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  1. Assume You’re Under Surveillance: Stringer knew the police were out to get him. That’s why he made sure people didn’t talk business on their phones. In an era where what they mostly had was pay phones and pagers. They didn’t send clearly worded messages that screamed “guilty.” Stringer developed a code where even if you were looking at the message you needed clocks and maps to schedule a meet where then you handled your business in person. Stringer was never taped having a secret meeting with “the Greek” like Flynn has been with Russians.
  2. Get Rid of Your Loose Ends: You think Stringer would have left Carter Page and George Papadopoulos running around snitching. Stringer Bell put out a hit on Avon’s nephew D’Angelo without Avon’s knowledge, because of what he knew and might one day say. In the Barksdale crew, if you weren’t willing to bet your life that someone wasn’t snitching, they had to get got!
  3. Exercise Patience: Stringer took the long view. When Omar was ripping off their stashes and had the Barksdale leaders in hiding. He offered a truce to end the situation, planning to get back at Omar later. Avon’s pride wanted immediate action but they couldn’t find Omar while he was literally killing their profits and crew. Flynn started implementing his get rich schemes, eleven minutes into the Trump Administration according to newly uncovered text messages. Eleven minutes… really Flynn?
  4. Never Be Flashy: Stringer had a penthouse apartment that almost nobody ever got to go to or knew where it was. He was quiet, he didn’t dress loudly. He simply fit in. Flynn attended State Dinners with Vladimir Putin, posing for pictures that have been repeatedly shown on network news. While Flynn was at rallies shouting, “Lock her up.” Stringer would have been at home, studying economic theory about inelastic goods.
  5. Use Cut Outs to Do Your Dirty Work: Stringer didn’t do his own hits, he rarely carried a gun. That’s what Chris and Snoop were for. They gave him distance and deniability. Flynn personally attended multiple meetings with low-level Russians, sometimes documenting the deeds. Flynn worked as an unregistered agent for Turkey, hired among other things to coordinate a kidnapping for $15 million. I don’t know what kind of pensions retired General’s get but were times really that hard?
  6. Don’t Make the Wrong Enemies (or Friends): Stringer Bell ran afoul of the deadly combination of Omar and Brother Mouzone. Stringer’s boss and alleged friend Avon Barksdale gave his location up to a couple of brothers with a skill set that nobody wanted to mess with. As Stringed discovered, they couldn’t be swayed by money, it was justice they desired. Flynn has crossed paths with Robert Mueller with a different skill set, one Flynn wished had never been focused on him. Flynn is selling out his boss Donald Trump and before it’s over, Trump will come for him.

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Although Flynn was once the Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency. He apparently didn’t acquire any of the street smarts to navigate the madness of Trump world. He’d have been better served to have watched a few episodes of The Wire. Michael Flynn may feel he doesn’t deserve to be in the situation he finds himself in. But as Snoop from the wire could have told him, “Deserve got nothin’ to do with it.

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Flynn’s best response to his predicament might be similar that of State Senator Clay Davis, “Shiiiiiiiiiiiit!”

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