Who Does Donald Trump Fire?

After the debacle at the Republican Convention where the wife of the candidate gave an obviously plagiarized speech. Donald Trump needs to do something now to shake things up. Given his history, the only thing to do is that which he is known for which is to fire somebody.

Does he fire Paul Manafort who came out with the ridiculous denial that any plagiarism took place? He next claimed Hillary Clinton was responsible.

a Who gets fired

Does he fire his wife Melania who reports are alleging is the one who inserted Michelle Obama’s words and played them off as her own? Your previous wives were fired for less. Not that she will be the reason, but because you’ll never believe you lost this election on your own. You’ll blame her for the rest of your life that you never became President. It would be a mercy firing.

a who gets firred

Or does he go ahead and admit that he’s responsible for the mess that is his campaign. That he’s unqualified to be Mayor let alone President and that the best thing he can do is fire himself?

a wh does e fire

Do the right thing Donald. Save yourself further embarrassment and give it up before you bring yourself and the Republican Party further shame (and they’re hard to shame). But fire a few people on your way out. You owe us that.

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