Republican Excuses If Trump Loans Were Co-Signed By Russian Oligarchs

On Tuesday, August 28th, Lawrence O’Donnell opened his show during the handoff from Rachel Maddow by saying a single source had claimed Donald Trump had gotten loans from Deutsche Bank; cosigned by Russian oligarchs. O’ Donnell later admitted he erred by discussing a thinly sourced story which did not meet “the rigorous vetting standards” of MSNBC and NBC News. Typically, a news organization would require at least two sources before going public and Lawrence O’Donnell stated several times he only had one.

“Last night I made an error in judgment by reporting an item about the president’s finances that didn’t go through our rigorous verification and standards process. I shouldn’t have reported it and I was wrong to discuss it on the air. I will address the issue on my show tonight.”

The thought of Russians actually co-signing Trump’s loans had never been discussed publicly although many have questioned why Deutsche Bank would lend hundreds of millions of dollars to Trump when literally no-one else in the world would? Reporters worldwide are now on the scent and Trump loan documents are already under subpoena. We will likely find out the truth fairly soon. My question is, how will Republican supporters respond if this turns out to be true? Let’s imagine?

Mitch McConnell

“These loans were taken out long before Mr. Trump ran for President. I myself have gifts of tens of millions from my Chinese father-in-law. Co-signing a loan is a normal business arrangement and I see nothing wrong with it. As an aside, my name is not Moscow Mitch.”

Lindsay Graham

“I think any honest business relationship the President had with close friends of Vladimir Putin can only help bring our two countries closer together. The President kept quiet about it because the fake news media would only twist it and try to make it out to be something other than a standard business deal with a dictator.”

Sean Hannity

“This is just like when people tried to make something out of Michael Cohen secretly representing me while I had him on my show several times. Nothing to see here.”

Mike Pence

“I can assure you this never happened. You have my word!”

David Duke

“We stand with the President. No matter what they say about him, he’s our guy.”

Vladimir Putin

“Nyet! Fake news!”

Ann Coulter

“I don’t care what he does as long as he builds that wall.”

Michael Cohen

“I have nothing to say. I don’t want to end up like Jeffrey Epstein.”

Donald Trump And The Harry T. Upshaw Defense

Harry T. Upshaw (the T is for Tyrone) is a long time friend of mine. From time to time he would have the occasion to make the following statement, “If you didn’t put your hand on my shoulder while I was doing it… it wasn’t me!” His theory was that no matter the allegation, however strong the proof. If you weren’t an actual eyewitness that got his confirmation at the time that you saw him doing what he was doing, he would deny it. Donald Trump is doing his best imitation of Harry T. Upshaw after his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Trump is still unable to admit that Russians, under the direction of Putin, interfered in the 2016 Presidential Election. Last Friday, his own Justice Department issued 12 more indictments against Russian military officers containing extraordinary detail. It listed the twelve Russian officers by name, down to the level of which computer they used while transmitting funds or creating personas or coordinating with unnamed Americans to influence the results. Trump was briefed in advance about the pending indictments and still went out of his way to call the ongoing Special Counsel Investigation, “a witch hunt.”

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Immediately after the press conference in Helsinki where Trump threw his own Intelligence Agencies under the bus, saying he had no reason not to believe Putin’s denials. He also managed to say the words, “No Collusion” several times as if each subsequent repetition made it more believable. Not long afterward, a Russian woman, Maria Butina, was arrested in the United States with a new indictment spelling out her attempts to influence Republicans and funneling money through the National Rifle Association (NRA). The indictment refers to several unnamed Americans and represents the definition of collusion.

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Trump’s lies were never credible before, they were just something someone who believed in his agenda could hang their hat on as they ignored his words and deeds. We are now witnessing treason right before our eyes. Back to Harry Upshaw, that defense of his only worked if someone was willing to let it go. The question is, will the American public and in particular, the Republican Congress who thus far has been aiding and abetting, finally put their collective hand on Trump’s shoulder and remove him from office. The other option is to let Russia continue to call the shots.


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